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Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag – 10 & 20 Liter Floating Dry Sacks for Beach, Strong & Durable Outdoor Bags for Kayaking, Swimming, Boating, Camping, Hiking, Travel & Gifts (Gray)

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16 reviews for acrodo_dry_bag_20L_gray

  1. Concetta Williams

    A little water gets in but that’s due to having the top rolled down. Kept everything almost completely dry and it was amazing to have at the beach so no one would steal your stuff.

  2. Miamimommy

    Used thus bag in a canoe trip and it worked great! Nice and roomy but can also be folded down to compacted size. Did the job

  3. Terry M.

    Fantastic tote especially for water activities and travel.

  4. Levi

    Used for vacation. Took to the beach and on boat rides and to the pool. Water at beach rolled right over the bag and all items inside were perfectly dry

  5. kengetty

    I bought two of these bags, one for travel and the other for my trunk emergency supply bag. I actually find myself using this bag as a general trunk bag carrying more than just my emergency supplies. It’s great for when its raining or if I have a lot of groceries with items that may leak/serious condensation.

  6. Rainbow Polkadot 666

    Went with me on the Appalachian Trail for a section hike. I like there are different colors to choose from and this was see through. No rain got in (it POURED for days!).

  7. Acrodoer


  8. Acrodo Customer

    I bought it for a vacation in Mexico. Just wanted something to take to the beach and to the Mayan Ruins. Looks stylish and is durable and easy to clean. Seemed to keep everything from getting wet. I love it!

  9. Melina

    Perfect for the advid kayaker and camper.

  10. Danielle Snyder

    Love it ! Works great !

  11. Leslie T.

    This bag is easy to seal and I have tested out the water resistance. It passed! I haven’t had it long enough to know how durable it will be mut the the material is think and I’m betting it will last me several years.


    I liked the material it is made. I liked the easy way to open and close the bag and mainly the fact that it did work. I didn’t like the fact that they didn’t have the color I wanted in stock. I am very basic, and now I have to carry this BRIGHT PINK color with me when I was looking for a grey color or something less flashy. But I understand that maybe that’ s the point. If we lose it, it would be easy to find it in the water. Another thing that I would love to have it, it would be a small compartment like a pocket for example inside the bag to keep small things like keys, cards, IDs, pads, etc because due to the bag being long, sometimes it is difficult to find small things inside.

  13. Cari

    bought this to hold cell phones on the boat, works great for that and even seems to help keep them cool!

  14. Acrodo Customer

    The bright pink is awesome, and most importantly it keeps everything dry! I‘ve used it boating, on my jet ski, canoeing and I never have to worry about my phone and other valuables!

  15. fernanda guerrero

    Love it

  16. Acrodo Customer

    Seem to be well built and work perfect for for holding safety and recovery gear in my Jeep

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