Introducing the Acrodo TSA Lock

Get the most trustworthy lock for secure travel. The Acrodo TSA Lock offers premium protection for all of your travelings needs.

  • Steel Construction

    Heavy duty and durable materials ensure that your lock is not easily cut or broken.

  • TSA Open-Alert

    The lock features a red-pole open alert that will notify you whenever a TSA agent has inspected your bags.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Our Lifetime Warranty means that you receive an extra measure of protection with your full satisfaction or your money back.


“This is my new go-to lock. I will need more because I want to secure my computer bag and other suitcases whenever I take them somewhere. This is also great for a gym bag or locker, school locker, keeping medicines locked up safely, or even keeping a diary safe from peering eyes!”

Joy Seven Amazon Reviewer

“As soon as I received I knew it had to be made of quality materials. This lock is much heavier than any of the previous TSA locks I have owned. The shackle on this TSA lock is made a little thicker than others I have owned. I believe it will be much more secure. It was very easy to reset the lock to my own combination. I would definitely recommend this lock.”

Mandy MoralesAmazon Reviewer

“This little lock will be perfect for our next trip. I like that it has a pop up indicator notifies you when a TSA agent has opened the lock. Gives me some peace of mind. Can’t wait to purchase one for the rest of our luggage!”

Jackie Weaver Amazon Reviewer

Check out our TSA Lock User Video Guide

Learn how to reset the TSA Open Alert and choose your own combination on your Acrodo travel lock.