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Space Saver Packing Bags for Travel, No Vacuum Required 10-pack of 5 Large & 5 Jumbo Rolling Compression Packing Bags, Gain 300% More Space in your Suitcase Storage and Camping in your RV Trailer Closets by Acrodo

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969 reviews for acrodo_space_bags_10-pack_ffp

  1. hamad

    Thought it was gonna be a small bag but turned out to be big, which makes it even better.

  2. Anita

    Works great

  3. Acrodo Customer

    Delivered exactly as stated.

  4. Arturo

    Very good

  5. Victoria O

    I like how these are so simple to use. I fill them with relatively flattened items (folded clothes, blankets) and then close the top up about 3/4 then put my body on them to get the rest of the air out, then seal it up and tighten the seal with the little finger/thumb presser. Items have been up in the closet staying compressed flat and taking up less space than they would be, plus staying clean and free of dust and such.

  6. TP

    Just the job !

  7. Kindle Customer

    Excellent bags stored all my winter gear, big sweaters and heavy pants ended up buying second set.

  8. KK Johnson

    These work better than expected. I find myself wanting to compress everything. Perhaps a warning label should be added so people are aware these are habit forming…

  9. yossra

    very good deal and reusable too ”

  10. Number One

    They work as expected… seal is tricky but works.

  11. AKP

    Plenty of room. Very good value

  12. Maureen

    Excellent product does exactly like it says on the box it worked out so well for me that I ordered another box. The delivery service was also excellent it arrived within 2 days.

  13. Melis–Lo

    I absolutely love this. It arrived on the date which was promised. The bags worked wonderfully, I used all ten of them to store Winter&Fall clothes in storage. Loved that a vacuum was not required to utilize the product, I saved a significant amount of space. With the jumbo bags, I was able to fit up to six winter sweaters and compress the bag into a much smaller space. I just logged in to order an additional package. Thanks!

  14. ErLoGe177

    As discribed. It took a little trial and error to get the air out w/o re-opening the bag. It gets the job done.

  15. Penny M Knepp

    Haven’t had the chance to use them yet. But so far they look like what we were looking for.

  16. Mark J. Pescatrice

    These are pretty awesome. We have to take linens with us on an overseas trip, so I was looking for an adequate solution to save space. I tested one of these last night with two blankets. I was able to easily compress two blankets to the size of a couch pillow, impressing the missus. I was concerned that the plastic would be too thin, but they are nice and thick. The bags are bigger than I expected (bonus), so you should be able to fit just about anything in them with no problem. They remain airtight, so that is good for us.I didn’t see the ‘valve’ that was described, but that didn’t really matter. There is a slider doohickey thingy that helps you zip the bag closed with ease. They work well and are easy to use. The true test will be when hit the road with these.For the price, the 10 pack is an outstanding value.*** Update ***These functioned well on a two month trip. We were in a very humid place and these kept our clothes dry. We also had wetsuits and a bunch of linens to compress and they worked wonders in making sure we could pack within the space we had. No leaks.

  17. Channing Yip

    Wonderful product! I use it on my face & body everyday after my shower. Works well after being in the sun for hours. After a shower I applied the aloe Vera and then my sun screen. Will definitely use this product again!

  18. Bob W.

    Absolutely incredible product

  19. Rob Hoff


  20. Tupelo Travels

    You get a lot of bags for the money.

  21. Acrodo Customer

    Perfect for what we needed!

  22. Acrodo Customer

    I love it

  23. J. Bernstein

    These bags do exactly what I expected them to do as a $20 purchase – I would be irritated if I had spent any more than that.As a side note, the seller who I ordered these from sent me an email asking me not to leave a review under 5 stars without first contacting the company, so be skeptical about high ratings here.This is a cheap product, and it performs as one.

  24. M B.

    I’ve used other brands of compression bags but liked these better and they were more economical

  25. athena ramirez

    I bought these to use for my trip to Hawaii. Can I just say these bags are awesome. I used three of theMedium bags and semi filled them up with outfits that I wanted to take with me. I basically sealed them up except for a small opening and then I rolled and squished all the air I could get out of it and sealed it shut. I unrolled the bag of clothes and I had a small thin plastic bag full of my clothes that took up less space in my carry on. These bags helped me keep my clothes organized while on vacation and was able to save me some much needed space for souvenirs. I have used some of the big bags to pack up my winter clothes and store them away. I suggest buying these bags if you want an easy way to store clothes in bags without having to use a vacuum.

  26. Acrodo Customer

    Getting ready to move across country and I’ve been incredibly worried about space in the car. I bought these bags on a whim (I’ve had poor experience with space saving bags in the past). I absolutely love these! I’ve already recommendex to several friends. Will be purchasing again!! Easy to use.

  27. Alexandra

    I got the vacuum compression bags for my mother, who travels for work. They’ve really made a difference in the room in her luggage. They’re easy to use and work wonderfully.

  28. Tenuem

    Two sizes of bags came in the order. Had more than what I needed for traveling. But good to keep extra in stock in case any bags break. But I doubt thaat will happen anytime soon. The plastic is thick, not flimsy. Worth purchasing if you need compression bags for traveling.

  29. Matt Bateman

    They came faster than expected, and work wonderfully. We are thinking about getting more for storage and travel.

  30. Carney

    Works well!

  31. Acrodo Customer

    A traveller’s must! They made it so simple to make sure I had room to pack everything I needed and more.m

  32. Casey May

    Just as good as the vacuum kind, these bags squish right down to save you space. I don’t actually “roll” them up like the description says because I tend to over-pack my bags, but if you keep squishing them down, you can keep adding to it to create a little squat bag of clothes that you can store much more easily than an over-sized, non-flexible, plastic tote box. I imagine these are also great for packing purposes, but I’m using them to save closet space. The little plastic doohickeys that close the bags do come off, but that’s fine; you just push them back down over the corners when you’re done closing the bag. You also have to press the clasp together firmly as you close, else the bags don’t close as well. But these are definitely a better value than the boxes of two Hefty bags or whatever, though they are definitely smaller by far. I find their smaller size to be easier to work with, though, in terms of stacking them all in one big box and placing them, protected, into the attic.

  33. P. Cole

    we were travelling and used the bags to reduce the space required in our bags. These bags worked great.

  34. KeeksCA

    Bags are great, just what I needed for my carry on.

  35. Meg M.

    Working great for separating my kids clothes for our trip.

  36. Brent

    very happy

  37. Sean


  38. Acrodo Customer

    Very nice

  39. Acrodo Customer


  40. Naser

    Great product

  41. erma

    The are wonderful will be ordering more.

  42. BillD

    As a frequent traveler I have tried other brands and was always disappointing in how well the seal is held. Not the case with these! They maintained their air tight seal for over a week of travel. Very happy with this product!

  43. BobB


  44. Angie

    Amazing!!! I was super skeptical but they are so quick and easy 💚💚💚💚💚

  45. lorena

    They worked perfect! Traveled to Rome & Morocco w/my 2 boys & husband. We just wanted to take carry on bags and these compression bags made that possible!! Very easy to use & compacted everything allowing me to fit twice as much stuff in my carry on!! Loved them-thank you!!!!

  46. Acrodo Customer


  47. Lorena G Cantos

    Made space in my suitcase . Easy to use !

  48. Michelle

    Just got back from 2 weeks in Africa. These bags allowed me to fit all my needed clothing in just one carry-on suitcase!

  49. J. Marriott

    What a great deal. These bags were fantastuc.

  50. Monica G

    The bags were great, you really save space while packing.

  51. Christina R Bjornstad

    Love these! I need to store wool sweater and want them protected. These work well

  52. Kim

    Great product and fast shipping time.

  53. cb

    They do the job! I like that I don’t need a vacuum cleaner and that aside from saving space, they also keep things organized.

  54. a customer

    I used these bags to consolidate clothing to fit into a carry on size suitcase and they worked well. One of the bags lost the seal a couple of times. Be sure to ready the instructions because you roll from the same side you zip which seems backwards.

  55. Andrew M Normandeau

    This was so convenient. Just took an 8 day cruise with my wife. What would normally be 3 big suitcases turned into two. Additionally, we were able to bring 1 favorite personal pillow each. We used a total of just 7 bags (4 medium & 3 large) but brought the rest. One bag failed but it looked like I may have caught it in the suitcase zipper. Here’s the only problem. Because you can fit so much extra, you really need to weigh your bags if you’re flying. Due to arthritis, I couldn’t roll as tight as the instructions tell you to. I placed the bags on a hard surface and sat on them to get the last of the air out. Clothes, if folded neatly or rolled come out with minimal wrinkles. We did not compress our dress clothes. Next we will try to store our seasonal clothes to see how long the bags hold.

  56. Jonathan Friedman

    Worked well. Great value for the price.

  57. K k

    These are excellent compression bags for traveling. The large size was too big for travel but is perfect for storing linens and towels at home. The regular size was large enough that I could fit 10 days of summer clothing, including swimwear and a towel, into 2 bags, which fit easily into my travel backpack. If you are traveling with a suitcase or a large bag then you will have more than enough room. They’re also great for organizing clothes while traveling, especially if you want to separate dirty from clean clothes. The zipper never popped open while compressing and the bags compressed as they were supposed to. Other reviewers said their bags reinflated but I didn’t have this problem, in fact one of my bags is still perfectly compressed from over 3 days ago. If you fold your clothes flat you will have minimal wrinkling. There will still be some wrinkles but not too deep. My only criticism is that the valves at the bottom of the bags get blocked easily once the bag is mostly compressed, because as you roll/fold the bag up, the clothes get pushed against them or they get pushed against the floor. An extra valve on the sides near the corners would help. To combat this, I flipped the bag over and rolled the other way. Very easy to compress just by rolling up the bag, I kneeled on the bag while it was rolled just to push a little extra air out but it really wasn’t necessary like with other compression bags. I packed more clothes into these bags and still ended up with more space in my backpack afterward. The green tabs on the zipper pop off but they aren’t broken and will easily pop back on. I used these bags for 3 weeks straight while backpacking through southeast Asia and was 100% satisfied, it was a breeze to find what I needed and then repack my bag afterward (which is usually such a nightmare!). I would highly recommend them and will purchase them again.

  58. M. Newsom

    Exactly as advertised! Seller reached out with courteous communication which is nice.Bags used to pack my child for international travel and they work perfectly!

  59. Acrodo Customer

    These bags are a lifesaver. I have used the for my trip to Europe and for moving across the country. They are easy to use and pretty sturdy. I’ve only had one of the bags begin to fail on me.

  60. Kathleen Kane

    Great for travel

  61. C. Holmes

    They work as advertised, follow the directions and they do compress clothing to make more room in the suitcase. It is important to follow the directions, because how you think it should be done is the wrong way. once we read the directions and followed them exactly it worked. The slide part that helps to seal the bag falls off but it is very easy to put back on, it is more to make sure the bag is sealed.

  62. Kimberly

    These bags worked great for me! I used two jumbo bags and one large bag for all of the clothes I was bringing with me for my 5 month study abroad in New Zealand. I packed multiple t-shirts, sweaters, pants, and work attire in them, stuffing them quite full, and was pleasantly surprised by how compressed they were able to get. They stayed compressed for the days leading up to my flight, as well as for the whole trip. I will absolutely be using them for my return flight, as well as for all future travel.

  63. Ngoc

    Very convenient for all my packing needs! Both sizes are so big I ended up not needing this many bags but it was definitely a good deal. It isn’t the type where you can vacuum out the air but manually doing it wasn’t so hard.

  64. Anthony Cabello

    These are awesome! Saved a ton of room while packing. Went to the beach, so it was nice to separate our wet clothes from our clean dry clothes.

  65. Jan

    Great bags!

  66. Saraya Uitvlugt

    Works great at compressing air out of the bag to help pack down clothes. I only have so much room in my suitcase and this makes it easier to organize.

  67. Shar

    These bags will allow me to pack twice as many clothes for vacation in the same space. They are good quality and easy to use. The company even sent me a PDF on the best way to use them. Great product that should hold up for years of vacations!

  68. Ann Stockton

    very large bags and easy to use.

  69. Acrodo Customer

    Handy for the out of season clothing and linens.

  70. Jennifer Kay

    Great product for travel!

  71. Lila

    Simple to use and it works!

  72. S. Lee

    Good quality (thick) bags that are easy to use.

  73. Timmy

    The bags worked very well.

  74. Acrodo Customer

    Love these bags, I can fit so much in just the big ones. I haven’t used the jumbo bags yet but they will definitely work well for me.

  75. carrie novick

    Works as described

  76. Chachapr123

    These bags are the best. Had no idea how well they really worked. Would highly recommend these bags. Uneven used the bags to store my clothes in my dresser drawers!!

  77. William

    The 10 pack is a bit Overkill but I went 2 weeks in Europe and they were perfect

  78. tzone

    Works as described!

  79. Rachel

    I am very happy to not need a vacuum to make these bags work. Made packing much easier!

  80. Acrodo Customer

    Looks good.

  81. Acrodo Customer

    Makes travel easy!!!

  82. Jane

    Very useful.

  83. AMC

    They work better than I expected. I’ve been able to pack a weeks worth of clothes in a carry on bag without any problem! I thought air would start to seep in, but it’s been a couple of days and none has! Highly recommend!

  84. Linda L. Jones

    These are very good bags. Much easier to use than the ones that require a vacuum or pump, and they don’t leak! Purchasing them in the various sizes is quite helpful and I’ll order them again. Thanks!

  85. Joseph B.

    These work great. Pack each day’s clothes in a separate bag and saves ton of space in my saddle bags. Sturdy and reusable.

  86. Acrodo Customer

    Flew spirit with my daughter… Was not about to spend the extra for luggage when I knew we could make backpacks work. So, these were the key to saving space! Went on a week trip. I am not a minimalist when it comes to packing, but I was able to fit quite a bit in the medium bags! The quite large ones would work great for bedding or very bulky items.So far so good!!!

  87. karyl conard

    The bags were exactly as described and compressed as promised. I’m using them to store extra bedding. After 24 hours, they are still compressed.

  88. Acrodo Customer

    It’s not so easy to compress but it work very well.

  89. Alissa Jogodnik

    great easy to use product

  90. SW777

    Used these for a two week trip to Europe and was able to pack about twice as much as without. With a Tumi Tegra-lite I came in at just under the 50 lb. limit. I didn’t find my clothes to be any more wrinkled than they would’ve been without. Added unexpected benefit was that I kept all my clothes in the bags during the trip because they kept everything organized and visible at the same time. Once I was home I promptly loaned these to another friend who was traveling abroad. They’re easy to use (if counterintuitive) and durable. The 10 pack comes with more bags than two people could use in one trip…

  91. Brian Pfeil

    Works great to help keep you’re things organized in your suitcase

  92. Suzanne Lyons

    Love these bags! They are much thicker and sturdier than ones I’ve used in the past. I just love the same day Prime service. I was unable to get to a store that sells these on a Sunday so ordered them and they arrived hours earlier than expected. Awesome!

  93. YellowRoseofTX

    These bags lived up to their description! We used them for a recent trip and had no issues. They’re safely stored in our suitcase ready for our next adventure. The fact that they compact clothing and (in our case) down pillows to a manageable size without a vacuum is genius!

  94. Greg Espinosa

    easy to use, real space saver

  95. jen florida

    Absolutely awesome!!! Each bags is easy to seal! They’ve made packing much easier and I will definitely recommend them and buy them again!

  96. Terri Jo Umlor

    Just what I was looking for to pack for my upcoming vacatiom

  97. Meme

    Works really well. I used them while on vacation and to store some clothes in the basement. Bought two boxes, id buy more

  98. KP

    These are easy to use, could roll the air out easily. Also they seems pretty durable!They are good for storing winter cloth and for traveling!

  99. Sheila Marsh

    Went to Alaska and had to pack sweaters and puffy winter coats. Did not want to take a larger suitcase and incur more fees. It was quite easy to roll items flats without an extra pump to add to storage space. I’m probably going to use them now for closet use. Very handy.

  100. Acrodo Customer

    Works pretty well…saved alot of room!

  101. Grace O’Malley

    Bags were even larger than I imagined and well made. Should be able to use many times.

  102. Shirley A. Edwards

    They made packing my suitcase so easy. Everything I wanted to carry I was able to do so with acrodo space saver bags. I will always use them on trips from now on.

  103. Ira B. Korman

    Heavy construction to protect clothing and easy to use to compress clothes for packing.

  104. J.B.

    These bags are amazing! Don’t be deceived by the simple appearance of the bags. At first I thought they were just large ziploc bags, but I was able to pack a long down coat and a trench coat in one bag . It became very flat and easy to slip into my suitcase. Pushing the air out is easy – I packed on the carpet and knelt on the bag. It was no problem at all. I’m sorry I didn’t know about these bags sooner – they will definitely change the way I pack from now on.

  105. Stacy D.

    Worked great for my 8 day cruise.

  106. Ruth M. Gielow

    It was difficult to roll them and get all the air out.

  107. Acrodo Customer

    They work well. I would give a 5 star but the clips pop off easily. Luckily they are easy to put on but can be frustrating if you pop one off while packing. They do the job but are essentially large freezer bags. No suprises here.

  108. Karen Sandberg

    perfect to condense items during camping trips

  109. Lisa T. McMahon

    Hard to figure out how to use at the beginning but once I did it was very simple and they were very easy to use! Saved a lot of space

  110. Acrodo Customer

    The initial order that I received was defective. This company immediately responded to the problem by sending out a new order after a brief email exchange with them. They are great to work with. I would recommend them for sure. As for the compression bags….they work well. I was packing for a family of 4 for a cruise to Alaska. We were taking heavier clothing and rain gear. I was able to take a down filled jacket and other bulky outerwear. It all fit in the XL size bag for each of us. I also stowed raincoat and rain pants, gloves, and winter scarves for each family member. The compression bags helped to reduce the of luggage we had to take with us.


    I don’t write reviews (hardly ever). However…these bags do work as advertised. Granted, I have only used them on one trip, but they did make packing much more compact.

  112. Tatyana Wilson

    Great idea! I tested these right when they arrived and found them to be very easy to use. It is important not to overfill. We are planning to use them to pack items for trips.

  113. Acrodo Customer

    I used these to pack for my first tip abroad. I am still learning how to use these where I will be able to take most of everything I want and not over weigh my luggage. The were a great help when unpacking.

  114. Tina L.

    These work very well. My suggestions would be, practice with them before you are trying to pack at the last minute. It took me a few tries to get it right. When I did it worked very well. I found it was easier to roll the air out on the floor or a table than on a bed. I think it needs a hard surface. On my trip I certainly did it a lot better on the way home and was able to get more stuff into the bags and get all of the air out.

  115. Sabrasamm

    Great product. Will be ordering more shortly.

  116. John Edwards

    Gonna need them

  117. France

    I am a terrible packer. Always bring too much stuff. These bags worked great and helped me save on space

  118. Anastasia

    *AWESOME*These are great! I used them to pack ten days worth of bulky clothing (see photo), including a mid-weight jacket for a hunting trip and I couldn’t believe how compact they got. I especially loved that I could put my pillow in it and take that along! Un believable!!!GREAT buy!! Do it! 🙂

  119. Alex Chu

    Large enough for ski jackets and ski pants, easy to use, adequate construction. Clearly not meant to last years but they’re cheap enough to replace as needed. Makes far more sense than the vacuum bags because I don’t have a vacuum on vacation.Does provide value and keeps my luggage organized and compressed.

  120. LC-SW

    Trip to London tripped my need for compression bags to maximize the space in my one suitcase. It is a bit tricky to get stuff into the shape that is most useful for you, but with practice is possible. I did spend some time playing with the bags. One bag for a two week stay is hard, these work.

  121. Erin Fenley

    These are fabulous. Easy and sturdy. Totally recommend.

  122. Byrd

    I really love these. Easy to use, keeps the suction and I plan to order more! A good buy.

  123. Chris A.C.

    At the bottom of the “jumbo” bags there are two heat seals an inch apart. You’ll notice on the “large” that on opposite sides there’s a little opening kind of like a maze. It let’s the air out the first hole. Then air fills the space between the seals and then the air goes out.On the “jumbo” the seals go all the way across.There is no channel.If you look carefully you will see the openings spot. Where it should be.Reach in and jam your index finger or use a wooden spoon handle to get the first hole where it should be.Then where the outer hole should be there is the visible gap but it is sealed. So I carefully used scissors and cut a ONE-SIXTEENTH of an inch ( 1/16″ ) notch at a FORTY-FIVE degree angle just barely. Now it works.I figured if I was only going to have 5 functioning “larges” and 5 non-functioning “jumbos”. What did I have to lose?I ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES TO THE BAGS IF THE DIRECTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED CORRECTLY.Remember as you roll the green line under itself kneel on the bag with both knees to force every bit of air out.

  124. Abdullah N

    Excellent strong and seals perfect

  125. Acrodo Customer

    These space saver bags are fantastic. They compress everything so well. I wish they were easier to squeeze out the air, since I have to basically lay on it to get everything out, but other than that FANTASTIC!

  126. Acrodo Customer

    These worked great. Helped to compress dirty clothes for the return trip. I’m going to try them with pillows to make storage easier at home.

  127. David Hubbs

    good product, works exactly as promised, delivery efficient and as promisedThanks for doing a great job

  128. Bonnie

    They work great! Thanks!

  129. Acrodo Customer

    Love them.

  130. A. BURNETT

    works well

  131. Beauty S

    Works as expected

  132. Acrodo Customer

    Easy to use. I used the medium for a recent trip. I was able to roll 6 shirts and a pair of jeans in the bag, then squeeze the air out. It significantly reduced the space needed in my suitcase. The bag stayed compressed until I opened it (over 48 hours later)

  133. Yogablu

    They work well. You can even use a vacuum and get all the air out instead of rolling them up.

  134. Pamela A. Scaringe

    Worked like a charm. I tested the large bag on a large bed pillow and the bag compressed it down to about a quarter of the size. Very happy with the product.

  135. Kirsten Gram

    These were GrEAT

  136. C S Sinc

    I just used my bags today to pack some bulky items. I was having trouble getting the air to release from the bag. I was attempting to roll up the items on a bed, realized I didn’t have enough resistance. I placed the bag on a solid surface and I was able to roll the bag and the air was released. I have decided to take a couple of extra bags with us on vacation, just in case I need the extra space for items we pick up along the way.

  137. JGauthier

    Half of them seemed to be defective and I can’t get the air to release at the end. The small ones I didn’t have an issue with so I thought they would all be fine and my trip is in 2 days so too late for an exchange.Edit: The company stated that I had received some defective bags and sent me a brand new order. They work great and I was able to save a lot of space in my suitcase!

  138. Sharon Loveless

    Very good product.

  139. KrisKrisKris

    Quick simple and works as advertised. Cut my suitcase space needed by half.

  140. Lisa K. Jolly

    Bought to use for packing for Alaska. Love these! Not sure why we have not used before now.

  141. joyful57l

    Great traveling accessory.

  142. Steve

    Works as advertised – easy to use and very helpful for organizing and packing.

  143. Acrodo Customer

    The bags are great. the 2 sizes are just right for any clothing wear accept coats and heavy jackets blankets unlessbaby clothing and blankets. You wouldn’t be able to roll the air out .Other than the heavy items the bags are a wonderful storageproducts far as preserving and protecting the clothing. You can put 2 or 3 item in a bag all depend on items.and they are stackable.The rolling compression really works.just follow instructions,just roll, leave corner open at zipper for air to escape then zip corneryou got it! I;m going to order more (smile) be careful around children.

  144. DeAndra

    Loved the ease of use

  145. Acrodo Customer

    I love the compression bags. They are very well made, easy to use, and work great. I am glad I bought them and would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering buying them. The seals are tight; the plastic is thick, They work exactly as stated in the description.

  146. JOEMic

    I just received these bags this morning and I am LOVING THEM!!!The family is taking a trip to Disneyland and of course, we’re not sure if the kiddos need jackets because CA weather can be hot during the day/windy&cold in the evening. Our family is pretty minimalist when it comes to packing, so this seemingly simple decision is a little more complicated considering our 2 travelling backpacks for a family of 4.So, after trying one of these large sized babies (space-saver bags), we are definitely packing the jackets!Please refer to my excellent (best i could do with limited light and talent) photos to witness for yourself what an INCREDIBLE job this bag does of doing exacly what it’s name implies; saves space!I will update my review if there should be any problems during/after our trip; otherwise, please buy these if you have too much to pack and not enough darn space to pack it in.

  147. Rick D

    The ones I’ve used seem effective and durable. The multiple sizes are convenient. I recommend.

  148. JMR

    Works well. Exactly as described.

  149. nnhm4

    Works like a charm. The best part is that you don’t need a vacuum!

  150. NashC

    exactly what I was looking for

  151. RMS

    A simple but effective product. They work as advertised and do save luggage space

  152. valerie deus

    It’s everything I wanted. I love these bags.

  153. DC

    These things are great. So far holding up well 2 weeks into an extended vacation. Obviously best for bulky items, but assist with compression and temporary storage of all sorts of of clothing. Very pleased

  154. Acrodo Customer


  155. Acrodo Customer


  156. Cheryl Walker

    great bags worked perfectly

  157. Janet Austin

    The bags are very handy for creating space in suitcases. I’m traveling and have packed gym clothes in one bag and night clothes in another.

  158. lp magic

    They work great and compressing your clothing for more space. Shared a couple with a friend of mine and she loved them.

  159. Peter Krivitsky

    When these bags brand new they perfect.Couple times use reduce quality significantly

  160. Max

    These bags performed exactly as advertised. They are easy to use if you follow the directions and do as advertised. The only problem is that is too easy to over pack.

  161. Derek L. Olson

    Worked well, but lost the little zip closer clip. To come home, the clip to zip the bag closed had been lost (my kids lose everything) so we couldn’t use them. My mother in law lent me some compression bags of a different brand. Those clips are attached so you can’t lose them. For my family, that worked much better!

  162. William M. Hewitt

    Bags received on time and work as advertised. We uded them with great satisfaction on a recent 10 day trip. I could fit all clothing in a 21 inch carryon.

  163. Acrodo Customer

    Great Bags

  164. Dlea

    These are easy to use and I definitely have save me a lot of storage space!

  165. Acrodo Customer

    Easy yo use. Saved so much space in my luggage!

  166. Tammy

    Wonderful product. The first time I used I didn’t follow directions. My fault!! So glad you did provide directions, because the second time I was surprised at the ease and the space savings. Love this product and I have been telling everyone. The best part is I can put everything in my carry-on and no expense to check a bag. I also like the idea I can keep my personal items from being touched by strangers. I wanted to use a few times to make sure the quality was there. So far I have had no problems.

  167. Robert Mahan

    Bags work well. I found a good way to do this. After they are sealed, gently sit on the bags and they work fine.

  168. Beach girl

    These work great! By using these bags I was able to back everything I needed for a week in Europe in the fall into one backpack. I now use them for all my travel so I can pack a smaller bag and still have room for souvenirs. I plan to use the larger bags to pack up sweaters/jackets at the end of winter so I will have more closet room. Easy to use and it’s great that they can be re-used so many times.

  169. Acrodo Customer

    Excellent travel compression bags. Bought bags for traveling and safe a lot of space now that there are limitations on number of checked bags on flights. Bags can be reused for storage for seasonal clothing too. Bags do as promised as long as you don’t overfill them. Sometimes the clips pop out during closing but zippers do not open back; at least not for me and depending on how many clothing you put. It took a while to compress and take air out without a vacuum. But it works perfectly too with a vacuum, if you own one, even though it does not come with a cap opening for vacuum. Just leave a small opening enough for vacuum hose after zipping bag.

  170. Sam


  171. Acrodo Customer

    This is very good for packing for long trips. I am capable of packing more in the suitcase and organizing to packing.

  172. T. Bond

    These bags are awesome. They arrived in time for our trip and worked really well.

  173. ojosverdes

    These bags were a lifesaver recently on a 5-country tour of Europe. The whole family was able to pack carry-ons only for a 2.5 week trip because of the space saved using these bags. The rolling method worked best and my carry-on would fit 3 of the smaller-sized bags of rolled-up clothes.Towards the end of the trip though, some of the bags started losing their compression after being rolled. They were still effective enough to use. I would still recommend these bags as a similar product sold at Target with fewer bags and cost a couple of dollars more.One think to be aware of is that the use of the bags will increase the density of items in your suitcase, thus making it heavier. Be sure to check the airline weight limit for carry-ons and checked bags before going to the airport.

  174. Acrodo Customer

    Took all over Thailand, bags were opened & repacked 6 times in 2 weeks & performed great. For 2 adults I needed 2 large bags & med. Coming home w/ gifts added another large bag. Forget using the sliders they popped right off. I found best way to use bags was roll up clothes place in bag, zip up leaving about 4 inches open then sit on bag to expel air, the finish zipping bag. Well worth the money. Can pack so much more in the same space so then you need to watch your weight limits for your airlines.

  175. Vilma

    Loved these bags! I used them for traveling overseas and they worked fabulous!

  176. LC

    You need to roll hard and put your weight on them to push out the air, but once you do, they work very well. The jumbo size bags fit a lot of clothes in them and shrunk down a lot. I highly recommend if you need to pack a lot in your suitcase!

  177. Nicole Gravel

    These work great for packing or storage.

  178. Acrodo Customer

    These bags are awesome! They make packing so much easier. The quality is good and I especially like it that I do not need to use a pump to compress them. When I first received them, I was a bit disappointed that the jumbos bags were not working but the large ones worked very well! The seller got back to me and replaced them very promptly. I’m definitely impressed by the efficiency!

  179. Steve K

    These were just what the doctor ordered for my trip to Shanghai.

  180. Acrodo Customer

    These were confusing at first but once I figured them out, they were extremely useful. I used them for a 3 week trip through Europe with only a backpack and they worked like a charm. They made packing clothes so much easier and held up very well.

  181. Acrodo Customer

    They were very useful. Great produce. Thanks.

  182. Lorena

    These bags are great! I bought them to package coats in a suitcase and I saved a lot space.

  183. Adrienne T.

    Exactly what we needed and the showed up fast.

  184. woodwords

    I travel frequently and these are space savers. They are easy to use. I found that putting a packed bag on the floor and laying on it speeds up the process of *rolling the air out* of the bag.

  185. Beverly A.

    I have enough clothes for two suitcases but am only taking one. These bags will make it possible. But I’m also planning to use them for packing away my summer clothes. Great product.

  186. Aida Berges

    I am so Impressed with the bags. They aré everything I expected and more. Excellent producuct.

  187. Gary Louie

    I think they are a great product and value for the money. Received promptly and packaged very well.

  188. Kixy

    These were priced right, arrived quickly and were SO easy to use. They’re really simple, but do exactly what I they say they will.

  189. Gina Dillard

    Work really well so far..have not unpacked them yet so time will tell

  190. Nate

    Absolutely essential for long trips!!! These bags are the best!

  191. JAM

    This bags saved us a lot of space on our luggage and weight didn’t increase badly as we supposed, we totally recommend it, it are durable and easy to use. The only thing we can no say yet is how will it behave when time passes and multiple uses.

  192. Courtney

    These bags are exactly as expected no complaints. It may help some people not familiar with these types of bags that sometimes the air outtake area needs a little help the first use,so that air can leave the bag, I’m sure if you’re too rough getting the air out the first time the bag will bust.

  193. Gary Collison

    Worked great for our trip!

  194. jill

    Item arrived as described. Easy to use … made my packing for long distance more efficient.

  195. Kirsten T. Hechler

    I used them for a recent trip and reused them. They are a travelers dream

  196. Lisa Ullery-Gallegos

    saves me so much space!

  197. Andrew Calderon

    super helpful for packing for our trip this season

  198. Rodney Sands

    Watch the online video. Make sure your on a hard surface not on a bed much easier. Helped packing a 15 day trip.

  199. ty181

    Used this with my wife on a back packing trip through Europe. Perfect product

  200. Angela Ward

    I love these bags. They are easy to use and easy to take on vacation. Also, we use them to put our summer clothes away to make room in our closets. Money well spent.

  201. Karisa

    These worked great and saved space in my luggage. Wished they had a smaller size one though in addition to the medium and large ones. Simple to use and compressed clothes down nicely.

  202. nicedream

    These work just as described as long as you follow directions. I actually looked up instructions to make it easier. I used it to pack for my trip to Iceland and brought extras for the way back. Great sturdy bags that can definitely be used over again. It’s awesome to be able to compress without other tools like a vacuum.

  203. Vix

    Work Great. Super fast delivery. Perfect for packing.

  204. Luis

    Awesome bags!! they really work!

  205. LM47

    These bags are awesome! Packing for a 3-week trip in a carry-on size was a breeze. They arrived super quickly with my prime shipping. Def recommend!

  206. Rosa

    Arrived on time and with a great condition. Thank you so much. They are so great!

  207. Smiloro

    I ordered these for my husband, who does contracting work overseas for a year at a time. Just 3 bags were enough for him to fit everything he’s bringing with him on this trip. Pretty awesome!

  208. Ryan M

    These were perfect for my overseas trip. The large size are a perfect fit for a carry on size bag.When you first get them, the plastic might be stuck together where the air is released. Take your time and don’t force it so much as you’re putting so much pressure that you will pop the bag. I have had zero issues with this, and I think they are great.Careful with rolling them up so you don’t pinch the bottom shut were the air is released from the bag.

  209. Acrodo Customer

    Great bags! Easy to use.

  210. Tony M.

    Came in very handy when traveling with kids for the holidays.

  211. SnarkySteph

    these were great for packing our luggage with!

  212. Anika Malone

    I probably shouldn’t have bought these. Once I saw how compressed they were I packed MORE stuff, then moved to a large suitcase. DANGER! I took so much stuff for a 2 week trip and barely wore half of it. I took extra bags with me and it helped with souvenirs, too. My sole complaint is that the sliders come off the bag much too easily. Other than that, I can’t believe I never used anything like this before. Currently, I’m using them to store out of season clothes for the family. Everything that was in 2.5 large plastic bins is now in just one bin. I love that. I’m definitely going to buy some more for our trip next year.

  213. Eleanor Kelly

    They are wonderful and work really well. My son used them to pack dress clothes and suites to go to China. After 24 hours in the bags the clothes were not wrinkled at all. This is an amazing product!

  214. kLm

    Not much of traveler but we had a flight in which we had to pay for checked luggage for an 8 day vacation for a family of 3. The compression bags worked as intended. We used them for carry on and our checked bags and on the way home for dirty clothes. Would strongly recommend. Would also be great for college kids for storing seasonal clothes!

  215. ColdFeet

    Works great

  216. Kevin Michael Sadovnik

    Awesome product!!!

  217. Pen Guin

    Excellent product. Quick delivery

  218. SamboLulu

    Love these. Amazing bags. I can travel to Europe for 6 weeks with a carry on! Really I have done it. I was from cold Bavaria to hot Madrid over about 47 days. Put small notes inside the bags so you know what categories and clothes in each. This is the way to do it.These are the best of the compression bags. Be sure to roll them on a bed or somewhere where they cannot get any punctures, but these stand up far better than others.

  219. Acrodo Customer

    Came Quickly and compared to some of the other brands I have used were large in size. The largest of this I was able to put a comforter in. I used the other size to organize Jersey knit sheet sets, keeps them clean and organized in a small space.

  220. Gem lover

    So easy to use and totally functional.

  221. Neva Roy

    We used these space saver bags for a trip to New York in the winter with lots of bulky clothes and they worked fabulous! Best ones I’ve ever used!!

  222. Yolanda G

    Really handy for traveling to London. I was able to pack more using less room.

  223. Eatinfool

    Easy to use and practical. Perfect for ever decreasing size requirements for carry on baggage.

  224. Glamak

    Very good product, easy to roll, works.

  225. Marylin A.

    Used these to pack away keepsake clothes belonging to children/grandchild. Love the space saving. Great product.

  226. Dan

    Working great for norther cold weather gear. They are staying compressed in my luggage and making it possible to fly with all that bulky but light gear.

  227. The Hammer


  228. dawgpound87

    Works great. Used as an added layer of moisture protection while backpacking the Wonderland Trail in WA. Put my sleeping back and clothing I had to keep dry in it. Easy to compress the air out and made of a durable plastic material.

  229. Jacob F

    I can’t believe how much these helped! A little hint, make sure to get most of the air out before sealing it

  230. Debbie R.

    Worked great! Packed much in my suit case!

  231. Acrodo Customer

    Easy to use and actually works. I’m in college and travel a lot, so it is really nice to have bags that can be used without a vacuum and work well.

  232. maofla

    Works great! Very easy to use, too.

  233. DayLily

    These do a great job. Too great. My daughter was able to take an additional 10 pounds of unnecessary clothing with her on trip abroad because she compressed all the clothing using these bags. I don’t think she’ll need the 5 pairs of jeans, 15 t-shirts, 5 dresses, and 5 pairs of leggings that she was able to squeeze into 4 of these bags, but I don’t care, because I don’t have to carry the suitcase!

  234. Julie

    Most worked well for our international trip. The larger size did not open all the way without manual manipulation. Would be nice to have more instructions so that it didn’t take so long to figure out what the large size needed to do to work. Not bad for

  235. Claudia

    Amazing..easy and definitely packed more in 1 suitcase than without!!! You won’t regret this purchase!!

  236. Becky K.

    The bags are great. Definitely a space saver in the big suitcase and keeps everything together.

  237. T_V

    Work as designed, the first time is kind of hard but after that its easy to roll up

  238. James V.

    The bags are awesome. They do exactly what I need them to do, allowing me to pack suits with minimal wrinkling.

  239. Evelyn Bastidas

    Love it👌🏼

  240. DEB

    I used these bags to travel to Canada and they worked perfect. I was even able to fit my 2x puffer jacket in the smaller of the two bags with out a problem! Reused them to come home without a problem as well. Also perfect for starafe for our next winter trip. Highly recommend!

  241. Mark Presnell

    as advertised

  242. Luis Guasch


  243. Priscilla

    I tried out the bags and they worked perfectly! I was concerned for my towels when I travel because they take up a lot of space… and these bags were perfect! Thank goodness!!

  244. Kelleyj34

    We are definitely seeing a big difference by using these bags when packing for our upcoming vacation….so glad that we found them on Acrodo!!!

  245. E28CFX1

    Arrived well packaged as advertised and works great, much appreciated!

  246. Janet Reid

    These are great.

  247. Lindsay Pgh

    Worked perfectly! Sturdy too!

  248. Nathan Eric Butryn

    they work pretty well. i would say closer to 20% saved space vs. the 30% some claimed. The clamps at the top are somewhat cheap and weren’t even attached when i opened it. I ended up having to use my fingers like a ziplock bc the sliders are useless. But for the price and about 20% saved space, fine by me. Thank you

  249. Acrodo Customer

    I like them, but some need to try many time to release the air

  250. Talullah

    Sturdy, high quality bags.

  251. Chelsea

    I will never travel again without space saver bags!!! These were a terrific price!

  252. Carlos Velez

    They work great and they are bigger than zipplock

  253. Wanda

    Made packing for an overseas trip so much easier and compact. I was able to take more clothes without worrying about doing laundry while I was gone. Worked just as good packing them a second time for the flight home!

  254. PZE

    Worked great! Makes traveling light a real option

  255. Nicole Pollina

    Was able to fit two suitcases-worth of clothes into one suitcase after compressing the clothes into two bags!

  256. jom

    worked great, i was able to pack TWICE as many clothes as I actually needed, as opposed to just packing a few to many.

  257. susan hadley

    Fantastic, put your sweater in the bag and wash in cold with Woolite! Better than dry clean and no chemicals!!

  258. Suzanne

    Yes they are great!!

  259. Carol A. Brill

    These bags did the trick. There are plastic zippers at the top that wouldn’t stay on my bags but really they’re just for ease. The bags can be used without them. These are like giant Ziploc baggies. Once I press the air out of them they stayed that way.

  260. Aiko Y

    These bags are a dream! I was a little skeptical at how well they would hold the seal but they are SOLID. I’ve only used them once so far but they seem pretty sturdy. The company provides a how-to video online, which I found very helpful. I often take long trips and always have trouble fitting all the clothes I need into my suitcases; these are a game changer, especially for the absurdly affordable price. Highly recommend!!

  261. Laurie E

    My husband works out daily even while traveling. These bags allow us to isolate the dirty from the clean and we are all happier. 🙂

  262. john m

    My daughter needed it for a trip she was going away on. Was able to pack more stuff. Worked for her

  263. JDP83

    I ordered this bags for travel use with limited space. I was hesitant at first because I have several vacuum bags that did not hold up to there end, some lasted a while some, some didn’t ( maybe I did it wrong but I don’t think so). I didn’t want vacuum bag for obvious reasons so I ordered these and didn’t want to review until I at least tried them out esp before our vacation. So the same day I received them ( 2day shipping on time 😊) I used a lg bag stuffed it with 8 tshirts and there was no instructions in box so I looked up videos.. 1. I seen two videos where they did it wrong so of course I did it wrong and almost ruined the bag. I finally found the correct way to roll the bag ( * opposite of zipper/open end) and it worked! Here’s where I was hesitant, I left it for day and no air still! Yay! Most of my bags always inflated again over time. I will test the rest of bags out make sure all of them work but so far so good. The only reason I didn’t give 5/5 stars was the zipper piece that helps closes it pops off really easily and I already lost mine, I used my fingers to close easier to me. Last thing is I don’t know if instructions was supposed to come with it or something which would’ve been helpful but overall I like it and would definitely get more.

  264. Donna Kopowski

    I NEVER write product reviews, but these bags worked SO well I had to!.I was trying to pack 1 bag each for our upcoming Disney cruise. I was able to pack 5 princess dresses in 2 of the large bags and saved a TON of space. I thought I would only be able to fit 2 or 3, but now can bring all 5!Worked the 1st time. EASY, FAST,and seem very durable.As a BONUS, all of the glitter will be contained on the bags!.Want to wrap all pillows and blankets to save closet space next…

  265. Debra Miglionico

    LOVE THESE BAGS! Easy to use, just fill it (roll up the clothes or better yet, lay them flat on top of each other), seal it, then crinkle the bottom with your fingertips to loosen the opening where the air comes out, then LAY on them to ensure it flattens nicely!I couldn’t have gotten a week’s worth of golf and dinner clothes in my small carry-on without those bags. A DEFINITE life/time/money saver for anyone who wants to travel compactly and efficiently.I’d buy them over and over again, in a heartbeat!

  266. BBBAD2

    WOW these bags WORK !!!!!!

  267. Crystal

    Works great! Went to Dublin and bought way too much clothing. Compressed a lot of clothing including sweaters/jackets

  268. maggie taylor

    These were great! I was able to fit a lot more in my luggage by using these.

  269. Mari

    I bought these for an extended camping trip. I can easily switch out clothes for hot and cold weather and save a lot of space too.

  270. Jaime

    I used these for my blanket, pillow and some of my clothes when I traveled to Florida to see my mom. Helped me save space and didn’t lose any air during travel. Nothing smelled funny after pulling it out of the bag either. I attached a photo of my dirty clothes bag inside one of these.

  271. lisa c. pardue

    Eorked perfect for storing out of season clothes

  272. dark raisin

    I love the bags and will be order again.

  273. Lourdes Castillo

    quick and easy process

  274. graphixgurl

    I always use these for travel…I’m able to fit so much more in my suitcase. Being a stereotypical woman, I pack a LOT.

  275. Podatide

    These bags hold a lot! I’ve done only preliminary tests, but the build quality is good. I’ll be putting them to the real test soon.

  276. Acrodo Customer

    Never have I ever left a review for a product before but these compression bags are the absolute best! They are so easy to use and straightforward and do not require a vacuum to remove air from inside the bag.I purchased these to test them out since I’m going on an international trip and wanted to pack just a carry on. I was worried with my hiking boots and other bulkier belongings I wouldn’t have enough room for general clothes. But now, I have no worries. These bags compress jeans, heavy logsleeves and all your bulkier hiking socks. You don’t realize how much space is wasted in a suitcase until you are able to compress all your clothes into these awesome compression bags.Also, the clear bags and quick zipping accessory make it super quick through international security if you do so happen to be stopped for extra screening. Huge fan and pleased I bought these.

  277. GrumpyDaddy

    Work as designed and perform well. They compress well and the contents stay compressed. Things to think about: They make the contents in the bag a bit rigid and depending on what you’re trying to pack them into this may take up more space than if the contents were left loose and compressed when you close the suitcase or duffle bag. Another thing to keep in mind is just because you can get more into the suitcase doesn’t mean you should. By using these bags you can easily overpack the suitcase and make it overweight resulting in airline baggage charges that would far exceed the cost of an additional bag. They’re a bit big for carry-on hand luggage like a backpack. I bought these to compress my airplane pillow to put in my backpack. They’re too big for that purpose.

  278. Aplumreader

    Great quality and love the large size. Thank you.

  279. me

    I used these to pack for a long trip, and these ended up keeping my clothes dry as a bonus feature to the space savings! Now these get used even if the space saving isn’t needed in order to keep clothes dry on the tarmac!

  280. J

    Im not sure how i feel about these….it’s too much work to use…i don’t think they are convinient

  281. Bharat

    These saved me a lot of space while travelling, perfect for dirty laundry or clothes you won’t be using for a while. Make sure to roll this against a hard surface, to maximize the air you squeeze out. Also the more you put in it – the less you can roll it, and the less air you let out.

  282. Jesse Torres

    Get them, its worth it. Saves a ton of room especially on fluffy stuff like bedding or pillows.Can’t comment on how long they stay sealed but they lasted 48 hours for an international flight.

  283. Dontanacalamity

    Bags appear to be well made and considering the price, a value.

  284. Spinner

    I used these bags for my recent trip to Mexico. They worked exactly the way I wanted them to! No wrinkled clothes, I was able to take everything I wanted! The easy-to-zip clips worked great too. I am so glad I had these. This was a great buy for me.

  285. Carmen Anderson

    They have save me so much room in my luggage. The only problem I have is when I roll it my clothes slide. Is there a different way to roll the bags?Let me know. Thanks.

  286. Acrodo Customer

    Excellent space saver, I packed so much in one carry on, it was amazing

  287. n_p

    Lifesaver when you’re traveling and want to use a smaller bag but take the same amount of clothing.

  288. Ed2fst4u

    It works! Packing and organizing is lot easier.

  289. erewhon

    The larger bags were difficult to get the air out without ‘teasing’ the air through the exit channel. Once this was accomplished the bags worked perfectly. I had no problem with the smaller bags. I contacted the seller for help and they were very responsive. These are perfect for compacting clothing down for travel.

  290. nali

    absolutely love them, save us lots of space and extra weight that traditional packaging would have done. Recommended to all friends and family

  291. Erika Ramos

    we used it immediately..Thank you, hope to buy some more in the near future.

  292. Collins

    These were definitely handy for a trip I took. Compression was easy and allowed for more room in the suitcase. I occasionally had to fiddle with the end of the bag to get the air to release. Sizing seemed odd for typical luggage packing but we made them work.

  293. Acrodo Customer

    Product works. Not as amazing as I was hoping for..caused clothes to get very wrinkled. Cut my hand on the sharp plastic on first use. Overall good product. Saves some space.

  294. Acrodo Customer

    We used these on a European trip and loved them. We were able to pack everything into one bag and had no problems rolling them up to get the air out. Also, this worked as extra protection against something spilling in our suitcase.

  295. Hobby

    I bought these to pack for a week long vacation and with these I was able to get a family of three into one carry on bag. I did not have any problems with getting them compressed. Super easy to use. So far so good!

  296. Acrodo Customer

    This product is great! Very easy to use. I love how I was able to pack a lot and fit everything in my backpack when I backpacked Europe. Highly recommended.

  297. deborah a seay

    I love anything that will help me condense my luggage for more room!

  298. Acrodo Customer

    I would soon use them but I have use them in the past and they work really good.

  299. Robert A.

    Like many travelers I usually need more luggage space for longer trips. My wife and I were going on a long cruise and I needed a suit coat for evening, dress slacks, walking shorts, bathing suits and of course underwear. We are allowed two suit cases but still that is a lot of clothes to push into a suitcase. Suffice it to say, I was able to fit all my clothes easily into the two suitcases and even had some room to spare. What I did not expect is that the baggage conveyor for the airline in Fort Lauderdale would be hungry and try to eat my suitcase. Putting is mildly the nasty critter tore the heck out of my suitcase (see picture). It was taken directly to baggage claim where I had to open it up to see if there was anything damage or missing. Thanks to Acrodo Compression Bags, I only lost a nail clipper and package of sea sick pills. The bag was filled with bunches of tiny pieces of black nylon material and small chunks of the zipper but my clothes were fresh and clean. If they had not been in the Acrodo bags I would have lost hundreds of dollars worth of clothing with no time to shop to replace before getting on the cruise ship. I will never travel without using these again.

  300. Alan Howard

    Amazing delivery and price, also better than the kind of bags that you need a vacuum for….

  301. Stanley J. Whitman

    Great product; a MUST for all travelers so you can make space for ‘important’ purchases along the way.

  302. Louwho

    I am absolutely impressed with these bags. I read a lot of reviews on these roller compression bags and everyone seemed to say that Eagle Creek was the very, very best…however, they’re way too expensive in my opinion. My travel companion went with Eagle Creek. They had a lot of issues rolling the bags without it popping back open while trying to compress.These bags are well priced for the amount and size of bags you get. Easy to use and I have to say I’m very impressed. I expected to open my suit case to see my pillow and blanket in their puffy state but they weren’t! I’ve been home a week now and still haven’t unpacked. My pillow and blanket are still compressed. One week later I think the pillow has leaked in a smidge of air but it’s still considerably compressed compared to when I open the bag as displayed in the photos.

  303. Michele F.

    I recently used this product on a week long cruise of the Caribbean, and they worked better than their competitors who I have used previously. They worked awesome, and I packed my extras in my suitcase. I was able to fit everything I needed in a medium size bag… Pack a variety of different types of outfits. The bags were excellent for putting laundry in after clothes were used, and were really good at keeping the smell out of a small cruise cabin. There was some clothes that I did not end up using during my vacation, and was able to put them back in my suitcase… and then back into my closet because they still smelled fresh. I did put 2 dryer sheets in each bag, and that kept the clothes smelling as good as they did right out of the dryer. These bags are also great if there are many stops on your vacation, or if you enjoy packing each days outfits separately because they allow for maximum organization, and you can see and/or label the bags. I shared and recommended my purchase with both my mom and sister who I took the vacation with. When we got off the ship, my sister, her 3 children, and my mom were going swimming at a hotel, and I gave them a bag to put their wet swimsuits in. My sister loved that the bag fit all of their swimsuits and towels, kept the scent of wet swimsuits from smelling, and became so small because it fit in her carry-on with all of her kids toys, tablets, markers, and coloring books. I would definitely recommend this product for its good quality, price, bag-sizes, extra closures, and number of bags received for the price. I also like that it comes from a small business who believes in their product, and backs it up with a request to contact them if the consumer has any problems.

  304. p.haynes

    It works great.

  305. Jerilyn Smith

    I like how they compact without a vacuum. May buy more.

  306. Deandra A. Poyser

    These bag may minimally cut down weight but the save tons of space and they stay flat until you open them. They are easy to roll and keep close flat and all TONS of space for other stuff. They are also waterproof

  307. Nadine Z.

    Arrived quickly. Works perfectly as described. They are good quality because they maintain the seal for days. If you have bags that allow the air in, then they are old or of bad quality. I place my clothing evenly in the bag, zip close, roll the zip side a couple of times and then lay on the bag on a hard surface to eliminate all of the air. If you want to carry a change of clothing in the smaller regulation carry on bags: pack half the smaller bag, zip up, roll up excess half of bag and eliminate air as above. I have had clothes in the bags for over 5 days and no air leakage. Take an extra bag for dirty laundry. Very happy with my purchase.

  308. Stace

    Ok, I really, really like these bags! The only downside is we we a little over weight with our luggage. It let us fit 3 pairs of snow pants, 2 snow jackets and a pair of snow boots along with some other items in a large suitcase. We then used loose clothing to fill in any gaps between bags to maximize our capacity! They were a little hard to seal when full. Personally, I had to kneel on the items in the bag near the zipper end to close it. I split the box with family members for our trip and was in hysterics watching them try to get the air out when we were repacking to come home. There were some crazy antics used! Sitting on the bag, Kneeling then rolling, Laying down on the bag…. I found it best to kneel on the bag and use your hands near the valve end to help press out air.Just a word of caution – if you are using these on a hard surface, make sure that the items being compressed have no edges, corners, zippers, or anything that may pierce through the bag when it’s against the floor. We made a tiny hole in one bag from pressing the plastic buckle on the snow jacket against the laminate flooring. After that one, we made sure to have all of the zippers/buttons/straps folded towards the inside of the item!

  309. B.N.

    The bag itself is decent quality. The plastic seems fairly durable so far, but I do have to say that the sealing piece or zipper on top is not so great.

  310. T. J. Barrable

    Great stuff, does just what it says on the box. Made enough room in my carry on to add a spare pair of shoes. Very happy!

  311. Greg B.

    As described.

  312. Kim Ross

    Great product! I just came back from vacation and was able to pack sweaters and 3 small blankets which took up very little extra room thanks to these amazing compression bags. I loved having different size bags too!

  313. kayjmartinez

    It created space in, but it made it heavy the bag.

  314. Lisa B.

    I have ordered a box for myself and loved them, so I ordered my daughter a box!!!

  315. Buys Too Much

    A little bit of a learning curve (there are tricks to them) but they do work great.

  316. Vanessa

    These are perfect for traveling! Just make sure you weigh your bags before flying! Since you can fit a lot into your suit case it doesn’t seem like you are packing much with the saved space but the weight will add up

  317. Jimmy

    Bags are worth every penny. They hold a lot of clothes and are cheap. Sturdy construction and really easy to use.

  318. Christina Knox

    Works great for camping! I camp with my sons a lot and we usually take our mid size SUV so we can be tight on space with all of our gear. These work great to free up room in the car. We used them for blankets, pillows, and towels. For idea on size, I was able to fit about 4 beach towels in the largest size.

  319. Keli Gajewski

    Needed these to pack both my son and I in the same suitcase for a 10 day trip! Worked great for having to overpack clothes in 1 suitcase! Thank you for making a great product!!

  320. sallybean

    Easy to use, and convenient for travel.

  321. Acrodo Customer

    I was skeptical about how well these would work. I loved them, I used them for a 3 week trip overseas and they were so easy to get in and out of e they kept all my close nice and compact to save space in my case. My cloths bounced back and looked great. Best of all I used them over and over and they still worked great. When I got home I purchased more to use around the house I was so impressed with them.

  322. Sam

    Work great!

  323. Samantha Nelson

    Very useful product. Helped to make packing a breeze.

  324. Stacy A Norgard

    Just packed for my trip to Belize and got 7 days worth of clothes, swim suits, cover-ups, shorts, tshirts, tank tops in one bag! Plus now I have bags to bring back dirty wet clothes!

  325. FWshops

    They arrived fast! They worked fantastic! Bags are sturdy and sealed perfectly.

  326. Acrodo Customer

    These are super easy to use and work great!

  327. Dianne

    We are always looking for new ways to keep the bulk down in our suitcases when traveling by plane. These compression bags are really good for flattening items such as sweaters and puffy jackets. I also like the fact that clothing generally doesn’t wrinkle when rolled in one of these bags. Also good at home for storing blankets which take up a lot of room in the linen closet.

  328. C.Galloway

    Allowed me to pack carry-on instead of checked baggage! Saved $$ AND time at airports.Thanks.

  329. Neal J. Bonome

    These are wonderful! This order was to replenish our supply. We use them all the time, mostly for toasted cheese sandwiches. It makes them quick without toaster mess, and perfect every time. You can use them over and over, but eventually, it’s nice to get some new ones. They are inexpensive and worth the price.

  330. Ed

    Super handy for traveling

  331. Acrodo Customer

    Love the travel bags-they give you so much more room in your suitcase and keep your clothes clean!

  332. Flowers&Wood

    I bought these to use on a trip with a smaller suitcase. I was impressed with being able to compress the clothes without a vacuum. One thing to keep in mind is you can use multiple bags with less in them and easily compress more. If you have any problem with hand strength, get help from someone stronger, use your arms, or knees to press more air out. One other video showed opening the top enough to put the vacuum in and suck more air out, if available.

  333. Steven Harris

    Works pretty well…. by removing all the air from the clothes we saved around 60% combined total, most of which came from compressing sweaters and bulky items like that.

  334. A. Parker

    Works great and as advertised….

  335. Joann


  336. Ryan Truair

    Don’t spend you money on similar higher priced products. These bags work fantastic. Use these and you can say goodbye to checked bag fees.

  337. Ronald Richardson

    Great produce. Place my clothes in the bags and before I knew it my suit case was over weight limit. I still had room for more. They seal easily and after three days are still compact with no leaksI recommend this product. FIVE STARS !

  338. Acrodo Customer

    Loved these! They are absolutely perfect especially when traveling with children that love their own blankets!! We used them for dirty clothes on our return home and we also used them to pack diapers rather than having a bulky package of diapers or diapers strategically placed to save room in our suitcase. This was a great product for our family vacation to Florida!!

  339. Tricia G.

    This is the second type of space saver bags I have purchased, and I would purchase them again. I previously purchased a different brand with a package of 2 large bags. The other brand was much easier to get the air out of the bags after you seal them, but they were pricey. These bags also worked very well when I compressed the clothes before sealing the bags. These bags are a better value and still do the job.

  340. Acrodo Customer

    worked great, so many clothes in so little space! Will use again and again and highly recommend for storing or traveling!

  341. Mary

    makes packing for trips so much easier clothes stay neat and can put more into a smaller suit case for plane trips

  342. Nicole Brock-Martinez

    The key here is to read the instructions. They are not intuitive. These bags will save you space for sure. I won’t travel without them ever again, and I have recommended them to my friends and family.

  343. Marcela Alejandra Cropanise

    Practical and useful

  344. thatBritgirl

    Seriously one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Bought these for a trip to Aruba, because I am a notorious over-packer, and I really wanted to get everything into a carry-on roller suitcase, rather than having to check a bag at the airport. I would NEVER have been able to get 1/4 of what I did into the suitcase without these! For a week trip, I was able to pack all this into a CARRY-ON BAG, people!!!-6 pairs of shorts, 1 bra, 7 pairs of socks, 7 underwear, 5 bikinis, 1 sarong, 1 cardigan, 1 robe, 13 shirts, 8 dresses, 3 pairs of shoes, 1 large beach bag, 3 purses, 1 collapsable cooler, 1 curling wand, 1 hairbrush, and miscellaneous small stuff, with room to spare.I was amazed at how flat these bags got. They really pushed out all the air, and they stayed that way! I only used 2 of the Large size bags for my suitcase, and 2 of the Large size for my boyfriend’s bag, which was an even smaller 18 inch carry-on suitcase. We still had 5 X-Large bags and 1 Large bag left over. These are such good quality that I’m sure I’ll be able to use these over and over again without having to replace them. Will likely purchase more in different sizes for storage purposes. I am recommending these to all of my friends and family!

  345. Manny E.

    Purchased this item for my trip to Amsterdam and I have to say it worked as advertised. I packed a carry on luggage with 9 days worth of clothes. I do have to say you will have to iron after you open the bag again.

  346. N. Calvin Han

    It works exactly like it says and I love it…I travel and backpack 2-3 trips a year and I bought 4 packs.

  347. Nandi

    They work beautifully so far. I’m packing to move across the country and I’m trying to minimize luggage costs and these helped a ton. I got rid of so many of my clothes and yet I had to use all 10 of the bags. I plan to order more when they’re in stock.

  348. CCapoot

    Exactly as described and worked perfect! Really helps with making space for suitcases!!

  349. time goes by

    Exactly as described! Really shrinks the space needed for clothing when packing. Easy to use too.

  350. SunnyFL55

    I use these bags for shipping items and also for packing for trips. I appreciate the various sizes and really like that these don’t require a vacuum cleaner. Thanks!

  351. VLinDallas

    They definitely keep air out and stay flat over time. The ones I bought that required vacuuming to remove air Always Leaked, they cost a lot more and were totally useless. The Acrodo bags haven’t let in any air in two months.

  352. Brenis Thompson

    Bought for my sister who travels a lot.

  353. KD Harv

    Work well, easy to use, great value!

  354. Jill Talcott

    Work great, terrific price. Conveniently arrived at my front door!

  355. Alaa Murad

    These are great – exactly as described and very easy to use. I am using them to store my winter clothes and they keep the clothes clean and save a ton of space.

  356. aaward

    These bags are easy to use, a good size and saved me a lot of room. I would recommend them.

  357. Sammy Calabrese

    Great purchase and cost efficient. I bought a pack of these for my trip to Europe and they worked great. They were easy to use and definitely helped in creating more space in my luggage. For the price and its ease of use, I definitely recommend this product.

  358. Claudia Campese

    Worked as advertised. Was able to compress clothes into a fairly flat package. Certainly made it possible to fit more in the suitcase. Clothes did wrinkle but it was a small price to pay.

  359. Jacquelyn Goudeau

    LOVE these ! Very good for travel !Merci, JG

  360. Ella

    I purchased these literally a day before I left for Italy. I am SO happy I did! They are really great for packing and gave me soo much extra room in my suitcase–also love how they organized everything and protected my clothes from any liquids that could have spilled in my suitcase. They were still perfectly sealed when I arrived. The little green clips do pop off when rolling the bags to let the air out, but it was still very easily manageable to seal the zipper by hand or just pop the clip back on for a little extra help. Definitely recommend. I will be using these to store my winter jackets when i get home!

  361. ERIC


  362. andrew herman

    These bags work very well after you read the instructions and don’t try to do it backwards lol. I will be purchasing more in the near future!

  363. Steve Heineman

    Used these on vacatipn. Got twice as much in a smaller suitcase! You need to see these to believe it. Packed my wet, dirty stuff in them, toilet articles, and all my other clothes, each separately. Tough as nails we took them to the beach with us to put wet beach towels and suits, worked great. Kept my stuff clean! Trying to avoid bedbugs, too.

  364. Heather Shinn

    Worked great for packing my suitcase

  365. Wonjun Lee

    Very nice product!!

  366. Silvia K. Bishop

    I shrunk a pillow to fit into my suitcase!

  367. Doug Brecht

    I travel extensively, usually with just a backpack (where space is at a premium), so I have used various compression bags like this over the years. Honestly, at an average of $1.80 each I was not expecting them to be anywhere near as good as the (much) more expensive ones I have used in the past.I WAS WRONG!These are EXCELLENT compression bags. The number and variety of sizes for the price is amazing.The biggest complaint seems to be “It is too hard to get the air out”. That is sort of true, but easy to get around.First, once you “zip” the bag closed fold that end under once or twice (or else the pressure of the next step will open the “zipper”).Then I set the bag on a bed, and (literally) lay on the bag. Don’t DROP on the bag… lay on it slowly. It will take a couple of seconds till the vents open, but once they open they stay open till the air is gone. Trust me, this works every time.

  368. Dr. Ginny

    These were fantastic!!!!!!

  369. Anitra

    Easy to use and the airlock works well.

  370. Acrodo Customer

    I bought this because I was planning on traveling frequently during my interview season and for an international trip afterwards and am really glad that I did. The compression bags were worth the price. They were extremely durable and made packing my suitcase before and after painless every time.

  371. THOMAS M. Murray

    Worked very well.

  372. Kristy Barclay

    Just used these to pack for a trip to Europe and I LOVE them!! They are easy to use and hold a lot of clothes! Highly recommend them and will use them again!

  373. D. DAVIS

    Will be travelling this fall, but have tested these bags and they seem to do a good job retaining the seal. Easier to compress than I had expected.

  374. Acrodo Customer

    So easy to use and no vacuum necessary, very impressed!

  375. Kelly B.

    Great product big bags!

  376. Blue Monster 65

    Great bags! We use these every time we travel. The really save space in your suitcase.

  377. bori83

    They’re fine. Okay if you will not have access to a vacuum. Needed something like this to help pack winter gear.

  378. Acrodo Customer

    They were a bit bigger than I expected but work great.

  379. JChavez

    Really durable bags that helped me save a lot of space during my travels this summer. Liked that i could have a seperate bag for dorty clothes and not hace to worry about any smell issues. Clean clothes stayed clean and dirty stay dirty untill I could get them washed. It was nice not having to worry about my dirty clothes giving my clean clothes and smell.

  380. BerkAr15

    Used these and gave a few to my buddies while we packed for deployment overseas. Saved alot of space packing our duffle bags!

  381. S. Brandt

    A huge help in my 6 month trip to Brazil where I could only take a few suitcases on the plane with me… I was able to maximize limited space with the help of these bags. It was especially helpful that each bag came with it’s own sealing tool; I’ve gotten compression bags in the past where there were only a couple, and once I lost those, I was wrestling to get a good seal on the bags. I have no fear of losing all of these anytime soon.

  382. New to Options

    Excellent. Very happy I purchased them. Will buy more in future.

  383. Trygve


  384. Tammy Jennings

    I purchased these for my daughter to use on her study abroad trip since she could only bring a carry-on bag and had to pack 5 weeks worth of clothes into it. I thought this would be an impossible feat as she had to bring rain gear, business casual attire, and regular clothes! However, they were very easy to use (thanks for the short instructional video!), and we got everything into her suitcase that she needed. I was worried about her repacking them and adding more to her suitcase throughout the trip, but she said your compression bags were perfect for her needs. I would highly recommend them!

  385. Adam

    I normally don’t write Acrodo reviews but I was so impressed by these bags that I needed to write something.We just had our second kid and were traveling via plane to attend my brother’s wedding. We were going to have to carry 2 car seats, a stroller, our carry on luggage, 2 diaper bags, and our checked bags. I bought these bags thinking that if I could cut our checked baggage from 3 bags to 2, we would be in much better shape.We had one large checked bag and one medium sized checked bag. The bags only help so much with the larger checked bag because there’s still a weight limit. I could have easily crammed all our clothes into the larger bag but then we would be over 50 lbs. and we would have had to pay extra, which was not idea. Instead, I used the bags to get all of our clothing (a week’s worth for 2 adults, a toddler, and a baby) into the smaller checked bag then used the larger bag for shoes, baby supplies, and other stuff. The end result was both bags weighing 46.5 lbs, my wife and me only having to carry one checked bag each to the ticket counter, and us keeping our sanity.This trip alone made the purchase worth it!

  386. Acrodo Customer

    I was skeptical about buying these compression bags but they were great! I bought three different brads and these worked best out of all of them. They do save space and my clothes weren’t wrinkled! We used them again when we packed for our return trip. I would highly recommend these!

  387. Acrodo Customer

    Worked perfect for my trip to Europe. I was able to categorize my clothes and compress down to take more! Easily reusable throughout the whole trip. Will be using again

  388. Taylor

    I recently moved across the country with my boyfriend, dog, and whatever else would fit in my car. These bags were a huge help! The photo shows how much of a full bin of clothing was able to fit in one bag. For reference, I was able to fit 3 space saver bags into that bin, so I multiplied my packing space by about 2.5x. They were a great investment for compressing my clothes and keeping them clean and safe.

  389. Chris s.

    These let me pack my pillow for an international trip. Awesome!

  390. L Wells

    Great product and easy to use. Only downside was I packed way too much for my trip because it created the room to take more with me. Maybe not so much of a downside for many!

  391. Cyn

    I use so much less storage space by using these bags especially bulky winter clothes and socks!

  392. SarahV29

    These saved me SO much space in my carry-on during a recent flight to Colorado! I was able to fit 4 large bags and 1 small bag compressed into my small Samsonite carry-on and not check a single bag! I found that they compress best when I lay my body ontop of the bag and roll. 🙂

  393. Dani

    These bags are great. I’m preparing to move overseas and I’m relying a lot on these space savers to help me fit everything into just 3 suitcases. Definitely recommend!

  394. Bob

    These bags work great! They let me pack a lot in a little carry on. The zipper plastic tabs do come off but that makes it easier to roll the bags shut. Plus the tabs are easy to re-attach. The bags also appear to keep air out! Good buy!

  395. Dee

    Easy to use and does not require the use of a vacuum suction.

  396. AcrodoShopper

    This is my third time studying abroad and I can’t believe I haven’t bought these sooner. I watched the video first before rolling the bags because I was hesitant (I thought I was going to pop the bag), but you have to really press down hard to get the air out. The bags are huge and can fit a lot of clothes. Perfect for travel because I don’t need a vacuum and they help organise my suitcase.

  397. Fondue Mom

    I love these bags! My family and I are are traveling through Spain, and we are limiting our luggage to one carry-on (which Spanish airlines through the country restrict to a tiny size). If it weren’t for these bags, packing enough clothes for the trip would be almost impossible. These are awesome! The large size will be perfect to use for our dirty laundry on the way back. . . the airtight seal will keep the smelly odor in the bag, not in the suitcase.

  398. Claire E.

    Just used one, works great! Doesn’t hold as much as the traditional space saver bags that have the vacuum option, but it holds its seal well.

  399. Acrodo Customer

    Works like a charm. I’ve bought these twice.

  400. Leo

    Easy to use, very convenient to travel, very good product quality. The only thing that does not agree is that the packaging displayed on Acrodo, is not the same as delivered.

  401. Acrodo Customer

    Arrived on time never thought it would be vary handy

  402. ThePoliteMofo

    Awesome bags for luggage

  403. Lesley

    Worked great !

  404. TheOriginalPancake

    Great for a europe trip and was really useful in adding a ton of extra space. But it did make everything super wrinkly so make sure to bring a wrinkle release spray or some kind of iron/steamer.

  405. Elisa Jackson

    These work great! Make sure to read the instructions. We were able to pack so much more in our suitcases.

  406. Nadine Constantine

    Great product, i would highly recommend, was very easy to use once you follow the instructions i did not have to use a vacuum just applied enough pressure for the air to come out and the bags compresses bought this because i am travelling and this was a great idea for storing laundry on my return flight the jumbo bags were large enough to store a king size comforter.

  407. Doh

    Worked well for a long vacation. Kept like items together for ease. Suitcase neat and tidy.

  408. Acrodo Customer

    Worked well. Wish the seems were a bit more durable.

  409. Frankie

    Absolutely love these!

  410. Ellen Sorenson

    Amazing product. Before buying these I had to put all my clothes in 3 separate suitcases (1 Large, 1 Medium & 1 Small) after using 2 Jumbo bags of this product I could fit all my clothes in 1 Large suitcase, now I have room for other things!

  411. Haifa

    I buy a Large and XL size, L for clouths and XL for jackets and blanket.It worth it, and I love it ✈️

  412. Hannah H.

    These were very efficient and easy to use. I was able to fit a queen size comforter into the larger size. They are also reusable which I love. Will be buying again if I run out!

  413. Anne

    Love these bags. It’s really convenient that you don’t have to vacuum seal them. I needed to take a few bulky jackets with me on a trip and these bags compressed those jackets to a very small size.

  414. Acrodo Customer

    Very effective, perfect for traveling or hiking when space is limited!

  415. Kindle Customer

    Good quality! No problems with ripping or anything, and I was able to fit two giant sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and two fleece jackets in one with some room to spare. On my return trip home from vacation I used one for dirty laundry – best idea I’ve had while traveling.

  416. david fazio

    Worked great. Packed for 8 days in Europe in one carry on bag. Don’t travel without them.

  417. K-Ann

    These bags are great for vacation. We were able to put so much extra stuff in our bags!

  418. B. Laura Ortiz Bautista

    Love it! They’re perfect and it help you put so much clothes and sweaters in it and you still have a lot of room in your luggage. You should buy it, definitely worth the price.

  419. Laura A. Sullivan

    Great product and fast shipping. They also sent additional clasps!!

  420. Liseli Ifft

    These bags were perfect for me, as I was not able to vacuum pack my things during travel. They are easy to use and hold up well.

  421. sumreader

    watched the youtube video on how to use the bags properly and they worked perfectly! Was easy to use and able to compress a lot of clothes. Better to roll the bag on a lower table to get better leverage. Would order again. Need to check if they have bigger size bags for blankets and such.

  422. Acrodo Customer

    worked wonderfully

  423. David

    Easy to use. Durable construction. Perfect for packing child off to college.

  424. Ping Mathew

    This was a great help…I was able to pack 3 weeks worth of clothing in a cabin bag with still extra space for an extra pair of shoes and my toiletries!

  425. UniStudentOnAMission

    As someone who is traveling abroad for 5 years to do her bachelors I am very pressed about storage.I have so much to go with, I wish they have students a special deal with luggage but they don’t. This has been a life saver, to the person that posted the review about rolling the clothes, great advice!! I’ll surely follow that. This does take a bit more effot tho. Gotta put your back into it.

  426. DPad

    Used for vacation, saved more space by leaving them flattened rather than rolling them up.

  427. Liz

    worked the best to pack

  428. Paige

    These things are perfect for travel! We use them all the time and they really help you cram all that last minute stuff into your suitcase that normally you wouldn’t be able to fit! They also really help with the organizational side of things, which is always an extra bonus!

  429. Karen Woods

    Have used these bags in the past and if packed and used as directed they work well in saving space.Allows you to put more in a large suitcase (watch the weight), or get by using a smaller suitcase.

  430. SleepyTime

    These things are awesome! You can put 50 pounds of clothes in the space of 35 pounds. Plus you can isolate any dirty or wet clothes for return trips!Load it up! Squeeze it down, and throw it in the luggage.

  431. Donna Nadolny

    My daughter used these to pack for a semester abroad, they definitely made I possible to fit everything into one suitcase. The large bags fit 3-4 sweaters. Very easy to use.

  432. Ali H.

    Worked like a charm.

  433. Anna

    Really impressed wit this product. A life saver when I had to move to a different state and could only bring a car’s worth of things with me.

  434. Angela Williams

    THE BEST!!!! And no vacuum needed!!!!!! A+++++++++ On our long trip, kept our clean and dirty clothes apart and they really make the clothes lay flat and compact.

  435. CDG

    Easy to use and they work great

  436. Linda Gostinger

    Compressed 18 days of an Alaska trip in these bags. Worked great.

  437. LauraH

    MUST buy for international traveling. I was able to fit all my clothes, keep organized, and carry gifts (like stuffed animals) for friends and family in Japan. An AMAZING buy. You gotta get them.

  438. Mollie

    Awesome product, doesn’t deflate as much as I hoped.

  439. MIchael L

    Works as intended i got all the air out of my bag’s quickly and the bags are strong.I got a lot of clothing in to a 22in bag for a 2 week trip to Europe.

  440. pixie girl

    I was skeptical about whether these bags would really work, but now I am a true believer. However, I was REALLY impressed when I used these to transport some vintage ironstone dishware in my carry-on. I wrapped the pieces individually, then surrounded them with soft t shirts and popped into these bags and removed all the air. They stacked nicely and came through the trip in perfect condition!!’

  441. Acrodo Customer

    Thank you

  442. Nichole J Sykes

    I bought these for my daughter who is going abroad for her junior year of college. We weren’t sure what to expect without the ability to vacuum the air out of the bags, but they are amazing! Highly recommend! Seller was awesome and also followed up with me to make sure I was satisfied with the product. Yes and yes!

  443. Neil Kane

    These are awesome. I was a little unsure, but took a chance. They definitely work exactly as advertised. It’s sort of incomprehensible, but they will GREATLY shrink the size of your luggage and allow you to get a lot more stuff into a suitcase. They’re also good for segregating items. They’re good quality, the online videos are great and you can tell the company is really passionate about what they do.

  444. Karen Higdon

    A lot cheaper than those Space bags and work just as well. Save your money buy this product.

  445. Candice B

    My husband and I are frequent travelers and we were planning a two week trip to Europe recently. I was worried about having to lug around too many bags so I read some reviews and decided to purchase these bags. I’m so glad I did! We were able to get 3 days of clothes each in our carry on’s as well as the rest of our stuff in our bigger bag, which got lost and did not arrive at our hotel for, you guessed it, three days! It alleviated a lot of stress for me knowing that I had enough clothes in my carry on and didn’t immediately need our big bag. We intended on doing laundry half way through the trip between destination one and two, and these bags were a welcome source to keep the dirty clothes we had separated from the clean ones which I hadn’t even thought about. I just kept saying to my husband how great these were and what took us so long to get them! Lol they were incredibly easy to use and did exactly what they claim to, no vacuum required! So now that we have them I plan to use them for just about every trip we take. If you’re on the fence I say get them, you won’t be disappointed!

  446. Morgan

    Great great great! I don’t have a vacuum hook up when I travel so these are a great alternative. I feel safer having my fancy clothes in them for trips too, in case I have any spills in my bag.

  447. Candy

    Made packing easer, saved space and i feel secure in case some liquid thing leaks my clothes we remain dry. Looking forward to my trip.

  448. Acrodo Customer

    Amazing helped with my study abroad trip!

  449. Jessica

    Fantastic bags and customer service! These bags keep air out for months, are durable and able to take a beating. Will defiantly purchase again when needed.

  450. Aaron’sWife

    So far the product looks great. Since our trip is not for another week or two I will have to follow-up on how they work. I will say that the Hannah is real great about contacting us on how we like the product. She seemed genuine in how we like the product. I will follow-up on my review when I return from my trip.

  451. Cindy Martin

    These work great! Easy to use, just zip up, and roll starting from the zipper end. We took a motorcycle trip this summer and was very limited on space. We stayed at a different hotel every night for 7 nights, so we had to use the bags and reseal them everyday. They held up very well, and have used them since on our weekend getaways.

  452. mcpresco

    Great Value

  453. GSB

    I went on a 10 day trip to Europe and all of my clothes fitted in my 21 inch Travel Pro rollerboard suitcase due to these wonderful space saver compression bags. I packed 5 pairs of pants, 14 shirts, underwear, slippers, pajamas, 2 pairs of shoes, and I was able to fit a few souvenirs inside. I highly recommend these bags. Great price for a generous number of bags.

  454. Jessica

    Just used them for the first time on my trip to Europe. The bags made it possible for me to bring many clothing options in my carry on bag as opposed to bringing a large bag I had to check in. I received so many of them that I was able to let my friend use them too and she was also able to put many clothes in them and still had room in her carry on. Best purchase ever. Will be using them for every trip from now on.

  455. Darin

    Excellent product

  456. Vernita C. Jenkins

    This product did just what it was suppose to do. I works well.

  457. Bobby

    Loved these! Used only a carry on bag for two weeks in Europe! Able to take 14 shirts thanks to these bags! 5 jeans and plenty of essentials! Everyone was amazed at what I was able to pack. And nothing was wrinkled!

  458. Emily Davidson

    Really effing handy and great for compressing a month’s worth of clothes for international travel. The clips can and will pop off the ends of the bags, but they’re really easy to slide back on– just make sure not to lose them. It’s so great to have bags that keep the air out *and* are so easy to zip/unzip.

  459. Alaina J.

    Was able to pack 3 days of clothes for 3 people, 3 days of towels, 2 queen sheets w/ blankets, toiletries in my suitcase. These bags were a lifesaver !! Wanted to only use 2suitcase and these bags made it possible

  460. Acrodo Customer

    Excelent product

  461. Asuncion Coronel

    I used the space saver bags when I went to Europe last month for 15 days and it really helped with my packing. So I brought 17 shirts 4 pairs of pants, 2 pairz of shoes, several nite shirts, undies in a little pouch, toiletries; a little bag containing my electric cables, chargers, converter etc; and a body bag. They all fit in one medium sized hard case luggage. So do I think it is useful? Absolutely

  462. Alicia

    These things rock. I’m using them for our honeymoon to Hawaii for the heavier stuff we need for the Haleakala sunrise and they work terrifically! So easy – and no vacuum needed

  463. S. Huang

    Need watch youtube to get started, You have to sit on it to get the air out.

  464. RockerChic

    I used these for a 2 week trip in Germany. They are very handy, we traveled somewhere different every 1-2 days, so there was a lot of packing and unpacking. They survived whole trip; take caution with how you remove air so you do not damage the bag. I stuffed them in my rucksack, but think they would fit better in a standard luggage bag.

  465. Justin

    These are awesome! Saves so much space when packing. I condensed a whole basket of clothes into one bag!

  466. Laverne Walley

    able to pack more clothes in smaller bag, just be careful about weight restrictions when flying

  467. lawiggin

    I’m very happy with this purchase. The bags arrived quickly, are easy to use and seem quite durable. They’ve definitely made it much easier to pack for my upcoming trip.

  468. Marissa serabian

    I love love love these!!! Just be sure to have items as close to the seal as possible when rolling. Roll in thirds. Use your arm to hold the items down about half way on the bag that way the items don’t move to the bottom. Saves tons of space and make items way less bulky! Can’t wait to go to Disney (:

  469. Rodolfo Montes

    Waiting to getbackfrom a 2 week deployment to Puerto Rico. Used them every day and holds the vacuum.really once. I’ll order another box or two before my next deployment.

  470. Pippin Ninja

    These are miraculous. Saved a ridiculous amount of room in our suitcases.

  471. Jen

    loved these, was able to fit so much clothes in the compression bags for my europe trip. easy to use

  472. B

    Great product perfect for my trip!


    i iove it

  474. Lori Holland

    These bags! These bags are glorious!!! I used these bags to pack all of my clothes for a 2-week European vacation and I could not be happier with their performance. These compression bags allowed me the space and freedom to neatly pack everything that I needed into my suitcase under the 50 lb. weight limit. I’m glad that I bought these bags and would certainly buy them again. In a heartbeat.

  475. Jackie F

    I bought these foe my trip to D.C. and they worked great putting all my clothes in. I also camp a lot and I use them to store extra clothes and towels in.

  476. sigmastar

    There are excellent for saving space. I like the smaller ones better than the larger ones, so I will be purchasing more of the smaller ones.

  477. JoAnn Diorio


  478. Djuana

    Great bags for packing. I love them however the closure should be fixed to the bags because you will lose them if not careful.

  479. Larry

    These look fantastic, but we haven’t used them to date.

  480. Morreece Cortland

    These were a life saver for my trip to China. I packed 2 weeks worth of clothes in my carry on.

  481. Meryl Olsen

    I purchased 2 boxes of the space saver bags. I want to try them on a cruise we were taking and had limited luggage (we did not want to check bags.) Each box contained 5 jumbo and 5 large. The last time I bought this type of product I got a bunch of small bags that were not very useful. I found the bags to be very easy to use and served my purpose. I would have now like a few smaller bags as I found this would have helped packing in the smaller suitcase. The bag basically worked like a zip lock. I zipped it most of the way closed then compressed and finished sealing. I did even really need to roll it and actually wanted the bags flat. The extra benefit to the compression that I had not think about was everything stayed neat and did not wrinkle! That was huge when unpacking and not needing to iron again! The only caution is the zip device does come off the bag. So I just took some off and put them away as you can use one zip thing for all the bags. That way if I loose them I have extra. My daughter is going to Asia and I am taking these for here to use.

  482. Emily

    Super helpful for packing when I studied abroad! The 10 pack was more than enough space for all the clothes I brought. You do have to put a lot of pressure on the bag to empty the air however; the first time I used it I needed two people to achieve airflow through the vent. On a different note, there wasn’t any air leakage back into the bag afterward.

  483. Timothy Mattson

    Really like the space saver bags. On vacation now and the bags allowed us to bring more clothing in smaller bags. I wish the “zipping tool wouldn’t fall off so easily.

  484. Mary B.

    The bags came right away, and were exactly as advertised. Worked perfectly!

  485. MG

    Works great prompt service

  486. obventio

    “This is probably the single best product I purchased all year. These things are incredible I purchased it before going on a camping trip and they exceeded every expectation. They were easy to use very reusable and required little or no practice to become very successful and removing all excess space needs while packing. I intend to buy more and give them as gifts.”

  487. Barb

    These are awesome! The little clip for closing is easy to use and I just slowly squeezed from the bottom up to flat the bags. I used the bags for our trip to the Galapagos and was able to pack 10 days worth of clothes into a carry on size bag. I also packed a full-sized sleeping bag in the XL size sac —- pics included

  488. Jhun Zamora

    Great product! No need of vacuum. It serves the purpose. We will buy again!

  489. Muhonen

    Amazing for packing! Amazing when you are traveling. We packed our cloths in these compression bag to Nepal during monsoon season up in the mountains. If we didn’t have these compression bags, our cloths would have been damp 24/7. Awesome at keeping moisture away and makes packing awesome!

  490. Kay D

    Really impressed. Lots of space and easy to use.

  491. Tony D Ecker

    works as expected

  492. Acrodo Customer

    Great for bulky coats and jackets!

  493. Ana

    Absolutely useful bags, the best part is they don’t require a vacuum which make it way better for travel. Easy to use and convenient. I’m using a large and small for a long trip. I also used two large to store a queen comforter and queen quilt. Love these bags!

  494. Laura santaliz

    Very good quality, not as good as Samsonite ones.

  495. Anonymous A

    Arrived on time. Bags work as expected.

  496. TexasTex

    I have taken a few trips with these & used them to ship clothes instead of checked bags. Easy to use and its great not to need a vacuum!

  497. Elizabeth A. Ness

    I hate checking luggage and avoid it if at all possible. I purchased these bags a year ago before a trip to Hawaii and was amazed at how much space it saves. I have one of the new smaller carryon bags to meet the new requirements and was concerned I couldn’t make my clothes (including a large mumu) and snorkeling gear fit. No problem! Then 2 and a half weeks in Europe with the one small carryon, and I’m officially a fan. This second purchase is a Christmas gift and I know they’ll love them, too! I’ll never travel without these bags again! A hint: pack all your clothes into your suitcase, folding them so they perfectly fit as flat as possible, then carefully take them out and place them in the bag. Then lay on top of the bag to get all the air out and zip it shut. This way you use all the space in your suitcase plus your clothes aren’t wrinkled. Enjoy!

  498. Bull Papa

    Came just as expected.

  499. Candace

    Nice quality. Were very useful for my vacation packing.

  500. PBlaske

    Perfect bags for travelers, especially cruisers! No need to find a vacuum to compress these! Just roll it, and the air escapes out the bottom through a perfectly designed vent. Comes with plenty of clips to seal your bags, and no worries if you break or lose a few, as you can take them off one bag and use them on another to seal it!

  501. Diane

    I like them only issue is the little sliders pop off a lot but they do work well. You just have to really put your weight into rolling the bag and make sure there’s room for air to escape.My mom could not figure out how to use these and I kept having to do it for her. She’s in her 60s

  502. Nearly

    Purchased for my daughter for her journey abroad. Great way to pack light for multiple destinations and weather conditions.

  503. Shoudai

    I’d heard about compression bags but dismissed it as hype. However, after trying the Acrodo Space Savers I was very surprised and pleased. I’ve used them on multiple trips and find them to be durable, easy to use, and definitely deliver on the promise to save space in your luggage. This has allowed me to use a carry-on instead of having to check luggage. They’re great!

  504. Acrodo Customer

    Works as advertised. Very convenient to use.

  505. Allison

    These bags have changed the way I travel. I’m a chronic overpacker and I’m now able to fit everything into a carry on because of these. Love that you don’t need a vacuum to seal them up. Not only are they great for fitting more in suitcases, it also helps me keep organized the dirty clothes I’ve worn and need to bring back to throw in the laundry. Highly recommend.

  506. Acrodo Customer

    I was hesitant to buy since these types of bags have burned me before. They leak air and such but these did a fabulous job. So glad we bought them for international travel. It compressed my clothes perfectly and didn’t budge til I opened them. I merely rolled my clothes, left a few inches of space at top, zipped partially closed, then sat on the bag and pushed remaining air out and sealed. Came with extra snap zips. Truly one for all bags would be fine since they are not needed once bag is closed. Wish I would’ve bought more. Came in handy keeping clothes dry, smelling good, and great when I needed to sift thru luggage since I could remove these and set them on the ground while still keeping the clothes protected. The bags were invaluable when I needed to empty one suitcase to take with me for a two night stay from where I vacationed to a town close by. Didn’t have to worry about unpacking in a hotel room. 👍🏻😁

  507. Sydney

    These are awesome! The 10 pack was overkill for 3 people traveling internationally with winter jackets/clothing to “squeeze pack,” but I’m also using them at home to store extra pillows in the closet in much less space than normal. Very multi-functional and easy to use!

  508. Emma

    I traveled to the UK for two weeks and decided it would be smart to grab some compression bags – it was winter and all that.Thanks to these bags, I was able to bring along 10 sweaters, 4 pairs of jeans, 3 winter coats, and a blanket.I only ended up using 5 sweaters, 2 pairs of jeans, and 1 coat.But the point is, I had a lot packed and therefore a lot of options. So, would recommend these.

  509. Izabella Da Silva

    I was skeptical at first, but I ended up really like this. It’s essentially a large ziploc bag (works the same if you were to fill a ziploc and squeeze out air). The bags are sizable and I think they’ll work well with the amount of things I will be putting in them.

  510. SigDigit

    I purchased these to pack folded sport coats and folded dress shirts in individual sleeves with an air cushion to keep them from getting wrinkled. On my two week Med cruise, they were perfect for this. On the return trip, I was able to seal dirty laundry in them, pressed flat with no air, they took up less space in suitcase. Heavy duty quality, really well made. Well thought out product. Wife loved them too.

  511. LoveLife

    These packs were exactly what I needed to pack light and tight. They are also very generous with the quantity of bags provided in this package. I actually bought 2 packages thinking the bags from one package wasn’t enough but I was wrong so the extra package I’ll give as a gift.I packed enough clothes for 1 adult and 2 kids for over 2wk long trip.Thanks Acrodo for a great product.

  512. Second Rate Cook

    Good value.

  513. Max Melgarejo

    Yes! This things were amazing and helped us cram our luggage with goodies to give to my relatives in Peru. I also used the bags during the trip to separate my clean and dirty clothes.

  514. Matt Fisher

    Great bags that actually do help reduce size while traveling. The only issue is if you lose the little green clip to help secure closing of the bags. You can still close without, just harder.

  515. PAUL & JACQUE

    They work just like I expected! Love them!

  516. Kirsten Lentz

    Loved these. They really help me maximize space on trips, especially in the winter when packing bulky sweaters.

  517. Sue G.

    these are great I am so glad I got them taking a trip will be easier to pack for


    Good for travels because doesn’t require a vacuum. Specially effective for winter clothes that occupy a lot of space.

  519. Aricielle

    This product is great, we used to packed all our ski clothes . Definitely recommend this. Didn’t have any problem with product. I just wish that it comes with vacuum for faster results.

  520. Acrodo Customer

    Works great! And there are enough bags in the order to cover a long trip;)

  521. L. Gilbert

    They worked well for packing for a move got very well in suitcases.

  522. MamaNurse

    This really helped organize and compress all my winter clothes during my winter travels! I was able to fit so much more in my luggage. Super easy to use.

  523. Carolyn Arnold

    Really convenient, however there were no instructions and it took a few times to get it right.

  524. PTBeyond

    loved the convenience of not needing a pump…you must have some upper body strength to perform a bunch of these. highly recommend

  525. Kindle Customer

    Very handy. I haven’t taken them on a trip yet, but did try them out. I’m able to put 4 pairs of slack with tops in one bag. While I can’t roll it, I did take out the air by sitting upon the package. It really reduces the size which will make for easy packing. Great idea, thanks!

  526. Eduardo Michel

    They actually work

  527. Nour El Houda Maache

    I bought it to save space. It really helps.

  528. Sam

    Ok, these bags are awesome! With these, we were able to travel Europe for two weeks with just two travel bags. I fit so much more clothing in a small space. Wish I had known about these years ago! Definitely worth every penny!

  529. Patrick Keyes

    I can pack so much more, thanks

  530. cleo

    Haven`t used them yet, but did try them out . Just what I needed for so many jobs around the house as well as travel.Great choice.

  531. Dennis G

    These bags are awesome. They save a lot of space. They are very easy to operate, just put the clothes in, put the bag on a hard surface (like floor) and start rolling it and applying pressure. I usually just push my knees on the bag, and roll it. It takes like 10 seconds to fully deflate the bag. All my friends were impressed and said that they need it too. I just came back from a 10 day trip in Argentina, Patagonia (mostly hiking in cold weather), and the bags allowed me to bring only a carry on suitcase and a backpack. No luggage! Now I bring them on every trip. I also use them to store large textile at home, e.g unused blankets.Special thanks to their customer support. When the bags arrived, only the 5 big ones worked. The 5 small ones didn’t let the air escape. I wrote to them, and they sent a full replacement package at no charge, no questions asked. Thank you!

  532. Nicole

    Took these with us on our last trip to Asia and they were a lifesaver – freed up so much room in our luggage because we bought a lot of clothes and plushies over there – these flatted them tremendously so we could fit more in. They are easy to use and are very sturdy, I accidentally rolled my first few ones with my ring on but the ring did not puncture the bags at all (it’s pretty sharp). They hold up well and are easy to store. Great value!

  533. Michelle

    So far so good .

  534. Patty Warkentin

    Arrived soon after order. Size is great. Fantastic quality.

  535. Acrodo Customer

    Took these to the NCAA sweet 16. They helped us get all our clothing packed in a smaller bag. It was great!!!

  536. Gavian Gough

    Simply love them

  537. Candy

    Worked great for five days of clothes for two adults on a motorcycle trip where packing space is at a premium. We put each day’s clothes, socks, underwear and shirts for the two of us in a bag and pushed the air out. We got everything we needed in the tour pack of our Harley including swim suits and pajamas. Doesn’t compact down as much as the ones that use a vacuum, but there wasn’t going to be a vacuum available at our stops across four different locations in five days, so this worked out great.

  538. HulaChic6

    This worked wonders when packing to go skiing. You know those bulky coats, ski pants, gloves, etc can take up so much room in your suitcase. This totally leaves enough space for other things. We brought extra as we tend to shop and then not have enough room. What a life saver! Great product!!!!!!

  539. Carol Sulli

    I am sure this simple little product will perform as expected. The purveyor will not let me alone until I write a review.

  540. Abraha King

    wonderful idea to have the kind of travel bag. I packed in more stuff than I expected.

  541. Shari

    It;s ok

  542. amydb

    Such a simple concept! These bags came in really handy for my last trip. I didn’t have a ton of room so I used these to roll my clothes up. The bags really hold a lot! Great for getting my dirty stuff home too! I didn’t have stinky clothes all balled up in the bottom of my bag. The little green zipper tabs do come off but I believe they are made to. There were about 3 extras in the box just in case you lose one. My clothes were not wrinkled when I took them out of the bag!

  543. Acrodo Customer

    Helped out a great deal with packing and compressing a lot of gear for an international sporting event.

  544. Dhays1

    I ordered these awesome bags for my up coming trip to Barbados. I have decided to do only a carry on for this trip. I have managed to pack for 9 days in just my carry on with theses space saver bags. They are a great quality bag that will last. They arrived quickly and were just as described. I will be ordering more.

  545. Honcho

    Awesome bags, quick delivery.. used when we went to Iceland

  546. S. Wright

    These bags work exactly as described. I did not use these for clothes. I think they would wrinkle badly. I needed to take two half size pillows in my 23 inch suitcase along with a weeks worth of clothes. The bags compressed them so that they easily fit in the mess compartment in the lid of the case. They are easy to use, but you need a hard surface like a table or counter top, not a bed.

  547. Luther

    These work great! I use them for military traveling purposes as well as personal.

  548. OLDmyrt

    I haven’t used them yet but I know they will come in handy when I travel and want to use as little space as possible especially on overseas flights when I don’t want to check in luggage because of the hassle of running around the airport trying to personally make the transfer and then catch your connection. I am a very good packer and this seems to be just what I need to make everything fit even better and be protected from any spills.

  549. Cliente Acrodo

    So far those bags are working really great. I didn’t give 5 stars just because i’m still not sure about how much space is saved in a luggage…but for sure all your stuff are well folded and safe from dust and dirt!

  550. Sterling Splendor

    I can fit so much more in my suitcase with these. Makes traveling a lot simpler. I’m just sorry I only got 5 medium, would have liked them all to be medium. Don’t really need the large.

  551. Rachelle

    I travel a lot and never realized how much space I could save by using these travel bags. So easy to use (and reuse over and over again). I don’t think I’ll ever leave home without them. Great product and I appreciate having variety of sizes to choose from.

  552. Chayamom

    Really did make a difference in size when I was packing for my trip. And the best part is they are reusable.

  553. Schwindy

    Took one of the smaller bags (That is still very large) Three Tee shirts, Two shorts, underwear and socks. Rolled up the items as directed and almost 24 hours now the bag is still sealed as well as air tight. You can get the same type of bags that seal out or compress down to save space elsewhere here on Acrodo, BUT I WOULDN’T advise it. Right from my purchase they contacted me, told me to PLEASE keep them update with and when I get my purchase from them through Acrodo. I am a hands on guy and LIKE TO SEE AND FEEL things B/4 I buy. So I took a chance and I think …. NO I KNOW WE CAME OUT A HEAD. They have a customer for life and I will tell everyone how great these bags are. Simple to use and easy to operate. Make sure when you roll up your bags to do it on the floor or a hard table, as directed, I found that the bed isn’t stiff enough to help push out all the air! Thanks GUYS and for sure I’ll be back, Christmas is coming and I think Santa should get a few for his deliveries! Family and friends will be glad to get these space savers and I’ll be using them for our next vacation to Walt Disney World!One more thing PLEASE KNOW that if your having issues with the air releasing out the back or bottom of the bag, MAKE SURE the clothing isn’t too close to the end of that part of the bag. YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE it isn’t blocked, I did that very thing and once I moved the clothing away from the release area I had little to no problems to get the bags to be space savers.

  554. Nik

    Have not had the chance to use the bags yet for an actual trip as I bought them for an upcoming one. I did test pack one and it worked well and they are of a heavier material than my previous space saving bags so I anticipate they will last for a long time. They are also larger (slightly) than my previous bags. I roll my clothes before packing and so they bags result in little space saving over that but they serve to keep thing organized like packing cubes while also being sealed should any liquid leak in the luggage. Overall very pleased with the purchase.

  555. JD

    Save tons of space. Only thing is you have to watch the weight because you can fit so much.

  556. Amy H.

    I bought these for an extended trip overseas. They are easy to use and reuse and save valuable space in your luggage.

  557. peggy

    love the bags very easy to use, no vacuum required, did the job for me –

  558. Lisa Woods

    I haven’t actually use the bags yet, but I did test them out and was very pleased with the outcome.

  559. ColemanBR

    Great price and decent quality. Their large bag, with a bit of doing, fit a King-sized down comforter. I’m happy.

  560. Etienne N.

    Their customer service is absolutely fantastic, with great support staff and helpful product demonstrations. The bags themselves are durable and easy to use, not to mention I think for how many you get (I could never use them all at once) that the price is quite reasonable. Lastly, you’re supporting a small business!

  561. Loneyben

    Love these, absolutely works and saves mucho space! thank you

  562. Natalie

    Compresses clothes, works great. Now I’m ready for Italy!

  563. JustDos

    I’ve been using these bags on my Eurotrip and we’re 3 months deep, about 12 cities in and I’ve used the crap out of these things! Only one bag is broken, but like I said, we’ve been USING them!!

  564. J. Tierney

    Worked really well and easy to use. Also having the two sizes was great.

  565. M. Kenney

    Two different sizes of bags (they said medium and large, I would call them large and jumbo), and the package came with a couple of extra sliders for closing the bags. A 10-pack was more than enough for 2 people for a 10-day trip, and compressing clothes let me pack a lot of clothes in a smaller suitcase. I brought along an empty bag to separate dirty clothes from clean. By the end of 10 days, I had 3 sealed, compressed bags of dirty laundry and 1 bag of clean. These bags are just as good as travel bags I bought years ago (and couldn’t find; my kids probably have them), but cost a lot less. Didn’t have any issues with the product, so no reason to contact the seller.

  566. Acrodo Customer

    My daughter and I used these bags for our recent vacation to California. They worked perfectly. I also found the vendor most responsive and would definitely purchase from them again!

  567. Jessica Jones

    Recently went on a 5 week trip and I was able to pack ONE duffel bag full of clothes for every occasion thanks to these. Provided some peace of mind that there was an extra “waterproof” layer between my clothes and the plane.

  568. Richard Ashley

    Worked as advertised. They are well made and I expect them to last!

  569. yesica

    Very good

  570. Wesley W. Hester

    work great

  571. Katherine

    These are great! I used these two pack for a two week vacation in winter (sweats and wools socks and all!). I was able to bring everything I needed in a 38L backpack thanks to these!

  572. Amy M

    They work as intended, saves space in my luggage when I need to pack heavier clothing

  573. NaNaC

    Used these on a recent trip. Worked very well

  574. Acrodo Customer

    I can open your bags when I reach my destination and find them in the same condition as when I packed. The deflated bag is also rigid and that helps me pack. Great product!

  575. Dakota

    Works great for saving space but not easy to close.

  576. Christi

    These bags are awesome!!! I was able to pack my pillows in a suitcase for a week long trip.

  577. Kassandra Dunne

    You need these bags if you’re traveling abroad!!!! I easily fit a months worth of clothes and shoes in a small duffle bag thanks to these bags. And as a woman who doesn’t want to outfit repeat while on vacation, that is a LOT of clothes. Very easy to use and very durable.

  578. Bobbie

    These were able to help me fit 5 outfits in my carryon including socks and undergarments.

  579. cmc113

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for existing!!! I took a 9-day trip to Ireland in March (11 if counting flight days) and did not want to bring a big checked suitcase due to how much travel we’d be doing around the country in our laughably small rental car. I needed to cram as much as I could into a carry-on size. Now, I’m someone who perpetually over-packs. It’s a running joke with my husband. I always need options and of course must be prepared for unexpected weather. And what could be more unpredictable than Ireland in the middle of spring?! Cue immediate packing anxiety.When I laid out my clothing for the trip, I cast a forlorn gaze at the travel bags. There was simply no way it would all fit. It was against the laws of physics. But I sure as heck was going to try.And I am amazed. In one small carry-on, using these bags, I was able to fit 6 pairs of pants, 11 shirts/long-sleeved sweaters, two jackets (including a ski jacket!), two hats, two scarves, and two pairs of pajama bottoms, and this is not even counting thick socks, underwear, bras, sneakers, a travel steamer, and toiletries. I simply can’t believe how easily it all fit! I even had room to add a souvenir to my bag when coming home. It was tight, but I would have only been able to bring half this – if that! – without these amazing travel bags.I honestly can’t recommend them enough. They’re so easy to use (and reuse) that they will undoubtedly be part of my international travels moving forward. They’re seriously life changing! Thank you for making my trip to Ireland much more relaxing!

  580. Cassie Hoy

    Saved me packing for my abroad grad school- would absolutely recommend!!!

  581. KAP

    These bags worked great and were a lifesaver for my daughter as she studied abroad for a semester. They have been used twice and have held up very well.

  582. Bren C

    We were a little hesitant about ordering these, wondering if they’d be very effective without a vacuum; they’re fantastic. We’ve used them for several trips so far and have yet to have an air leak or any issues. They have withstood plenty of abuse and overpacking. Well worth the price. Will buy again if we ever need more.Tip: there is a one way vent/seal at the bottom of the bag so you can squeeze air out even after you seal the top zipper. Didn’t realize this until the 2nd or 3rd use.

  583. Honest Reviews

    Helps to organize your travel if you’re already inclined to do that.

  584. LeighAnn

    These work surprisingly well. As a kid we always used the vacuum bags; these are so similar! We’ve used them for two vacations so far and they are holding up well.

  585. Dara P

    This is the best way to pack anything. First used this for our cruise, and was able to fit all my cruise and elegant outfits along with everything else I needed into one carry on bag!! Including shoes! Bags are totally reusable and with 4 kids, I don’t need a bag for each kid anymore, I just use these bags to pack their clothing together!

  586. Arina P.

    Super happy with these bags. Allowed me to really stuff my backpack. It made it heavier but it was worth it not having to carry a suitcase.

  587. cecile l martin

    Work great

  588. JC

    Bags worked great and saved a lot of space in my luggage.

  589. Glen Chung

    Took these to Hawaii. All my clothes fit in one backpack, after I squeezed the air out. Mama overpacked for the kids, as usual, but we still made it below the carry-on limit because of these bags. My kids would sit on the bag to push the air out and I would seal ’em.Seriously, Mama could not fit all the clothes she wanted, within our carry-on limit. Then I pulled out these bags, and we filled them. The kids sat on them. We pounded out little pockets of air and sealed. The green sealing zipper comes off easily, but that is ok; it just means it is not going to break on you, since it would rather just slip right off. After that, everything fit. And there was space left over. Which Mama ended up filling up with some more with unnecessary kids’ clothes. How come she thinks we’re emigrating, every time we go someplace?Also, the price was pretty good. I paid about $1 per bag (I think it was a around $10 for the 10-pack).I tried using these to package lab coats individually at work. That was a fail. They are too big for individual packages. For that, the Hefty Jumbo Slider bag was much better, and cheaper. I think they were the 2.5 gallon size.

  590. Fico

    Load of clothes

  591. Acrodo Customer

    Very good product works really well!!I think the price is a little overpriced but I do like the product!

  592. Michael

    These things are awesome. My wife and I bought these for a trip to Paris, and they helped a ton with packing. Since then we’ve used them on a couple other trips, and we even use them when we’re at home to keep seasonal clothes out of the way (jackets in summer, shorts in winter, etc). They’re really great for saving space, and they are good quality since we really haven’t even broken a single one yet. The zipper detatches, which is great since our dog loves to chew on them if she finds them, so we keep them in a drawer out of puppy’s reach.

  593. Yvonne Bonnie Valles

    These bags are FABULOUS! My husband and I are going on a 96 day trip to Europe with only carry-on luggage, (no time wasted on waiting for baggage or worst yet, lost bags, no extra cost for checked luggage and a wayyyyyy happier travel mate!) So, in an effort to get as much into my Rick Steves’ backpack I decided to try these…Here are a few pictures and this is a list of the contents of the suitcase. The first photo shows what I was able to stuff into this suitcase without using the bags, the 2nd was with the bags poorly deflated, the 3rd was with contents INDIVIDUALLY ROLLED, and the bags properly deflated by laying them on the floor and gently laying on top of them several times… sound like a lot of work? NOT compared to the cost saving and ability to pack enough to stave off waiting for those bags that never seem to come! The 4th on is the contents of those Acrodo Space Saver bags, Three workout topsSix sports brasFive tank topsTwo jacketsOne night gownOne robeFive shirtsSix shortsOne down vestOne tennis skirt and topOne three-quarter length hooded sweatshirtSeven pairs of men’s briefsone pair of tennis shoesone pair flip-flopsToiletry bagcosmetic bagjewelry bagmini WaterPik caseSeven pairs of sockseight pairs of underwearbathing suit and cover-upbraOne pair of caprisone pair of dress shortsone pair of yoga pantsOne pair of leggingsMoney beltPretty impressive if you ask me.

  594. BeachGirl843

    I’ve used these so many times and loves these bags. Makes packing so much easier and saving space especially when packing for a winter trip with bulky ski jackets and ski pants.

  595. Sleepless in San Diego

    These bags gave me enormous amounts of extra space. Put items in the bag, squeese the air out and you instantly have much more room! The only drawback would be that are one time use! They could still be used by squeesing the air out by opening the seal, squeesing and then resealing the bag.They do however give you lots of bags.these bags work well. I will forever use this product when traveling!

  596. LisaG

    These were easy to use and did the job. Love that they can be reused!

  597. J. H Sparks

    I needed to make room in my suitcase for a trip and these seemed like a great deal. I liked that I didn’t need the vacuum to make them compress. Very happy and our suitcase had room to spare. Nicely made and a good deal!

  598. smithcgd

    I haven’t tried these traveling yet, but they’ve worked great for storage. I like that you don’t need a vacuum for these–makes using them on trips much easier.

  599. DebbiePC3

    I received this yesterday and immediately opened it. I was pleased that to find out that it was of great and sturdy quality, similar to the much expensive brands. I use them to store winter clothes and blankets in the summer and vice versa. It’s also great to store swimsuits and towels together and just place in the car. Or the bedsheets sets and pillows in the guest room whenever no ones occupying them.

  600. JMD

    They work perfectly exactly how they are supposed to work and fit what you need. I it does not pop if you put the recommended amount. I if you overstuff the bags the zipper will pop open. If you the jumbo is not as large as I thought. Thats itll hold two throw blankets but not a comforter

  601. arun

    Quite Useful and works as expected

  602. Les W

    Arrived in a plain brown box. Not the box pictured. 5 large and 5 X-Large Bags in this 10 pack. Great for saving space and packing more for travel. Keeps clothes dry too. These bags are great for packing your dirty laundry in a space saving manner.. Works as intended. Well made of heavy duty plastic and much cheaper than the Eagle Creek brand.

  603. RitzLondon

    Works very well. Very easy to use. Just follow the simple instructions included in the package. Space saving. Seems very air tight and good quality plastic.

  604. Lynn D.

    like them to a point. It does make clothes compress, but the thickness of the bags gives weight that just the clothes alone don’t. When your traveling by air, weight can be a real issue. Also some clothes wrinkle more this way.

  605. Issaraphat.l

    I have not used them yet but I will used it soon for travel and want to use as little space as possible especially on overseas flights I think it’s very good packer and this seems to be just what I need to make everything fit even better and be protected from spills

  606. Joshua

    I like these bags. They are the perfect size for travel. They will fit perfectly in a suitcase. Also I like that they do not require a vacuum to use. I think they will work perfect for taking towels for the beach.

  607. Dori

    I LOVE these bags. Definitely had to use the iron when I got to the hotel but so worth it. It seemed there was so much more room in my carry on and I was a lot less worried my liquids would leak and seep into my clothing.

  608. kaytran

    I just got this to day. And it’s so interested. I should use this for my travel trips next month. Let see how it’s work.

  609. Kevin R.

    Recceived these last week and had to clean out the closet. They were perfect for the shirts and clothes I needed to pack up to store.So far they are holding the vacuum well and haven’t leaked.Easy enough to get air out of and keep it out.Next up – See what it does to a pillow…..

  610. Mrs. Riley

    These bags are great! Very easy to use, no leakage and no vacuum needed! It’s a Quality product that’s priced competitively.So good that i’ve purchased twice!

  611. Carrie

    I got these for vacation in 2016 and they did wonders for sucking air out, it may take some effort to get the air out a bit but it’s worth it in the end..

  612. Mandie

    These worked great for us this weekend. We (family of 3) went to the lake for a long weekend and were able to get all of our clothes in one duffel bag (and I’m an over-packer). These bags are much bigger than I was expecting. I will definitely be using them for blanket and clothes storage.

  613. Summer

    These were a life saver for our adoption trip to China. We were limited and need to bring as much as possible for the orphanage and prepare 2.5 weeks for myself, husband and new son. Highly recommend!

  614. tmkoat

    These work really well…I tried one bag with a couple items and it works as stated. I intend of using them for a trip during autumn and will definitely have bulkier clothing.

  615. Anonymous5891

    Want to be able to pack your groomsman suit and a jacket in your suitcase and still have room for the rest of your clothes and souviners?? Then this is the product for you!!

  616. Lindsey G

    Worked EXACTLY as described. Really is a space saver.

  617. Elspeth

    My husband used these on a three week trip and was very pleased with the way he could compress and roll his clothing to create more room in his suitcase for purchases and souvenirs. He gives them a thumbs up.

  618. V. L. B

    It is for packing item in a suitcase and it is wonderful for saving space.

  619. JL

    These work great for both traveling and regular space saving storage for bulky clothes (as well as keeping dust off clean items). If traveling, just be careful with the green lock that helps close the bag and seal off the air – it comes off easily.

  620. Ayah S.

    Used these in when I moved across country! Saved a lot of spaces. No issues to report.

  621. M. Lopez

    Awesome and I have reused several times with no problems.

  622. Reilly

    These worked amazingly! We went to Jamaica for a week and could fit all our clothing in our carry-ons. The bags are reusable too!

  623. Carlos Castro Brenes

    This product is amazing, I’m so happy with my purchase

  624. MNtraveler

    But I purchased them on the recommendation of a friend who just used them on our trip to Peru (in her backpack) and loves them.

  625. Michele618

    Just recieved these, I ordered them for an upcoming trip. They seem to be decent and work how they are supposed to.

  626. CartCar

    Worked great!! No leaks- stayed sealed !

  627. Elizabeth Snyder

    Amazing. . Easy to use!

  628. Bennett

    Works. Cheap

  629. Karen

    These bags were great for travel! I read some reviews and were concerned about how easy they are to use, but after packing and repacking by bag multiple times I was a pro by the end of my trip. I found it easiest to lay my clothes in flat (imagine pants only folded in half) and then to begin rolling, bed or floor work fine, from the bottom or side of the bag. I initially leave the top fully open until I get my first part of the roll in and then begin closing the top, leaving a smallish opening. Then I kneel on it (at this point it’s on the floor) and push the rest of the air out, finish rolling and then zip it the rest of the way. Air tends to get trapped in the sides of the bag when rolling from the bottom, so also imagine rolling a burrito (when you tuck in the sides) to get the air out of the sides of your bag.My clothes wrinkles a tiny bit, but they would have been worse off I feel without the bags! I’d recommend getting these if you are short on space in your luggage.

  630. MossIT

    These bags have been great to help reduce the amount of bags we travel with. Additionally, a few have been used to help store some seasonal clothing.Would recommend to anyone looking for space saver bags.

  631. Teresa Sando

    These were amazing for packing one suitcase for a week long cruise! I put everything that could wrinkle in a big bag (underwear socks swim suits) then sat on the bag and got all the air out. It make it at least half as big and was like a solid brick. Probably saved me a whole suitcase. The bags are durable and reusable.

  632. Lourdes Ortiz

    I haven’t being able to use it as I want to, but I will be traveling in a few months and I am looking forward to using them.

  633. Paola

    Initially I bought them on a shopping trip to increase the capacity of my luggage, but when I got home they were super useful to store clothes from other seasons and keep everything in order. Very easy to use and save a lot of space. I will buy them again for myself and my mother! Great quality!

  634. Acrodo Customer

    They are ok not the best

  635. Spyingdragonflies

    I was able to pack for a six-day trip in a carry-on! No pump needed. You just fold your clothes in the bag and use the tool to zip up then roll out the air. The added bonus is because your clothes are in plastic they are protected! I highly recommend these!

  636. Claire Fullerton

    They’re perfect: strong, durable, work as described and just as I’d hoped! Get this product !

  637. Perla del Mar Matos

    Not the first time I buy compression bags. If you travel a lot or like to save space this are awesome for that. They will wrinkle clothes though since it’s so tight.

  638. autumn

    Packed four days worth of clothes into a standard sized backpack. It was PERFECT.

  639. Olivia G.

    Great for travel

  640. Lourdes C. Laboy

    Excellent product

  641. Maling Ha

    These space saver bags were great. Saved me a lot of room in my luggage. Downside is that it makes a lot of noise. So if someone is sleeping and you’re trying to get stuff from your bag, it’s pretty loud. I had to put my knees on the bag to push out all the air. I like the fact that it comes in different sizes. Overall great space saver!

  642. Heather N

    Yep, you read that right! I’m going somewhere super cold and I don’t normally wear coats (more like lightweight jackets if anything). I decided that the possibility of snow called for me to break out my long leather coat. Problem was – how much room is it going to take in my luggage? So, I tried these bags. Even my Mom was impressed and asked how I found these things! It flattened my coat into a nice compact size great for my luggage.

  643. Matthew Johnson

    With baggage fees going through the roof these travel bags are fantastic. The bags seal well and work exactly as described. Since I have only had them a short time I am not sure about durability, but the have already survived one trip withholding t any apparent wear or damage.

  644. Mandi108

    These bags are great! Purchased them for an upcoming ski trip for my son. Using tgese bags helped him pack ALL his ski stuff and then some! Plan on using more to clean up and store seasonal clothing and this will help me save space.

  645. Stephanie Kennedy

    Very pleased with the size and quantity of these bags. When I first opened the box I wasn’t sure about the quality so I went and compared them to a well known storage bag maker I was already using and they felt the same. Sticking with Acrodo as I am getting the same good quality for much less money.

  646. Joseph Davis

    These helped us pack a lot more clothes into 1 bag but 2 of the bags tore on the first use, which defeats the purpose.

  647. Acrodo Customer

    Loveddd!! Easy to use and store and re-useable

  648. CrashingGirl

    Works perfectly and just as described. Saved me a lot of room and organized my suitcase beautifully. I now can do carryon for longer trips.

  649. Poptop

    Packing for a cruise – these worked great!

  650. OLGA

    The bags do not require the pump, which is very convenient. I am competely satisfied! The bags that use the pump might take more air out but for my purposes I did not need it. Highly recommended!

  651. chikachic817

    These are a great value and they did help save some space in my bag. The clips do easily come off the bag even though they are easy to put back on. Definitely recommend

  652. Donate Life – Organ donation saved the life of my loved one!

    these are sturdy, durable, and work well. They are great for me as I always over-pack and need all the space I can get! I have used them on 2 vacations so far and was happy with them.

  653. Preston Williams

    As long as you use it correctly it works well.

  654. Joanne Finch

    These were super easy to use and allowed me to take more in my checked bag. I wish it had more of the regular size as I didn’t need the large bags at all. Great purchase

  655. Acrodo Customer

    Greatly decreased the volume of clothes so I could get everything in the suitcases for the return trip home.

  656. Hadrianuss

    I bought this for my vacation because i knew that i was gonna buy alot of things. Mand i had alot of clothing all of em where vacuumed , pluss i bought 5 pillow also vacuumed. When me and my had to come back i even vacummed her clothing so i can buy more things to put in her luggaged worked out perfectly…….

  657. KAM

    Packing a lot of thick winter clothing for a ski trip. These great bags made it possible to fit everything into my suitcase! Very easy to use and great quality. Highly recommend them!

  658. Mark Hubbard

    Work great! They do start to crinkle up a bit not sure how many good uses you can get out of them before the lose their ability to hold air out.

  659. Mary Aguiniga

    I did not like them but too expensive to send back. The plastic was so stiff it is hard to roll up.

  660. Acrodo Customer

    Packed the whole family for Disney in one suitcase thanks to these!

  661. Javier Contreras


  662. Sue K

    Product arrived immediately and was exactly what we hoped for. We are excited to use the bags on our next international trip.

  663. Taunchie

    Love it! I’m a flight attendant and I give these as gifts!

  664. P

    Worked perfectly!

  665. Roxanne C Belmont

    work great!!

  666. Amy

    I used these on a recent trip to Canada to pack all of our winter gear in to save space. My whole family loved them.

  667. Cameron

    Great and easy to use

  668. Cory

    Helpful bags that i was as to organize my clothes with. Easy to use, just fold up some clothes and pick a bag and then seal it up and compress the air out. Maybe not as effective as a vaccum sealed bag, but alot easier. Not exactly quieter with the plastic sounds, but great still. I like that it comes with two different sizes. Maybe should include some instructions printed on the cardboard, i used the Acrodo listing.The only bad thing i would say is that now i have to reopen bags all the time if i want clothes. But seal and compress them when you travel, land and unpack or keep them separated in bags, and then seal up again when you leave. It’s like my clothes are in zip lock bags.

  669. David Goldich

    Reasonable price and good quality.. wish they would last forever but tend to be good for a few trips .. lost a few bags after a couple of uses.. they seem to be somewhat delicate

  670. Karen Penrose

    Worked as described. Some reviews reported difficulty getting the air out of the bags. I had no problem at all. You simply start rolling from the top to the bottom and it forces the air out through the vents.

  671. B. Welch

    Easy to use. Did what said it would. Traveled to Alaska lots of outdoor gear. Saved a lot of space in luggage.

  672. Ed


  673. Diane F

    We practiced with them and they seem to work well. We are using them on a trip next month and I think I need to practice more, as it seems like there’s a learning curve. It does help to place the full bag on the floor to start rolling, as it’s easier to roll that way, because you do have to put some effort into it to get all the air out.

  674. Brezner

    These things really work! The bags are easy to use and are a low cost method to keep your clothes and personal items organized while traveling.

  675. Kayla Marie

    I seriously recommend these to everyone I know and use them everyday! I am a flight attendant and these help me pack so much for my trips! I can’t say enough good things.

  676. Jozen Curva

    I traveled to Singapore with a carry on back pack and this kept my stuff dry and compact! Useful for packing winter stuff too!

  677. jack

    Great product.

  678. Nel

    I was looking for vacuum bags to use on an upcoming trip. I had bought some years ago when this invention first came out, and am still using those as storage bags (but really, they did not work well, just needed a bag to put things in now). I read and read about all the new vacuum bags being offered on Acrodo and took a chance on this brand. I am happy to report that these worked SO WELL on my trip. They held up!

  679. KEY DIXON

    Put 5 days of clothes in the large bag to fit into my personal item bag for Spirit Airlines. Fit perfectly along with a pair of heels! Repacked atleast 3 times and the same bag is holding up.

  680. elizabeth

    I am one of those people who overpacks quite a bit. These were a huge lifesaver on our last trip to Cancun. They came with two different sizes, both of which I would consider a large. It really helped!

  681. Stephanie L.

    This is my second purchase, and gave it as a gift. I’ve had my original purchase for quite a while, using them to change out seasonal clothing. Super easy to use. I don’t know how they keep the air out, but they absolutely do! Great for traveling too, because you don’t have to have a vacuum. (Nobody packs a vacuum!) Will definitely purchase again.

  682. Michelle Vazquez

    Loved the product, used a few bags right away, as I needed to travel with a carry-on only; and I am not a light packer. Great jobs folks, thank you.

  683. Kristina

    I bought these bags to use on my vacation to Jamaica. It really helped cut down on space in my bag and it’s so easy to use.

  684. Jake O.

    I use these when I go on long trips where I need a lot of clothes but want to only take one bag. These seal up tight and compress A LOT.

  685. Acrodo Customer

    Great idea for travel

  686. Vickie L. Haase

    i took them for a 12 night cruise and they separted my clothes nicely. also grat for dirty laundry bags on the trip.

  687. Hilary

    I got these for family members traveling to Ireland. They absolutely raved about them. They worked exactly as expected and were very useful.

  688. mda

    They aren’t as sturdy as I expected.

  689. Theresa E

    These were awesome for packing for vacation. Especially at the end when i was able to stuff all of the dirty clothes in them!!! Saved sooo much room in the luggage so we were able to fit souvenirs!

  690. Mick Frazer

    Ok but handt

  691. maria grosman

    The green little part that it’s use to close the bags are loses

  692. Katrina Concepcion

    Like that they give a lot of bags and that you don’t need to use a vacuum to release the air. I’m not strong so it took some practice rolling out the air (must have some space at bottom of bag). My main complaint is the bags are not super strong, I tore through two of them w my nails while rolling. I feel these bags have generally 2-3 uses before you have to toss em.

  693. Bethany Phelps

    These space savers are amazing! I was shocked at how easy they are to use and how much space they save! They are reusable and come with extra clips in case you lose them. I am traveling to Europe with only a carry on and they are a must!

  694. Teresa

    The space saver bags helped me fit all of the clothes I needed on an overseas trip. They are made of sturdy plastic. The zip-seal closed on the first try. I sat on the bags to get all of the air out. They didn’t rupture or leak. Worked very well.

  695. M 4sure

    Very happy I made this purchase. It helps to keep everything organized and neat. And u can pack so much into these bags. Even the largest bag fit nicely in my carryon. This pic shows how I packed: 3 pairs of jeans, 6 tops, 3 tunics, 2 leggings… and there is still plenty of room for more bags. Love them!!!

  696. Jessica02042006

    Flying up north to visit family and see snow for the first time with 2 kids, had to get a ton of bulky stuff in a carry on, these are fantastic!

  697. Brandy

    Used these on a two week international trip where I was only able to take a small carry on and they were AMAZING! I was able to keep everything clean and organized. I’ll use them for every trip going forward.

  698. Mifi Martinelli

    These work great. Makes so much room in suitcases

  699. Da Shocker

    Game changer!!!!! Used them for backpacking and I will never go back.. Recommending to all that travel.. Way too many benefits to list.. some that stand out.. keep clothes clean and smelling good. Easy to pack and saves space.

  700. Lyne Mbong

    Easy to use

  701. ND

    Save so much space in my luggage. Reusable. Worth the price.

  702. Mechelle Rivera

    I think that these were a great purchase. I am a plus sized gal so having these bags helped give me more room in my suitcase for a recent cruise. The real test will be in the next week for a trip I am going on for 3 weeks and only taking carry on luggage and my one allowed personal item, to which I am using to carry my shoes, so I will save the carry on for my clothes.I like how easy the bags were to expel the air from inside. I just added my clothes, adjusted them slightly and then began by rolling the opposite end and then eventually sitting on the bag and closing it with the zip. I did remove the little clasp zip thing after zipping and stored in a ziplock baggie so that they would not fall off and get lost.

  703. Angela dozier

    Great value and bags are amazing

  704. Acrodo Customer

    Bought these bags because I was going on a winter trip to Europe but I only wanted to take a carry on and a backpack. I was able to stuff two of the large bags will all of the following items and it only used up about 3/4th of my carry on luggage:- 4 cable knit heavy sweaters- 3 pairs of jeans- 2 leggings- 1 pair of sweats- 4-6 regular long sleeve shirts- 1 rain coat- 1 hoodie- 1 scarfI also used a smaller one for my socks, undies, and beanies and it fit in the top zipper part of my carry on. The bags are also reusable, which is nice. My clothes also were not very wrinkly, but I also hanged up my clothes upon arrival. I wish I took a photo of everything! I think I will forever though a few bags in my luggage for any of my travels. Definitely helped with bringing home souvenirs.

  705. Airel Elgincolin

    As with any vacation, you leave home with a lighter luggage and come back with a much fuller and heavier luggage. This is pretty handy to have especially if you plan to shop at your destination — as what happened to us during a recent trip.

  706. Natalie P.

    These worked perfectly for my recent winter trip to Colorado. The bags were large enough to pack ski gear in. They’re super easy to use and you don’t need to worry about having a vacuum available.

  707. Emily

    I’m notorious for trying to stuff 2 weeks worth of vacation clothes into a carry on. Every time I go on a trip I struggle to even get my luggage closed (not proud, I’m working on this). But, before a winter trip to London I found these bags and was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked. I was able to pack at least 5 outfits with jeans and bulky sweaters. If you’re someone who tends to overpack then this product is definitely for you!

  708. rowland

    I purchased this with very low expectations but was very happy with what I received. I haven’t packed a full suitcase with these yet but I have tested it out with several different items. I have found they are simple to use and will hold the seal for at least a week. For me the plus side is that you don’t need a vacuum to seal the bag shut witch makes it ideal for packing and repacking for camping trips.

  709. ryan laninfa

    Yes these actually work! Purchased for a family trip to Disney and they made it possible to fit all we needed!

  710. Acrodo Customer

    Worked great!!!

  711. Jessica

    I love these bags. I use them for travel, closet organization, and at the gym to put sweaty stuff in until I get home. I got 15 t-shirts into one of the bigger bags no proble.

  712. Todd O

    I bought these for an upcoming trip and they work flawlessly. You do have to put a good amount of force on the bag to get the air out. Just be patient and roll the air out and they’ll work great!

  713. Ozzy Aki

    Easy and useful

  714. Amee

    I loved those space saver bags! They are easy to use and make traveling much easier.

  715. Dorie

    The space saver bags are great. I just followed the directions and they work as promised. Great for traveling with luggage size restrictions and no access to a vacuum.

  716. Asja Steeves

    I was able to pack so much with these bags AND it kept everything wrinkle free. I’m not sure how I survived so long without these.

  717. a merriott

    Glad I got these,. They work great on work trips and keep my stuff nice and neat

  718. Elay

    Convenient for storage.

  719. Lindsay

    These things are fantastic! I love keeping clothes organized while traveling and obviously being able to pack more is great. I took the advice of one reviewer to get the air out (it can be kinda tricky) :Get it all sealed up and then to squeeze the air out, put it on a bed and *slowly* lay on top of it.. Rolling had no effect for me.

  720. brook

    I recently went on a 4-day weekend trip to New York and had purchased these beforehand. I cannot believe how much clothing I was able to squeeze into my carry-on thanks to these bags! Then, I used them for my dirty clothes when traveling back home. Because of these bags I was able to have enough room for the souvenirs I got for family. Would buy over and over again.

  721. Monkey10262

    I bought these to store baby clothes without taking up my entire closet, so far so good! I’ve only had them for about a month but they haven’t expanded any. A lot of the other storage bags slowly fill with air, I don’t see any signs of that happening with these bags.

  722. Justin

    These bags are great. It really does cut your space by 2/3rds! You can pack so much more. So far I’ve used it for 4 trips, including international. Each bag has held up well. They’re made of durable plastic material that will hold up against a ton of usage. I will never travel without it again!

  723. MAK

    I was skeptical that these would hold since you don’t need a vacuum to use these. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased that they held for our trip and for well over a week after.

  724. Trish K.

    These are by far the best I have used! Saves space and great quality bags with quality zippers.

  725. Mrsgmen34

    Great product & fast shipment! Thank you!

  726. Emily DeWitt

    These are great. And I got more than I thought came in there! Easy to use and I use them ALL THE TIME. Got these for a trip and it really makes it easy. Especially for someone who is a lazy packer like me. I throw all my clothes in one, let out the air and there’s room for everything else!!

  727. ro

    Worked great for a weekend getaway. Took carry on luggage. Was able to pack all my husbands clothes in carryon with these bags

  728. Meik

    I spent 12 days in Thailand and was able to pack everything in a carry-on.

  729. Cynthia Chase

    So helpful for packing

  730. Acrodo Customer

    These things are cool and really work!Easy to use. Hold a lot. Gives you more room so you have to be careful not to let your bag go over weight if you’re flying.

  731. Linda Green


  732. bts1225

    WOW these really work, simply fill with clothes zip lock the bag and roll out the air at the bottom. These really help save a lot of space and I can pack more now in my carry on. I am very pleased.

  733. AC Jordan

    These work great and do maximize storage space but I only recommend using these if you are going to unpack and stay put for a length of time. If you are going to be unpacking and packing because you are visiting multiple cities then this will be a pain in the butt because you will be forced to struggle to fit everything again and again. They do what they advertise.

  734. Jordan

    Holy Shhh____t. These things changed my life. Had the opportunity to go to Santorini for a week but refused to pay the $350 in luggage fees for all the flights. Was able to fit SO many outfits into a carry on because of these bad boys. Super easy to use!

  735. Grimmy

    I bought this to use in my suitcase for vacation. They were perfect – saved tons of room and were extremely easy to use and reuse. Very happy with this purchase

  736. Djs

    I am pleasantly surprised by how great these work! I was very skeptical but I tried them for a recent trip and I was really happy with the space it save in my suitcase.

  737. Melrstx

    Perfect for our two week trip to Europe! I was able to take my pillow with me so I could avoid neck pain from hotel pillows. These are very well made. We took extras in case they ripped but didn’t need them. Would use these for any length of a trip!

  738. Leslie A. Smith

    Good for travel

  739. Cathy

    I just returned from a 13 day vacation overseas and packed 12 outfits in my carry on with these amazing travel bags! And I still had room in my bag. The best! I even had room for souvenirs. Highly recommend! I will never, ever travel without these!

  740. Garett

    Easy to use, glad it has 2 locking zippers to hold compression.

  741. Acrodo Customer

    I live these bags. They are robust so they do not feel as though they will split when you compress the air out.

  742. Sharonjaneo

    It works as stated. I am very happy I can bring more clothes on my 14 day trip to Europe! Money well spent. Thank you!

  743. L K

    Works well to compact clothes for an overseas trip

  744. Joe Hilton

    I got these for my daughter in law. She travels a lot for work and loves them.

  745. Acrodo Customer

    I am really happy with these! Don’t regret purchasing at all, and we use them frequently for travel. Just wish they were sliiiiiightly bigger and sliiiiiiightly less of a pain to seal up, but not so much so that I’d give them anything less than 5 stars.

  746. Acrodo Customer

    So easy to use! This is a game changer for when the family travels! Can pack so much more into a suitcase

  747. C🌺L

    I can’t believe how well these space saver bags work! I have the bags that you need to vacuum the air out of too, and these are a nice alternative if your going away where you won’t have a vacuum to suck the air out of the bags for the trip back home!I took another reviewer’s advice and laid down on top of the bag pushing all the air towards the opening of the bag and it worked like a charm and very easily! These bags don’t get as flat as the space saver bags that require a vacuum; however, these are a CLOSE SECOND! Unbelievable how well they work (and without a vacuum!!!!!)Try them, you won’t be sorry you did!

  748. Crystal Kaaikala

    I bought similar products like this, but the price was reasonable for the amount of 10. I didn’t need to use them all when I went on my trip. All you have to do is to roll them up to compress, but when that didn’t work, I sat on it too. No breakage & if the clip was lost, it was not needed to work.

  749. Lindsey Johnson

    This is a game changer when you have to pack for a week or more. Can’t live without these

  750. K. Patton

    Very easy to use. Durable. Zippers closers are easy to loose.

  751. NR

    Used it for a 11 day trip and could pack everything into a small carry-on thanks to these. Great for storage and organization.

  752. Jennifer

    They worked out for what I was needing, but it was difficult getting all the air out. I watched some youtube videos to help us out.

  753. Sarah

    These worked great for my overseas trip! no vacuum needed : )

  754. Acrodo Customer

    Seems like a good product

  755. Shirley Green

    Great product, clear view of contents inside container.

  756. Rox

    These are great! So easy to use, no vacuum needed. Just roll them up! Gave me extra space in my suitcase. I would definitely recommend them. I will use them for storage as well.

  757. Acrodo Customer

    These are really space savers!

  758. Benjamin H. Grant

    These vacuum bags are wonderful!! What a way to organize your travel suitcase perfectly. Will never travel again without this fine product!!

  759. Louise

    keeps clothes organize and clean, not as sturdy as others I have tried, but much better price point, lose air so don’t seal until ready to pack. don’t over fill

  760. shannon thornton

    Easy to use

  761. AcrodoShopper4Lyfe

    I traveled to Europe and stayed in a hostel for a week- long story short, I needed a lot of clothes to fit into a small backpack. I used 2 of the smaller space bags and I was able to fit 5 days worth of clothes, a bathing suit, underwear, socks, and pajamas into a backpack. I followed advice provided by a previous reviewer that recommended sitting on the bags to get the air out which worked like a charm. I look forward to using these again on my next trip. Highly recommend.

  762. Marta

    You have to lay on it to make the air come out. I also folded it in half and more air came out. Highly recommend it!

  763. EricBeard

    These worked great for saving space during my long trips. It helped me separate different articles of clothing and make more room in my luggage.

  764. Schultz123

    They worked perfectly. I did need to read the directions, as it’s imperative to roll the bag from closure down to the bottom (that’s where the air comes out). Once I did that, bag was compressed by quite a lot. And that meant, more stuff I could bring on vacation!

  765. hc

    These were very helpful especially with separating clean and dirty clothes when we traveled. They’re easy to use too. I want to play around some more with them to see how many things you can put in one bag, it wasn’t as much as I thought. I’m thinking of using them for moving my son to college to help save space.

  766. NMS

    Easy to use and reuse

  767. Yuji T.

    After checking out several options, I decided to try these and I’m very happy I did. It works easy and the air release on the end really works efficiently and creates a super tight vacuum. The plastic looks sturdy too. We are going on a 2 week Europe vacation and the materials look like they will hold up just fine for the whole trip! Don’t go for the “cheaper” options. For a little extra get the best and don’t worry the whole trip!

  768. Lindy Lou

    This is a superb item travel. Whether you use them for packing clothes or as the ultimate dirty clothes sack, these are a dream. We have both of two largest bags. Somehow we are able to fill the large sack with a week or more’s dirty clothes. Before we discovered these, dirty clothes seem to take up more space in the suitcase than the items did when they were originally packed.It is not hard to seal the bags by rolling them. It is simpler to do if the clothes are flattened rather than stuffed in the bag. We generally seal them on top of the bed, and we have no problem. The plastic is thick and durable.The bags are also great for sealing off-season sweaters, jackets, blankets and such.Our only complaint is that the box of ten (?) came with only one extra green slider tool for sealing. We have used the same ones for a dozen trips, but somehow we lost one of the sealing tools. It would seem to us that having the green slider attached to the bag itself~like the small Ziploc slider bags. The other alternative might be to add more than one green piece to each box sold. Even with that complaint, we love this product!

  769. Curtis Collins

    Great travel bags.

  770. TheHall Monitor

    These bags made it possible for me to pack a week’s worth of clothes for my family of 4 in just two carry on bags. Amazing, really! When I opened the package there were only 8 bags, instead of the promised 10. When I let the company know of the mistake they rushed a whole other set of 10 to us, no questions asked. Awesome product, from a a awesome company! Worth every penny.

  771. happy

    It is very simple to use and allowed us to pack a tremendous amount in just one bag.Would highly recommend.

  772. Julie C. Smith

    We just returned from a 3 week Europe trip and wanted to carry on bags only. These compression were a life saver. I started out with the packing cubes but immediately replaced those with the compression bags. You can easily organize your clothes, it keeps them clean and fresh and then compresses down to tiny ! I even compressed and took my down pillow. It is also great to throw your laundry in. Highly, highly recommend if space is an issue !

  773. hawaii

    Perfect fit

  774. LLbear

    I just used the Acrodo Space save bags for a trip to Europe in a 22 liter suitcase. I used three bags for my clothing and I had plenty outfits for two weeks. The bags performed very well and saved space in my suitcase. I wear size large and XL in clothes and had plenty room to pack. My 15 year old son used three of the bags as well and packed a lot of summer clothes. I parked light clothing with the exception of a pair of heavy bike shorts. I had room for two pair of size 15 shoes in addition to my clothes. I recommend it for traveling.

  775. Choyce Morrow

    Easily packed a weeks worth of clothing and 2 pairs of shoes for my husband and I into just one (1) carry on…Will always use when traveling!

  776. Acrodo Customer

    Worked perfectly. Compressed easily

  777. KristenG

    I love these things!! I was hesitant to buy because no vacuum is required but due to good reviews decided to try. They are easy to use and can pack down a decent amount of clothing. They come with slide clips to get them shut which I didn’t end up using. I find it easy enough to zip tight without. Would definitely recommend

  778. Carolyn Messick

    Packing for a trip!

  779. Christine Yerger

    Works amazingly well. Not hard to use.

  780. Heidi

    Super easy to use, and exactly what I had hoped for!

  781. Sunshine

    Great buy for traveling! Or putting away off season clothing. Buy it!!!

  782. Barbara L. Mosley

    I got a set of these to pack my suitcase with a week’s worth of shirts instead of taking my rolling garment bag. That one is so heavy it costs extra every time I fly.They worked fine. Unrolling the shirts the night before and letting them hang behind the bathroom door, where they would get the benefit of the heat and humidity of the shower, took out any wrinkles. I’ll use these from now on, but be advised – you better learn how to fold a shirt for traveling or they may not do you any good.

  783. Acrodo Customer

    Good bcuz you don’t need the pump.

  784. KEUN J LEE

    It’s very easy to use.

  785. Francis Chau

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  These are my first space saving vacuum bags that I’ve used, so seeing in action is awesome!First thing you have to know is that what ever you put in will be compressed and rolled, so don’t expect for it to be wrinkle free. That’s important. if you are traveling, you can compress a lot of clothing, but you will need to de-wrinkle your clothing in some way.But here’s how it works:1. Put clothes in,2. Seal with the plastic zipper3. Lay on a flat surface4. Start at zipper end, roll towards other end.5. The bag is designed with a long air escape passageway that allows air to escape as it is pushed out, but since the passageway is so long, the passageway collapses and seals thereby creating a vacuum seal.That’s it! Awesome!Overall, very convenient. The set also includes two additional zippers in case you need them if you lose them.the bags are huge!

  786. Sadiyah

    This was absolutely invaluable during my recent trip across Europe. I was able to pack almost 4 weeks worth of clothes because of this and I believe it’s far superior than packing cubes. And absolute must for someone who is backpacking!

  787. Janeth Armenta

    i bought this for my 2 week vacations to costarica, big space saver on my suitcase, good quality and easy to use

  788. paula young


  789. Sherry G

    They worked but they were not as easy to use as I expected. The sliders to help close them fall off easily.

  790. theHitman

    These bags are great for travel. They help reduce the bulkness of packed items, giving more room and better organization to packing. Highly recommened, especially if you don’t want to check in luggage and get all essentials in a carry-on bag.

  791. Luna

    Super easy, super durable, stays compressed! In pic, left side has 4 of the bigger ones, right side has 1 smaller…still room. There are at least 4 outfits in each big one and 3 in the smaller one. Easy to compress too.

  792. Lake Huron Lady

    How convenient can you get? The bags are easy to use and hold a lot. Too bad the bags don’t squeeze the weight out.

  793. arbsae

    Used these while traveling Italy. Packed and unpacked multiple times and these worked exactly as they were supposed to. Loved them and would highly recommend. They save so much space to stuff more into a carry on.

  794. Madeleine E Kersey

    These were a lifesaver! For maximum benefit, try pairing them with packing cubes. I stuffed three of the large ones into a large packing cube, and it opened up even more space in my carry on suitcase.

  795. Mei

    I was very skeptical at first. But once I started packing and noticed how my overstuffed suitcase quickly became easy to close and zip I was sold! So easy and convenient. I will use these for every trip!

  796. Pumkinspice31

    My husband hates travelling without his pillow and we didn’t have a lot of space in the car, but the big bag that comes in this set is large enough for his Tempurpedic Pillow and it squished it down to almost completely flat. It easily fit on the top of our duffel bag and took up almost no space. I packed and unpacked that pillow at least 10 times during the trip and the bag held up and worked as it should every time. I only laid it out on the bed and gently laid on top of it. We even lost the little green clip that helps you close it and it still worked perfectly. We’re using the same lot of bags to pack my son for college. Definitely recommend!

  797. Eileen

    I like everything

  798. T. Stephen

    As others have mentioned, the instructions are not very helpful. But the product is great. You just have to put even pressure on the full bag. One way to do that is just to lay on the bag.

  799. Sommer_Style

    Bought for a trip and product saved tons of space in travel on luggage.

  800. LonnieB

    Really great product for frequent travelers! You just “seal and sit” on the bag! It allows for a lot more room in your suitcase. The bags are pretty large.

  801. Kindle Customer

    We just returned from 8 days in Paris and prior to packing, I’d had way more many outfits picked out to take along than I could have fit into my two bags and I fully expected to pare that down when it came time to pack. I had ordered these bags not knowing what to expect other than a past experience with a cheaper version which was not very good. Well, these bags are just awesome. I was able to pack every one of the outfits I was thinking about! It was easy and just amazing. They turn into these much smaller packages and fit amazingly into your luggage. Be aware that they do still weigh what all of those outfits would weigh not shrunk down so you do need to be aware of that for the airline weight guide purposes. Great product. I can’t wait to use them again. Even my husband was impressed!

  802. Megan C

    They worked exactly like how they’re supposed to the only thing is you have to be very careful how you put the clothes in and roll them up because they will wrinkle.

  803. Emily

    We just purchased these bags for our upcoming camping trip to save space, and decided to test it out. So, how do we do it? Go big or go home! We tossed a king size comforter into the page bag…AND IT FIT!If you’re on the fence on purchasing this item, do it. You won’t regret it.

  804. Yvon Duret-lago

    I love these bass keeps my clothes organized and space.


    I was very iffy about buying this product because of some of the reviews but I don’t regret my purchase. I was able to store 30 outfits each for my 2 kids. I used 3 bags for each child. For my husband and I. I used a total of 2 bags each and one for undergarments. They save you lots of space. They are easy to roll and no vacuum is needed. Just make sure you read directions on how to release the air. It’s super. I would purchase this product again.

  806. Constance Fleming Shaw

    The video was helpful and it worked just as they described. Great for traveling.

  807. christina

    I figured why not give them a try and to my surprise this product worked extremely well. I have used only once for a recent trip. I am thinking about purchasing more.

  808. Acrodo Customer

    I recently got this product for my road trip to Europe. I traveled just with a carryon and packed all the clothes I needed… even a little bit more than that. The product is amazing, easy to use, and changed my way of packing. You can pack by sections, and can easily find what you need. It saves a lot of space. I got some for my family in Colombia and sent it to them. It is a great gift for travelers! I am very happy with the experience with the product and highly recommend it.

  809. Troy

    received by scheduled time and served the purpose intended for use.

  810. JClay

    i use them for all the clothing that is out of season or just needs to be stored small. great for travel and storage

  811. Juliana Montoya

    Good product and the customer service very good.

  812. Martha

    I did not think these bags would work as well as they did. They are awesome and saved us a ton of space!

  813. Laurel Hawkins

    Does the job! You wouldn’t be able to fit anything large in here like a blanket but it was nice for carrying around a down coat while backpacking in Europe.

  814. mailovelyday

    They increase my carry on capacity by 200%! Amazing! And easy to use.

  815. ken

    Amazing how much you can get in the bag. Love this item .

  816. Sara

    I can’t believe I’ve been travelling without these. I’ve only had to use one bag so far to pack away my clothes. It’s a major space saver and the fact you dont need a vacuum or anything to suck the air out is a huge plus. My only complaint is the green bag sealer clip falls off easily and is easy to lose

  817. RS

    Loved that it could make the luggages not bulky. Also I wanted to use it to store winter jackets that I don’t often use. Works perfect for me. Just felt you can add some instruction manual so I don’t have to keep checking online for how to use it.

  818. Melani

    these are pretty large! i wasn’t expecting to be able to fit two stacks inside. Nonetheless, they work well. the easiest way to get the air out is to LAY ON IT. seriously it’s pretty easy and then you don’t end up with all of your clothes bunched at the bottom. anyway, i was able to fit a weeks worth of clothes in my backpack with one of these guys.

  819. Kathya

    This works great i post a picture of everything i fit in the large bag

  820. Embell

    Used these for a 12 day trip to Ireland. It should be noted that my clothing size is 26/28 (bigger cloths automatically take up more space). I used three jumbo and two large bags, plus I took an empty large bag for dirty clothes. The bags are easily to reuse. I took one suitcase, 29 inches tall. I fit four pairs of leggings, one pair of jeans, one pair of dress slacks, 17 shirts (varying thickness and sleeve length), one windbreaker, and 15 pairs of socks and underwear all into my suitcase with room for for toiletries and souvenirs.Hints for use, if you roll your bags, watch that your nails don’t puncture the bag. I recommend laying on them.

  821. karen p. moreno

    Awesome!! Worked exactly as stated

  822. Rachel

    Great option for international travel especially because no vacuum is needed!

  823. Chanel

    these were very inexpensive and they actually work. I was a big worried. I used two packs for my two 50lbs checked bags.

  824. Ashish

    Supremely happy on how much space it created in my closet. I do not have to worry about space issues for winter and summer clothing. Specially those winter jackets. We live down south and winter doesn’t last long. Highly recommended

  825. BHD

    Love for Travel

  826. Charles

    I love these bags. As a dedicated traveler and a serious over packer, I can tell you that you can now fit all the unnecessary items in your suitcase for your next trip. But seriously, you can take that heavy coat for the unpredictable European weather. Just squish it down and put it in your suitcase. It will fit, and you will be prepared to visit any Christmas market with confidence. Great product.

  827. Ramon Solis

    They work!

  828. dchmtz

    Clip falls out easily & it does require maneuvering on your part to get it right without a vacuum.

  829. Garrett Thiel

    Work great. Easy to use. Have to be careful because they can compress clothes so well it made our bags too heavy for the airline.

  830. David Jackson

    Good product

  831. Harvinder Singh Punj

    Its actually workingI was not expecting it to get sealed like that but it really workedAnd the aThickness of plastic is really good

  832. Acrodo Customer

    Traveled to South Africa and used these bags. So easy to organize my clothes for different parts of my trip. Will use them over and over again.

  833. ReviewerM

    I was headed to a week long conference and my options were either a small carry-on or a large check-in suitcase. One was too small and the other too big. I really didn’t want to check a bag, so I opted for my small carry-on accompanied by these space saving bags. My oh my we’re these bags perfect! Very easy to use and they left me with some extra room in my small carry-on! I forgot the little green tab that helps to seal the bags, but I was able to get the air out and the bags stayed sealed on my flight home. So glad I purchased these!

  834. Michelle Matchett

    I use these to put clothes away for my daughter that no longer fit. They fit 3 totes of clothes into one tote. A little confusing to use at first. Be sure you are on a had surface to get all of the air out. They need to be worked with the lay completly flat in a box.

  835. maddie

    Was able to fit a lot more into my carry on than I could’ve without these. A little hard to get the large bags compressed but I got the hang of it eventually.

  836. Erin Califf

    No clue how I survived without these for so long!!!

  837. Nicole Coutinho

    Love it! I’ll always pack with these travel bags. It saved a lot of space in my luggage.

  838. Zalika

    This is super easy to use. I just sit on the bag to deflate the air. I think I can pack everything I wanted to bring on this international trip! I only did two bags so far and was able to fit: six shorts, three pants, one skirt, nine bathing suits.

  839. Acrodo Customer

    Great to travel with keeps things dry and can fit a lot of things. Only down side is it will wrinkle clothes and anything you put in it

  840. Kathleen

    Arrived quickly and just as described.

  841. J D

    These are VERY easy to use! It allowed us to fit way more stuff in our suitcases on our recent trip. I had enough space left over to shrink down my king size memory foam pillow and take it as well! Everything popped right back up to normal when we opened the bags!

  842. Hal

    Finally got to use these for a trip. They are pretty easy to use. Only hard part is when rolling, your close start to push at the opening, so you have to pack everything near the back. The clips are handy because you only have them on the bag to close it. Afterwards you take the clip off and store it somewhere you won’t lose it. When you load the bag with close, just know you can’t fill it to the opening. Fill it a little over halfway so you have space to roll the back to let the air out. As you roll the bag, the clothes with move towards the opening, so that’s why it’s important NOT to fill it to the opening with clothes.

  843. Paul & Cindi

    These are perfect for our travels. We have always wanted some but never did. This comes with a lot of bags and it’s very easy to use. Much easier than the kind with vacuums that I’ve seen in the past. Perfect size for clothes and fittin in your suitcase.

  844. Lloyd Fjare

    Great quality and price

  845. Lucy

    This is an absolute value when compared to the measly three bag set you can get at Walmart for 12.95. The set included only large and extra large as well as extra clips. The picture I took shows enough clothes for a 25 day trip packed in four bags.

  846. Beth A Hupila

    After using these bags for clothes compression in my suitcase, I used them to protect camera gear in the rainforest. Love these bags!

  847. Kumari devi

    This was such a help while traveling. Easy to use and very compact. The only issue I had was with the little green closing tool. It wasn’t very sturdy and frequently came off the bag. Easy to put back on, so not a real problem just a little annoying.

  848. Joe Hagan

    Makes traveling so easy can pack a week of clothes in a small carry-on! Love love love this product!

  849. Rhonda Turner

    Very easy to use. Bigger than I expected.

  850. Kygurlie

    Helps pack more items in less space.

  851. Thomas Davis

    Highly recommend, we used for pillows, towels, and sleeping bags

  852. Elvira Hughes

    I travel around 40 weeks a year. You need these. not only are they great for carrying more stuff in a small bag, but they are also good for keeping the used (smelly, wet, whatever) clothes separate from the clean. They really are a must have for me. especially when you need to pack sweaters or jackets, they really make them flat and packable.

  853. EC Brown

    Really was impressed how effective these bags were.

  854. L. Barnes

    I bought these for assistance on making my packing for travel easier. It is a great help to pack alot of things in a small carryon. I found it easy to compress the bags and it takes up so much less space. I would recomend these to anyone trying to save space weather in a closet or suitcase. It would be a great way to prevent long term storage problems with moths etc to sweaters or blankets. I suggest you buy some today!

  855. J L

    The bags were great for travel to Europe!

  856. destiny

    I love this. Its tricky though. I had to pack it a couple times to get the fit right for my suitcase. I usually have to carefully roll my shirts and pants but in this i can just do the same thing i normally would do just inside the bag. I had to deflate the bag on the widest side down to make it work. Definitely reccomend if youre a heavy packer like me!

  857. Dianep

    this is a good alternative when you don’t have a vacuum while traveling. but if you’re using it just for home, i would recommend the vacuum seal one. these are good temporarily while traveling because they will eventually ‘lax’ after a few hours.

  858. beth b

    Makes lots more room in your suitcases. Dont need a vacuum to use.

  859. S. Gray

    these work great, although don’t think they’ll last very long. after 2 uses they already seemed to be worn out, but maybe I’m wrong and they’ll keep going for a while. there are sturdier and more expensive options available, if I needed to use these all the time, the extra cost would probably be worth it. if you travel once or twice a year, these are great.

  860. Sharon M. Potteiger

    Bought for cruise. Worked perfectly. Barely any wrinkles in clothes.

  861. J

    These worked great, went to Colorado and had a lot of large snow items. These probably saved at least 1 or more large suitcases. I did not observe any air getting in either.

  862. Aaliyyah

    Served their purpose but it was kind of annoying that the little green pieces can separate from the bag. I lost a few during our move.

  863. dawn adams

    Who knew? Invaluable item for travel or camping.

  864. Jill

    My daughter, son and I used these for our vacation. It was great! really helped; but not with the weight of luggage, lol… we learned something about that!

  865. Acrodo Customer

    Cloths during travel

  866. Christian Witherspoon

    These are pretty good! They can hold a lot but don’t overfill them! They can actually get a tad bulky and the little zipper tabs kept falling off!

  867. Matt & Jen Mamaradlo

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Dry easy to use, no vacuum needed. Great for traveling or when you need more space in your closet

  868. Dee Devon

    I had heard about these compression bags, but had not seen or used one. I ordered online and hoped for the best! I was pleasantly surprised. This is a spacious bag; I was able to compress 11 tshirts in these bags. It allowed me to use one suitcase for my family of 3 (2 adults and 1 teenager). I really appreciated that no vacuum was needed to use this bag; just fold and press the air out. It really is a space saver and will look to buy a smaller size for my next travel.

  869. Acrodo Customer

    These made all my clothes fit and kept my dirty clothes separate from clean ones

  870. emily

    Clips fall off but easily put back on, great for sweaters and bulky items. The bag’s storage capacity could but a little bit bigger but overall a decent, quality product. Good bang for your buck

  871. Melanie A

    For the price these are great. I just received them today and threw a couple small blankets in them to try them out. I had read a review that it’s best to use my body weight to press the air out and the technique worked wonderfully. I’m certain I could shove more items in and still be able to easily compress the air out and for the bags to keep their seal (this one has been sitting unchanged for over an hour). I broke the seal to also show the difference (but kind you, this is after the blankets have been compressed for a while). I am a little concerned about the plastic they’re made of – I’m hesitant to roll the bags – but with care I think I can make these last. My family is going on a trip at the end of the month and we plan to use only carryon luggage – these bags are going to be a huge help!!

  872. juliana schallert

    Great for large families that travel by plane or people like me who want to take the e tire closet on a weekend getaway!

  873. BizCrank

    I bought these before a recent overseas trip. I was packing some winter clothes and knew I’d be short on space. Being able to compress some of my sweatshirts/top layers was very convenient. I will say there’s nothing terribly special about these. It’s like a set of giant sandwich baggies in a couple of large sizes, but they are definitely more durable that that. I packed single outfits in some of the smaller bags and multiple top layers in the large bags. It’s nice that you don’t need a vacuum or any special gadget to get the air out, because who travels will that? Just be careful, because the slider clips come off and can be easy to lose!

  874. Kerry Fuhrman

    So easy to use. It gave me so much room when packing. It’s a must have for traveling.

  875. MyLoves8096

    I had purchased an electronic pump and bags but it just took too long to flatten out. These were perfect and very quick to use. I did have one bag that tore when i put in the items but maybe i might have been putting too much. It is a bit difficult to move it when you pack as it gets pretty stiff, you just have to make sure you put the items the way you need them to be before taking the air out. I also started using these in my closet.

  876. Kerry Kennedy

    I am excited to use this product. I tried to pack for my upcoming trip with them and know they will be great!

  877. Mil

    I love these bags. True space saversI’ve bought them several times

  878. Katia

    This item is amazing and I’m buying more!!I had a last minute trip to nyc wit the weather at about 17-30 degrees for the whole weekend! I didn’t feel like checking a bag so I got a small duffle that’s would normally hold like 5 sweaters and one pair of shoes on like a really good day. Using this I was able to bring 5 outfits not to mention huge scarfs and and extra jacket!! So easy to use and a total life savor. I was even able to p k an extra bag for the clothes I grabbed while there.

  879. M.A.O.

    I purchased these bags to replace a different brand that I’ve used for years. I used them on a trip this past weekend and they worked perfectly! I wasn’t sure how they would hold up but they stayed airtight every time I sealed them. I was able to pack all of my clothes in a weekender and still had room for my train case and shoes. They are so easy to press all of the air out.

  880. Kindle Customer

    I love these bags! I have purchased other brands for traveling and this by far is my favorite. Very easy to use and well made.

  881. J. Smith

    I love no vacuum space saver bags- I first searched them out for travel, because not many hotels that I have been to have a vacuum w a hose extension just hanging out for you to use- but I really needed the ability to squish down my fluffy clothes (like jackets) so the rest of my stuff would fit as well. I am so glad I found this. It does exactly what I need it to do! There was just one issue :/ when I would put clothes in and roll it as directed, the clothes would bunch up and block the part the air was supposed to be squeezed out through, and I would have a mostly-but-not-quite-completely-air-free-bag… But then I figured out a little trick.1)Fold (not roll) your clothes as flat as you can (think how display stores fold dress shirts on the table).2)Place them in the bag as close to the zipper as possible (leave like 3+ inches if possible between the end of your clothes and the bottom of the bag.3)Lay on it- do a belly flop on it- whatever- but the goal is to squish as much air out as possible while keeping your clothes as close to the zipplocked edge.4)Roll it like the directions tell you to.5)Dont lose the little green closing ‘zippers’… it is quite difficult to close without it but surprisingly easy to misplace.

  882. Shelli Cox

    Great product.

  883. Chanchanok

    Love it

  884. 2theSea

    Saves me space where I need it. I travel every week and keep one for clean clothes, one for dirty.

  885. code99

    My daughter said theses are a must for travel, especially for your return trip if you make any purchases while traveling. You can really maximize your space with these, and they are very lightweight and easy to put a couple in your suitcase. I bought a set for an upcoming trip and I’m sure they will allow me to bring some souvenirs home!

  886. Kalzy07

    This was my 2nd time buying these. I first purchased them about 3 years ago and have used them for every trip I’ve taken since then. I only travel with a backpack, as does my husband and this allows us to do so. Anywhere from a couple days to a week I’ve packed enough clothes. Only recently the bags started popping because they’ve been used and rolled up so many times. The new bags are fantastic and the zipper is better than before. I highly recommend traveling with these, not only do they save space but help with organizing your bag as well.

  887. P. Co

    I received these bags and was using them wrong. I rolled to let air out then zipped closed and some air was left. Customer service sent me an e-mail (unsolicited) just to ensure I was using the product correctly. Turns out you zip then roll from the top to let all the air out.That follow up email was helpful and good customer service. Great bags and help maximize luggage space for traveling

  888. Aldo Kocha

    Just received it this morning and really amazed. I was able to reorgonize under bed storage in my basement. Before it took a lot of space on the shelves and now it’s all hidden,- multiple thick winter blankets, couple of window curtains, spare sheets and pillow cases, duvet covers, etc. There are two sizes of bags, the bigger one fits better for my needs but I see the smaller one can be better for travel. Would like to see even bigger size but I was able to fit everything anyway, only one small bag left.

  889. Dan W

    I used these on a camping trip this past weekend and loved them. I was able to fit a great deal of items in my backpack. One thing I noticed when I left, was I could pack our dirty clothes in a bag and it blocked the musty smell from wafting into the car.It was very simple to seal and to remove the air just by rolling it very tightly.

  890. Patti R.

    Great storage bags. The clips pop off, but that’s intentional. Definitely recommend

  891. Microfurby

    I LOVE these bags. They made packing so much more organized and compact. Do yourself a favor and buy these

  892. JimmyC

    These will be great to travel with. I won’t have to check luggage and have them lose it or pay extra for it. For now I can use them to save some space in the closet and keep my sheets and bedding fresh. I may get more and store closes from season to season. These are nice quality and easy to use

  893. Ashly

    These bags are LIFE CHANGING. I can use it to almost fit a full suitcase in a carry on. Also, I used them while moving and it was a game changer. I get so many questions about it. I can’t go back to not using them.

  894. Bar

    I recently moved and these were a godsend. They seriously saved me. I was able to toss all my clothes in and then roll them to squeeze all the air out and it flattened my clothes just like *snap* to save me tons of space and headache. I was able to fit a lot more in my boxes and luggage and make the move that much easier. And these are a way better deal than the brand name version from Ziploc.

  895. Gabrielle

    Before Covid-19, I had planned a trip to Iceland. I was able to pack 4 pairs of thermals, 5 sweaters, 2 pairs of jeans, undergarments, swimsuit, scarf, beanie, 4 l/s t shirts, 6 pairs of wool socks, ski jacket, and snow pants in my checked bag. I still had a half a suitcase left over which was perfect for my cat who was attempting to be smuggled over. Would recommend, easier enough to stuff and compress while talking on the phone. I liked them so much I didn’t even return them after the world was cancelled.

  896. N.S

    Only bad thing was that it was hard to get all the air out. And that the clothes rolled up at one end, making it much thicker than the rest.

  897. Acrodo Customer

    Really helps when packing

  898. Ben

    Pros- 2 handy sizes- Easy to close- Don’t need a vaccum to seal it.- Useful while traveling- Holds seal very wellCons- The zipper part is not very durable which tore open on one of the bags.Bottom LineComes with 2 useful sizes. Once you figure out the trick on how to squeeze the air out easily they are super handy. You dont need a vaccum to use which makes it great while traveling abroad. One issue I did have was one of the seals tore open (Shown in picture) while using it which made that bag useless but this comes with many. When I took these to Japan, they held the seal well for at least 18 hours.

  899. Nick S.

    Really easy to use and held up for quite a while! Good value, would buy again.

  900. Acrodo Customer

    Great for smaller pieces but difficult for bulkier items like sweaters

  901. richard corbin

    They work as advertised and great value

  902. Customer

    Obsessed these are perfect I used to love abroad for 6 months!

  903. Dawn M Varney

    I bought these when going on a cruise and knowing I was packing too much stuff, but didn’t know what to leave home. Easy to use, these really did seem to save space. I’m glad I bought them.

  904. b168

    So helpful for long travels. Bought this for overseas travel and shopping! Works well. Half wasn’t even used. You get a good amount of bags for the price!

  905. Christine Wright

    Love the product.

  906. Josh

    Did the job

  907. marne

    Perfect for storing my wool sweaters, serapes and small blankets and protecting them from moths. Was very easy to use and I like that I did not need a vacuum cleaner to compress. Very good price!

  908. kitty

    Great for storing sweaters and jackets

  909. Toni Hayes

    Love these bags this is the second set I have bought. Needed more of them! We use them when we go on cruise i can fit both our clothes in 1 suitcase with these bags.

  910. CrisBee

    Omg i thought this wasn’t gonna work but they work so perfect! I will for sure by more when I need them!

  911. Linda

    I had a loss in the family and had to pack up their things for storage. This came so quick and it is fast and easy to use. I like that I don’t have to grab a vacuum. The bags don’t fit a whole lot of stuff but there are many of them and the size makes it easier to store. Good purchase.

  912. Judy

    They are exactly what I was looking for. They are easy to use and I love traveling with them.

  913. Jessica

    These compression bags are legit! Save a lot of time, stress and more importantly, SPACE. Love that it doesn’t need a vacuum and is fool proof, One of the reviews mentioned a “trick” which was super helpful. With the zipper closed and facing towards you, gently lay on the bag and all the air will come out perfectly! Would for sure recommend and repurchase

  914. MadHatter

    I have had both vacuum seal and this one where you push the air out. though i prefer the vacuum seal since it takes out more air and compresses it to the max, this is a last min resort for traveling and putting things in the luggage where places don’t provide a vacuum for you. I think its innovative and very cool. im sure you can press out more air, but im not a heavy person so how much i can push out is better then nothing right? I like the different sizes this lot comes in so i can use one for pants/sweats/jeans and the other for t-shirts or smaller fabric items. all around great where as my room would still be a hot mess without them!

  915. Eric

    Just as described… The users comments were also useful in learning the optimal method for expelling the air.

  916. Mark Dagostino

    These work great! No vacuum needed. Great size.

  917. Cbou

    Works good, tough to get all the air out completely,,but it did save me some money.

  918. Vanessa

    Got these so I can fit more clothes in my suitcase…and it worked! Love these! The medium is more idea for travel than the large. I think the large is better suited for coats and long term storage. But these actually do work and you don’t need a vacuum.

  919. Allen

    These travel bags are perfect! I am always looking for camping gear and this is actually perfect for camping. It’s a vacuum seal bag but no vacuums needed. I gave some to my mom too! She’s always complaining about not having room in her closets.

  920. Cindy

    I ordered these on a whim because I’ve recently moved into a smaller place and don’t have sufficient closet space. I have tried both the Ziploc and Spacesaver brands but decided to give this a shot. I’m so glad I did!The roll-method is so much nicer than the vacuum-method. It’s much easier to just squeeze out the air. So far there have not been any leaks either, unlike with the space saver bags.The size is perfect because I can fit about 6-7 articles in each bag, rather than the giant bags that ziploc/spacesaver have. This way I can actually see what’s in each bag and organize my clothes accordingly. I’m not as intimidated to retrieve the random winter jacket that I need out of the blue, whereas with the other bags, I struggle to even find stuff.The 10 bags that come with the order are great to start with, and can probably hold a modest winter/spring wardrobe, and switch for summer/fall. If you have a bigger wardrobe, I’d suggest ordering two. I just stack them in the corner of my closet, but I’m considering purchasing some plastic bins to organize them more neatly.

  921. Cheryl M.

    These work great. Read more reviews to get maximum space.

  922. Jill Carter

    When I first read that it was “no vacuum,” I thought that it wouldn’t maximize its capacity and space. But I was very wrong. If you are familiar with SpaceBag products (which require a vacuum to seal), this is a much better product and it gives you more space to put more things.I bought these for my brother when he was packing things for his apartment in college and he loved it very much. It is a very easy process and I really love that I don’t need to use a vacuum!Would recommend to anyone traveling in the near future!

  923. Michelle K

    These are so useful in my drawers. I can shrink my longer sleeved shirts down in size, keep them in the drawer, and still have them easily accessible if we get a few cold days. (Pictured are 14 long sleeved shirts in the smaller bag)I’ve always used the bags that require a vacuum to take out the air. These don’t- useful to use while re-packing without any vacuum nearby- and no extra noise! I also like that this package comes with extra zipper sliding things.

  924. ky

    This was a lifesaver for when I was moving! I just moved from the east coast to the west, and needed to put all my clothes into a storage unit. These bags not only compact everything well, but also protect the clothes from dirt and debris.

  925. Ethomas

    I travel a lot and I prefer to bring myOwn pillow and blanket with me. These bags help me to easily pack my blanket and pillow along with all my other items

  926. martha porte

    Muy buenas

  927. Cyndi Glasgow

    I was sending coats and other clothing to my grandkids, I really wanted everything to fit in a large flat rate box. I purchased these space saving storage bags with the hopes that I could get everything to fit. I put 1 coat and 2 shirts in each bag and I used 2 bags, it was great everything fit . There is no way I could have ever made this work without the storage bags. I know I will be glad I have more of these for future packages. Really easy to use too.

  928. April Segal

    Used it to pack my clothes for moving and they stayed air tight.

  929. Jessica

    I love to travel and these just upped my packing game. You can never take too many clothes, right?

  930. LC

    This is awesome!I’ve been trying to constantly find space in my small closet and this is the answer!I tried it on my rarely used jackets and pillow for guests and it works! I guess my the pictures I took speaks for itself. I love love it!

  931. J Lee

    I needed this for our trip. I have multiple mini bags with zippers for traveling but it doesn’t really save space. I tried this last night and was able to make space for more clothes.

  932. Acrodo Customer

    These bags helped me pack thick winter sweaters for a 9 day euro trip into a carryon. They are supper easy to use and they help kee your clothes organized.

  933. Mel

    Arrived quick and great use to put away my summer wardrobe

  934. Ms. K. Zimmermann

    Great quality. Love these for traveling. Wish there would be an xxl bag included.

  935. Manders and Billy

    Works very well. Made a big difference to my luggage. I like to roll it twice to get more air out.

  936. Samantha Powell

    Thought these would be too small but they’re perfect! Pillows fit great and have greatly reduced the use of my closet.

  937. swissmiss

    I ordered these for tent camping trips. Space was an issue. These save at least 50% of space and are easy to use. They also double as wet or yucky stuff storage while traveling. Do not overfill them. Fold things flat and place them evenly in the bags. Put on slider and close about 90%. Lay bag on the floor/table and start rolling up until air is gone, close slider. While not in use, I store the slider inside the bag. For my trip I only took two sliders along and placed them for storage in different places, like that you do not loose them. Very well made product.

  938. Jasmin arriola

    Muy prácticas para viajar😀

  939. Sarah Kirchoff

    These things are a game changer! Well worth it. They compress clothes to fit better in a suitcase, leaving you a little room for souvenirs if you’d like. I don’t travel without them!

  940. Lena

    The bags work great. I’ve used them for multiple moved and while they do inflate a little once they’ve sat around, it doesn’t ruin the storage capability. Kept everything clean and tidy. Used mostly for clothing and sheets. I wish the package contained all large bags instead of half medium. But still the best value.

  941. Acrodo Customer

    Perfect size for my holiday items like pillows and tree skirt.Easy to use and they included extra “zipper”pulls.I could see traveling with these as you can put several outfits in each and they are easy to roll by hand

  942. Joyce

    These were great and able to fit a lot in them. Able to pack more in the Spirit personal item size and not check any luggage. The little zip clip for zipping the top of the bag was cumbersome and it was easier to just close the top of the bag by hand. I laid bag on hard floor and use knee on it to get the most air out.