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Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack – 15 Liter Outdoor Rucksack Backpacks for Tactical, Survival, Camping & Hiking, Strong & Durable Bug Out Bags & Bagpack for Prepping & Waterproofing Supplies(Purple)

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19 reviews for acrodo_dry_bag_backpack_15L_solid_purple

  1. AMR816

    This is a fantastic basic utility bag. It has excellent sealing at the top and the straps dry almost as quickly. The optional double bag function is excellent and I’ll be buying a second for that very reason.

  2. Mr. Nelxon

    Looks to be well made. Thick plastic with lots of compression straps. It’s hard to figure out how big a bag to get. The 15 liter size holds at least one each large mans shirt, pants, socks, boxers, T-shirt with room for more.

  3. lauren

    Love my new bag and the color. I just recently went on a scuba diving trip and got my phone wet bc I didnt have a reliable dry bag. This new one is perfect and is the perfect size. I highly recommend it

  4. Alexander K.

    Just came back from a cruise and this item worked great on the beach, kept everything dry, Rained on me and everything in the bag was bone dry when i took them off, the back back is lightweight and easy to carry

  5. Katy Barrett

    Awesome dry bag! Works just as desribed. Holds more stuff than i think I could even need! So excited to have a reliable bag for my next kayaking or paddleboarding trip. Excited to see how the material holds up over time! Will update review if necessary! 🙂

  6. Nathan

    Roomy, seems to be well made. Haven’t done a dunk test on it yet, but overall it seems good.

  7. ED

    Very durable and spacious. Took it for my scuba trip and managed to hold my 2 mask cases, boots and snorkels no problem. Very cool looking too with the semi transparent materials. Did not regret the purchase!

  8. Kimberlee Rubio

    Took it to Disney World. And it rained a lot on our trip but everything in the bag remained dry

  9. Dale J Landis

    Great dry bag! I’ve had the bag for about 6 months now and am very pleased. I’ve taken it boating and use it for keeping stuff dry in rainy Seattle. The straps aren’t intended for primary use as a biking or hiking bag, they don’t have any padding (though I’ve worn it while biking when I had an overflowing pannier).

  10. Corina bajandas

    Ugh I actually loved this bag but some how during travel it ripped! Such a bummer! Will be ordering again but a smaller size the large one was huge and fit everything!

  11. Mariel.N

    Good product. I’ve had lots of dry bags before, that cost more money, and this one is just as good at a better price.

  12. GMT

    Loved its versatility. Was used on a kayak.

  13. Blain Alfonso

    The bag is very large and easy to use. Water never entered the bag even after I let it float next to me (unknowingly as it slipped out of my tube on the river). We bought two and plan to buy more to share as gifts with our active friends.

  14. Reace

    Great as a gift and very large. Clean colors came new in plastic. Upset because it was three days late one one day shipping we paid extra for and that is very bad.

  15. Rob

    Although I haven’t tested this in the water, the material is high quality and very nice smelling. It looks pretty rugged. I’m excited to test it in water situations.

  16. pjetur patterson

    Kept everything dry. Does it’s job!👍

  17. Asylumdee

    Love the color, how much it can hold, and is perfect for our kayaking, motorcycle, and beach trips. Keeps the rain/water out while not being too bulky for me!

  18. Travis

    Great looking product, very versatile, and most importantly, it keeps your items dry.

  19. Matt Barkman

    So far so good. Thick material and keeps stuff dry. Surprisingly roomy and plenty of space inside. Only two cons I can see: the backpack straps are not comfortable at all and the cinch straps are a little too forgiving and don’t tend to stay cinched as far as I’d like them to be sometimes. But overall, those things can be overlooked as the bag itself does the trick.

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