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Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag – 10 & 20 Liter Floating Dry Sacks for Beach, Strong & Durable Outdoor Bags for Kayaking, Swimming, Boating, Camping, Hiking, Travel & Gifts (Light Blue)

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93 reviews for acrodo_dry_bag_10l_trans_light_blue

  1. Lu

    Love it! Arrived on time & is even bigger in person:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. jason m smith

    I just wish i had read the reviews a tad better. I thought it was a zip up waterproof bag. U fold the top and buckle it to secure it

  3. lalameda

    Perfect size, like that I can sling it over my head out of the way or leave it bungled to my board. Haven’t dunked it, but all inside was dry after bag got wet on the board. Happy with it! Nice and sturdy.

  4. Laura H.

    The Glen Canyon kayaking and rafting trip I am going on only allows “clear” bags. I figured I might as well get a clear dry bag for the occasion. I tested the bag while kayaking on the lake this weekend. It worked out great even when I threw it into the lake. Everything stayed dry. Plenty of room for carrying necessities. I love that it has a handle and a shoulder strap.

  5. Phyllis K Hirsch

    Exactly as expected. We use it to keep our wallets, glasses and cell phones safe while on the water.

  6. Annina

    Just as expected.

  7. Jeremy Wolfe

    This bag definitely keeps your stuff dry. I would caution to keep it out of the sun though because it gets really hot. I left my phone in it and had to wait for it to cool down because it got so hot. I had quite a few melted granola bars as well. I would probably just keep an extra set of clothes or towels in it and throw it on the boat.

  8. Lena Rhodes

    Works well! So nice to be able to see into the bag. Would buy again and recommend to a friend!

  9. unsatisfied

    See pics..Bought this just as something unique and i’m not disappointed. I’ve used it a few times and no issues to report.It’s a sort of plastic i’m guessing but very soft. Straps, buckles and everything are well connected. Easily holds a spare set of clothes. I put a pair of jeans, a shirt and a cup inside just for reference and there was still some room to spare.Really nice!

  10. Acrodo Customer

    Great bag and great size, perfect for a towel, change of clothes and accessories. Very durable and tight seal. I love the shoulder strap for easy carrying.

  11. Daniel Amira (store manager)

    This New Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag Transparent 10 really does its drop. It keeps your stuff dry on the inside while water is kept away on the outside. It is definitely worth it!

  12. Kat

    I can’t say enough about this bag. The first bag I purchased I took it to Dominican Republic on vacation. I took it with me to a waterfall excursion. In this excursion we had to jump off of some cliffs into the river and waterfalls, we were submerged into the water and the bag with my contents, i.e., phone, wallet, money came up dry every single time! The bag did what it was meant to do, float back up and keep the water out. I ended up leaving my original bag there to one of our guides who had an expensive camera and no protection but a zip lock bag :(. Nevertheless, I purchased 2 more bags!! Again I just can’t say enough of the bag. Great job who ever came up with the idea. Also very roomy. It is not meant to carry your life, just the basics and did the job. I give an A+++

  13. Lauren M. McGovern

    Loved this bag. Kept everything dry. I went white water rafting over the weekend and there were class 3 rapids so the bag definitely got a ton of water on it. Everything in the bag was complete dry when i opened it. Not one drop of water! Highly recommend it!

  14. kriselles

    worked well on a recent trip that involved a lot of water activities. all contents stayed dry and clean.

  15. Acrodo Customer

    Took this on an overnight canoe trip. Stood up fine, even sitting in bilge water all day. It’s nice how it’s transparent so you don’t have to take everything out to find that one thing.

  16. Cahmbriel A. Clackum

    Excellent bag! Even bigger than I had imagined! Very easy to use. Can’t wait to take it to the beach!

  17. Bmore2017 (store manager)

    Slim and comfortable to carry with shoulder strap, even when full. The bag fully met expectations; however, I only needed to carry one change of summer clothes, a jacket, a pair of flip-flops, travel-size toiletries, basic makeup, a comb, and my cell phone. Those items maxed out this size bag. My only wish is that the bag had an exterior zip or velcro pocket for convenience items, even if the pocket is not waterproof.

  18. candy

    good size, attractive looking, clear see through.

  19. Amanda

    I use this bag when paddleboarding. It keeps everything dry and is just the right size to strap onto the front of my board! Great product!

  20. Brenda Fenton

    Great for rafting, boating or tubing. I also bought Mpow Waterproof Case, New Type PVC Waterproof…Mpow. I put my cell phone in the waterproof case and then place that in the dry bag along with my keys and other things I don’t want to get wet. Works like a charm .

  21. Acrodo Customer (store manager)

    If you seal it well it works like a marvel went to Costa Rica with t when it was a full on downpour or visited the waterfalls kept my stuff real dry

  22. martin121234

    Nice that it has a handle and clear enough to see what is inside.

  23. Levi

    Bought this to keep meats and cheeses in our cooler without them becoming waterlogged. Works like a charm.

  24. Jamie Elliot

    perfect, keeps everything dry just as intended!

  25. Penny Lane

    A little on the small side, but works great for a waterproof holding bag.

  26. Lokiodinson

    Nice product. I will be buying the larger bag next time.

  27. Acrodo Customer (store manager)

    Worked great for our excursions on our honeymoon! Would definitely order again!

  28. Annie

    I’ve used this item kayaking, boating, and as a backpack on a few bike rides to the beach. Great seal, kinda clear to see where things are.

  29. Kristin Anderson

    Love this product! I went kayaking recently and sat on the “on-top” kayaks and it was a very cold and wet/ stormy day and I was soaked but everything in my bag including my expensive key fob for my car was dry.

  30. Dawn McNally

    Great bag, light weight, can see what is in it. Keeps items dry.

  31. Silvia

    Good bag, no water comes in, very light and easy to take with you when traveling.

  32. Gail Farrell

    Just awesome. We pretty much submersed this bag in the pool. Everything stayed dry. Such a great bag. I will be ordering another.

  33. Acrodo Customer

    Fantastic. Works great, looks great, and I love the handle. I got the 10L, used it on ports of call on cruises and at Universal Studios. Took it in rain, snorkelling, beaching, and just touristing. My only gripe is that it’s difficult to bring the two round loops together at the top of the bag

  34. Ginny Emerson

    tried it out last weekend, worked great!

  35. Karla D. Rob

    Works great and can fit so much

  36. Acrodo92

    Love this product so much! I tried this out for the first time on my paddle board and I had it strapped down to the front of my board and it was getting wet and water was running over the bag. It was able to hold a towel, my Android phone, my selfie stick, and a Snapple drink… And it kept everything dry! Would definitely recommend.

  37. justine

    Goid quality and shipped fast. Very happy! Bought for a float trip and I think it will be perfect.

  38. Jayne

    Perfect for using on a SUP board

  39. MurrtownMom

    Arrived fast and worked great on the boat.

  40. Shan

    Great bag for a day at the waterpark! Also used it to keep toiletries separate in checked luggage. No worries about leaking onto our clothing.

  41. Lori Cicchini

    Perfect for kayaking! Holds everything I need

  42. Patti

    Easy to carry, and good for camping, canoeing

  43. Adriana

    Great for outdoor fun! No leaks and very durable

  44. Kindle Customer

    Tipped my canoe and it kept it all dry.

  45. Issaraphat.l

    I buy this bag for trip holidays it’s nice bag and good size easy to carry. I take it go to the river for play tube. it’s great water proof not just water resistant

  46. Trena H.

    Very pleased with it, it did what I was hoping it would!

  47. DebbiePC3

    Received mine last week and took it kayaking! So easy to use. It was nice to feel that your phone and wallet is secured. The quality and the color of the bag is great. It’s thick but it’s not bulky. The strap is also sturdy!

  48. Trace

    Took this kayaking and it did not leak. I love this bag very durable and dependable.

  49. VINCE

    This bag is well designed and does the job! Great for my rafting trip.

  50. alohababy

    Bought this for a trip to Hawaii used it everywhere is great for any activity near or on the water!!

  51. Gaurav Kothari

    Bag looks sturdy and effective to keep the items away from water. Good buy for the price.

  52. Aaron Moore

    Well let me start off by saying I own multiple dry bags of different sizes. I have only just received it and give it a good inspection. Seems well made. I like the fact that you can see through it which I why I ordered this bag. I will be using it for my trips to theme parks with my children. Living in Florida there are always afternoon showers. This bag will be the perfect size for our cell phones and wallets to make sure they stay dry. Will update on a few months with how the bag is holding up.

  53. Andi Fairchild

    This is an awesome dry bag for camping, going to the beach or even the gym. It keeps. It’s pretty good size so you can fit a lot in it. I would recommend this product.

  54. snigdha vikas

    This bag looks and feels great. The only issue I faced is that I couldn’t seal the bag completely. Once I folded couple extra times before locking the clip, I was able to seal it better. But this loses some room during the process. Make sure u don’t over load it and also be aware of keeping any items in the bag that would puncture it. Overall decent bag for the price.

  55. Eric Levin

    Nice water proof bag!! Bigger than I thought.

  56. Jayq

    I got the blue 10L bag. The size is perfect for me to put some essentials for a day at the beach. Light and waterproof. Is more light weight than the one I had previously but looks better. I would recommend it especially if you need to keep your stuff away from water.

  57. Kristen Bachman

    Used it when I went to the lake with my friends! It worked great, kept all my things dry!

  58. Alexandra

    Nice size bag to take on the boat- fits cell, camera, etc

  59. Alexander K.

    Worked great, used it for a 7 day cruise and kept water off my stuff. Bag is easy to use and can fit enough stuff for 1-2 people for a whole day trip to the beach.

  60. jeff davidson

    Seems like a good quality bag can’t wait to use it

  61. Acrodo Customer

    Works great. Easy to use.

  62. GuessWho530

    I haven’t officially used this submerged into a water yet ( as the season permits )But since it’s been raining quite often recently and owning over 15 different bags/backpacks for different things and situations. This was a great practical bag for me for when I wanna get through the rain from the car and small enough to go around locally with.Transparency is good enough since half of the time I don’t remember what I placed into that backpack until years later.Will update my review if I decide to haul it out into the waters with me during the summer season.

  63. Emily

    We took this bag on a cruise and it held up! We were able to fit 2 full size towels, wallet, water bottle, and change of close for 2 people (all carefully folded) we got the second biggest, I forget the size

  64. Dennis

    Nice and light and keeps water out.

  65. Sarah

    Great bag

  66. Jill Delage

    I needed to replace my scuba trip dry bag from 20 years ago, and this will do the trick! My only criticism would be that once buckled closed, it doesn’t pack flat, but I think that’s a minor issue. Plenty of room for the “first aid” and repair equipment I haul along, and dive logs, etc. etc.

  67. Richard Fletcher

    Worked very well. Easy to tote and kept everything dry each trip to the beach.

  68. Brian Fischer

    Love it.Great quality!

  69. Kyle

    Good size, easy to handle and buckle, took it kayaking today and worked as expected. Let the bag float for a minute to test water resistance.

  70. Ava Stow

    Material is very thick plastic, feels like the same material as an inner tube . The transparent blue color is very chic and perfect for keeping my stuff dry on boating days. As for day one, I think this is worth the money and is a good value.

  71. Christina Merideth

    Fantastic! Better quality than I was expecting! Looking forward to taking it on my cruise next month and our camping trip!

  72. Ivan L.

    A ok

  73. Brooke Hurley

    Ok so we took it to the pool to test out before our cruise and that is the reason we wanted the bag. We put paper towels inside since it is clear blue it was hard to tell the water droplets from the outside if they were only on the outside. It floated and I really like that. I had my children really put it to the test. I do not feel it is meant to be fully submerged however my 9 yr old was insistent on really putting it to the test. So he put it on the bottom of the pool. During the just being in the pool we had no leakage at all. However when fully submerged we had ONLY A TINY TINY BIT of leakage. Like I said I do not feel it is meant to be fully submerged like this. But was impressed at how it did still. I am very excited and confident to take on my cruise and wouldn’t think twice about putting my iPhone and wallet in it and take it in the water. Very happy with this product.

  74. Rodd

    Oh my this bag is well made. Not the cheap bag I thought I would be getting. This is an amazing looking bag with the see thru blue it has a stylish look to it. It’s perfect for a trip to an amusement park. Especially water parks and other parks like knots berry farm that have water rides. I love the over the shoulder strap. It’s comfortable! Seriously worth every penny gathered to purchase.

  75. DLS

    The bag was much larger than I expected, but using the directions & folding it up tighter it made it small enough for what I needed. I can’t wait to use it for it’s full capacity.

  76. Kindle Customer

    Keeps everything dry

  77. Bonnie

    Beautiful and good design

  78. Alma & Ale


  79. Lindsey Milian

    I bought this bag to take when I kayak and must say it is completely waterproof. It’s great to store your personal belongings in, to keep them dry. I highly recommend this bag. I use it on our boat and when I go to the beach as well.

  80. Misty Forbus

    Lots of room to keep items dry when I go kayak or paddle board.

  81. KJ

    The bag did exactly what was needed – kept my stuff dry. I’ve heard to get a ‘clear’ bag if you’re going somewhere hot but do your own research on that. I bought both a 5L and 10L bag for a trip to the Philippines and found use for both on excursions and going to the beach. I wouldn’t go too big unless you get one with back pack straps since if it’s too heavy it digs in.Things inside of it will heat up obviously if it’s hot out.

  82. Anthony Joseph Venditti

    ordered this as a small gift for the wife and we use it every time we go out in the kayaks it does the job and keeps things out of the way in a safe place.

  83. Justin

    I purchased this as a gift for my wife to use on her SUP. She uses it to store various things for full day outings (books, water, food, etc.) This bag keeps them all dry and it’s easy to get in and out of it. She loves using this bag, so I’ll easily recommend it to others.

  84. Kindle Customer (store manager)

    Great for travel, when you have a water park or beach day in the plans. I bought one for each individual in this family of four. Easy to carry, see everything and is the perfect size for all your valuables!

  85. Edwards_CSG

    I purchased two of these bags which I use for my drone and camera on my Kayaking outings. My kayak has two dry wells, but they aren’t completely watertight, so having these bags gives me extra security. These bags are easy to use. Their sizes fit my needs almost exactly. I have only been using them for about three months, they have worn well. They appear to be durable. Of course, being able to see what is in the bag (especially some of the smaller, extra stuff) is helpful.

  86. Chirag

    Great product, looks nice and water proof

  87. rxmej

    Works great !

  88. Looper2.0

    Built quality ain’t that great! Made with cheap plastic.

  89. Marissa

    Exactly what I needed! Super easy to carry. The handle and shoulder strap are perfect. You cannot go wrong with this item!!!

  90. Shirley R. Weathers

    Easy to tote practical water bag!!

  91. Marianne Pierce

    Love the color

  92. Roy

    We have only used them for a few runs but so far so good.

  93. Happy Camper

    My son uses this when he goes to the beach. He puts his towel and extra clothes in it and it fits perfectly!

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