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Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack – 15 Liter Outdoor Rucksack Backpacks for Tactical, Survival, Camping & Hiking, Strong & Durable Bug Out Bags & Bagpack for Prepping & Waterproofing Supplies(Purple)

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8 reviews for acrodo_dry_backpack_double_15L_spurple

  1. breanna

    The bag is nice i own a dry bag already and have used them in the past but i like that this can be warn as a backpack. That was something that annoyed me about every other dry bag i have used is that they have no staps making it hard to carry if you are also trying to carry your snorkle gear, kayak or SUP. The material does seem a little thin so be careful around anything sharp that it doesnt poke a hole. I havent taken it out yet but played with it a little and it definitely seems to have a great seal. Im excited to use this on my next kayak or SUP outing, the backpack style is going to make my life easier for my outings. The bag seems sturdy and well made. Is great that they made it so you can attach other items to the bag. Hook on your water bottle, whistle, flashlight, ect. No water got in when i took it in the shower. Grest bag for those who enjoy water activities.

  2. tamara van der heyden

    Only used it a few times so far but appears to be a great bag for the price

  3. Brian & Bethanie

    We use it for clothes and so fourth while in our kayaks. It keeps everything dry! Seems to be good quality and it looks good. Very happy with my purchase.

  4. April Horne

    This bag was perfect for taking out on the lake boating! Kept our items secure and dry. I also plan to use it for pool days! The size is perfect and love how the straps can adjust to accommodate many configurations. It does seem like it could lose some durability around the buckles if those sewn points are stressed when the bag warms up and the material gets softer. We will make an effort to keep ours out of the sun to avoid any problems.

  5. Tom

    Nice improvement over my backpack I was using to go boating. We took water over the bow and soaked my backpack, yeah, phone/wallet/etc ruined.Bought this after this incident. I prefer this one you can we what’s in it. I tossed it in the lake for fun, floated no issue. No leaks.Bonus is you can wear like a backpack with the included straps. Win win.

  6. Tara

    This is great for camping and other outdoor activities! It is a great addition to our gear and can fit a good amount of items in it!

  7. bigD37128

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I have to be honest. When I bought this, I figured it was almost a fancy ziplock, based on the stock images on Acrodo. I was impressed that the durability of the bag was substantially better than I expected. I own a kayak and a canoe and often have a need for a dry bag, even in the “dry pod” sections that typically stay dry most of the time but sometimes see water. This 15L size bag will be especially useful on overnight or longer day trips where dry items (food, extra clothes, kindling) will be needed, and will hold everything I need including a spare change of clothes/shoes, hat, sunglasses, wallet/phone, etc. It seems very well made.I love the option of changing this bag from a backpack to a duffel bag based on the positioning of the straps. There are so. many. latches. connecting this bag together which provides a great number of options for how to wear it. I love this bag! I was recently shopping for one of these before finding this on Acrodo and saw the 10L bags ranging from $20-30, and the bigger sized bags went up from there. For this high of a quality of a bag at this size, this is a great deal! And I LOVE that the bag is see-through. Very helpful to remember and check on the contents of the bag. Great deal!

  8. Sonja E Willumson

    Took the pack out with me to a spot on the river where it flows through large rocks, about 20‘ climb down to get to the water. My hope was to avoid leaving items unattended while I swam/climbed and to eat my lunch wherever I happened to be when hungry. It worked beautifully- enough room for two people‘s food and drink, floated nicely, and everything inside remained dry until I tried to squeeze through a passage in the rocks where I really should have taken it off first. It got a small puncture/abrasion from being dragged along that surface, but nothing that can’t be easily patched, and the hole did not get notably larger or run the way tights do when torn despite my continuing to carry it along. Small enough hole that the bag still floated and my stuff was not soaked through by the end of the day.I just ordered two more so next time my kid and I go anywhere with water, we can have all our stuff on us without leaving it unattended or having to return to any given spot- very useful when everyone and his cousin suddenly shows up and one wishes to relocate to a less crowded spot! Now we can just swim to the less popular side instead of having to climb over humans and their stuff in addition to the rocks.Advise having duct tape or bike tire patch kit on hand if there is a chance of the pack getting dragged along/into rocks or other sharp/rough surfaces, overall the thing was exactly what I was looking for.

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