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Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack – 15 Liter Outdoor Rucksack Backpacks for Tactical, Survival, Camping & Hiking, Strong & Durable Bug Out Bags & Bagpack for Prepping & Waterproofing Supplies (Gray)

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24 reviews for acrodo_dry_bag_backpack_15L_solid_gray

  1. kristin koch

    This is a great dry bag. It is well worth it and the price is great. It is sturdy and well made. I paddleboard a lot. Since this bag also can be used as a backpack it is going to be perfect to take on paddleboard trips.

  2. H.B.

    Great quality for price. Seems very durable even though I haven’t had a chance to fully test. Quick shipping and great communication by Acrodo.

  3. avidphotoguyzzz

    Great quality. I was looking for a functional dry bag I could use as a backpack and this was exactly what I needed. Highly recommend!

  4. Jesus Sierra

    Solid product, I received my Acrodo Dry Bag just in time as I was leaving for a scuba trip at the Florida keys. I put the bag to work and all my gear was kept safe and dry. Easy to carry and well built.

  5. Kentucky Joe

    I purchased this to use while kicking through Ireland, I was impressed at the quality and compactness of the bag for the price

  6. KC

    I love going to the beach for kiting sessions and photo shoots, but get really annoyed at sand and water getting all over my stuff. This bag was the perfect solution! The included straps work great, but the way they connect make it sit a little differently than a normal backpack. That being said, the whole reason for having it is the waterproof feature, and that works PERFECTLY! No more shaking sand out of things I had to sit down for a minute, and no more worries that something will fall into the water when exploring near the shore line. Definitely worth picking one up if this sounds like a typical outing for you!

  7. Kim

    Had a chance to test this bag out on the field today. It’s been raining pretty steadily and took the opportunity to take the bag with me while trout fishing.Pros: build quality is nice. Thick material with tight seems. Definitely waterproof as it kept my extra fleece and personal items bone dry in the rain. The size is also a plus. It’s larger than I expected.Cons: only con I had was that it wasn’t a true backpack. The they provide two straps (no padding included) that clip unto rings. Plus points for adjustability. Depending on the weight of whatever you’re storing your comfort level will decrease accordingly.I only had a few lightweight items so it wasn’t an issue for me.For the price, it’s still a good buy.

  8. Vero

    I offered this bag to my husband who loves to go in outdoor expeditions and has to protect his personal stuff from rain or water in general. At first glance I would say this bag looks big enough. I picked up in black. It exists in transparent fancy colors, but who wants to have the others see what there is in your bag? It is easy to close and delivered with users instructions. There is also a link to have more info online. The seals seem solid so should be hermetic enough, but we will see soon after having made the experience on the ground! In the meanwhile he is very happy to finally have such a bag. The team Acrodo seems very attentive to its customers so that is a good sign. Wait and see.

  9. Hai H.

    Great bag highly recommended

  10. Roger Moale

    Great bag!

  11. Ian365

    Love this little bag and great price as well can’t go wrong with it. Yeah

  12. LisaLisa

    I bought this bag because as of the straps. I really like that it can be worn as a backpack and that it can be buckled on to things. I took it to Mexico on a boat trip and tossed the straps around one of the deck poles and bam no worries. The ‘backpack’ straps do leave a little to be desired as to the way they fit but for short periods it works. I didn’t pack it to the brim though. I also have not fully tested the waterproofing yet so we’ll see. But points for design! I can’t wait to take it on a float trip and see if it really works!

  13. Acrodo Customer

    Everything stayed dry. No complaints.

  14. David Michael Hastings

    This bag is perfect. We go kayaking a lot and I always get nervous about tipping over in the canal. This bag lets us carry anything we want on there, and keeps my blood pressure down. Must have if going out on the water.

  15. Rhonda B.

    So far so good. Much sturdier than the smaller bags. Love the ability to cinch it down and make it smaller. Kept everything together and dry.

  16. Jennifer

    We bought this bag to take on a cruise. We mainly wanted this to take on a boat ride we would be doing for an excursion but on one of our beach days it started pouring. While others ran to grab their stuff and take cover from the rain my husband and I walked on the beach without a worry in the world. Our speaker, cell phones, wallets and my book stayed completely dry.

  17. Rosalia’s Reviews

    I brought this to the beach when we went on vacation in the Caribbean and it was the best decision! I did a lot of research on the best way to secure your valuables before we left. The answer? Take them with you! If you leave your stuff on the beach eventually your luck will run out and it will be stolen.I have a hard time parting with my camera, especially when we are in exotic locations, and didn’t want to keep running back to the room, this dry bag allowed me to take our stuff everywhere we went. Snorkeling, water park, the pool. It kept our stuff dry as a bone, and all of the clips made it easy to secure when pool chairs or the boat was within a short view. I had several other vacationers comment that they wished they had known about this bag, as the resort only sold a very small dry bag fanny pack for more than 3x what this bag cost!

  18. Brigitte

    These bags appear to be every bit as durable as the bag I paid $35 for in a local big box store.

  19. charles

    It’s amazing how to do everything women I do a lot of traveling during the week it’s perfect for daily moves

  20. Raymond

    Perfect for the river or boating

  21. paulo ortega

    Producto de buena calidad y el diseño moderno, es resistente al agua como se esperaba !

  22. Joshua J

    Worked great on the paddleboard. Had a couple waves rush over it and my keys, shoes, and wallet stayed home dry.

  23. Sergio

    Kayaking is very very fun! Having a regular backpack is very scary. Just imagine some how you tipped over and whatever is holding your stuff fails. That will definitely suck right? Whether its a boat, kayak, canoe. Etc. You’ll always want your stuff to be safe!This waterproof bag is amazing! It does float! It’s so nice not have to worry of mine and my friends stuff getting wet or loosing it. When you’re at the lake obviously you can’t leave any valuable on the spot you picked. I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna put your keys or phone in your pocket when you’re on a kayak or canoe. Well maybe your phone cause that’s replaceable.I definitely recommend getting this waterproof bag! Make sure you don’t put anything sharp in it cause it is plastic. Also test it first to see if you didn’t get a bad waterproof bag.

  24. Daniel Carlson

    Exactly what we were looking for, just as described.

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