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Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack – 15 Liter Outdoor Rucksack Backpacks for Tactical, Survival, Camping & Hiking, Strong & Durable Bug Out Bags & Bagpack for Prepping & Waterproofing Supplies (Aqua)

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10 reviews for acrodo_dry_bag_backpack_15L_trans_aqua

  1. Acrodo Customer

    This bag is fantastic! It is well designed and built to keep your belongings dry no matter what. I will be taking my bag to Iceland soon and using it specifically for the hiking to the hot river. The quality and design is the best on the market.

  2. L. Barnes

    this is a very useful backpack for wet or dry instances. We travel alot and this really fits the need.

  3. PHP Junkie

    Received my bag today πŸ™‚ Bigger than I was expecting and feels very sturdy. Can’t wait to try it out. I love the aquamarine blue color as well!

  4. MamaBear4lilb

    Just bought this bag for my paddle board and it was quite larger than i was expecting. Quality seems great, fast delivery/turnaround, good value πŸ‘

  5. Chanda

    Great for cruise and excursions

  6. Dakota Whidbee

    My old backpack would get moldy from being drenched in the rain. Now I have this bag to keep my stuff dry.

  7. zoe

    Bought for a snorkeling trip and rafting trip. Plenty spacious and gets the job done!

  8. Connie

    Awesome beach bag!!! Light weight, waterproof and good quality!!! Taking this bag on so many adventures!!

  9. Kristal Molina

    We got kayaks and I needed a bag that I felt safe to travel with in the water. I love the color and it’s super easy to use. Exactly what I needed.

  10. Anthony panaro

    Excellent for keeping all dry! Colors great, easy to use and has more options for expansion than most.!

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