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Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag – 10 & 20 Liter Floating Dry Sacks for Beach, Strong & Durable Outdoor Bags for Kayaking, Swimming, Boating, Camping, Hiking, Travel & Gifts (Transparent Blue)

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Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag – 10 & 20 Liter Floating Dry Sacks for Beach, Strong & Durable Outdoor Bags for Kayaking, Swimming, Boating, Camping, Hiking, Travel & Gifts (Transparent Blue)

110 reviews for acrodo_dry_bag_10l_trans_black

  1. Alex

    Does what it needs to do. Good construction

  2. martine83

    Idéal pour les sorties en mer, le matériel est à l’abri.Le sac peut contenir appareil photo, téléphone sans problème, bonne contenance. Seul bémol, une seule sangle pour porter à l’épaule. En randonnée, j’aurais apprécié de porter ce sac comme un sac à dos

  3. eole

    Super sympa et pratique , dommage que La bandoulière n’était pas dans le sac noir , le bleu pourtant l’avait à l’intérieur .

  4. Gay Van Pelt

    Really well designed bag! Great for kayaking with a camera.

  5. Jessica R.

    Great size for the price!

  6. Paolo B.

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE your product. It is truly a sturdy bag. I originally got it for work because it is transparent and it looks more “manly” in my opinion as a transparent bag. But I bought a second one for active events and it has worked out really well- I went to go fishing and camping with it. It’s really nice and the fact that it’s transparent, makes it convenient to look for things. Only gripe I had was that I wish it had an outside pocket or something but seeing that it inflates as you fold the bag’s opening, it’s understandable that there isn’t one But there’s plenty of space inside so there’s really no complaints here. (Also, because it inflates, it helps to keep my belongings an aircushion to keep things from breaking or getting ruined like my Snapback hats). Highly recommended.

  7. Acrodo Customer

    This item is ALL its described to be. Good size for the family.

  8. BPK

    Just what I was looking for.

  9. Liz Buente

    Out of 6 of the items I purchased for my first trip floating down the river here in Texas, this was 1 of the 2 things I purchased that actually worked the way I hoped it would. I would definitely suggest this item!

  10. Katie Bourgeois

    I bought this bag to take mudding and it works perfect. It kept my things dry and mud free. I even tested it by cleaning the mud off in the river with my things still inside. Great purchase!!


    These are probably the coolest looking dry bags I have bought recently.Pros:1) Modern design with three ways to carry. Topside, sideways or as a sling. Most other bags can only be carried two ways at most. Carrying them sideways is particularly handy when different loads need to be carried for equal weight distribution. Something’s are too long and need to be kept horizontal and that is where I loved the side strap.2) Beautiful colors. (Suggesting to the seller to add a dark green and magenta :).3) The bags are see through so one can easily see through them and keep an eye out for any leaks if they get punctured during extensive use. Very handy.4) Multipurpose. Great for storing expensive woolens and specially cashmere sweaters etc. On the boat to keep things dry which is obvious use for them.5) Great customer service. They answered all questions on the limitations and usage of the bags very promptly.6) Great to give as a gift. I have bought and have given away around 4 of them and everyone is so super happy. “Coolest gift they got they say to me.”Cons:1) Be careful about the dry feature though, it is not entirely water tight. Must be sealed tightly and still there is a chance that water may go in.2) Not ideal for winter sports or ice. The design, color and see through capabilities are a compromise for the material that is used gets a little stiff in extreme cold weather. Will not affect you unless you need an extremely flexible bag. I still use them and this does not bother me.3) Price I guess as with all good quality Dry Bags out there.Conclusion:Great and coolest looking Dry Bag you will ever own. Close as instructed and water will not get in. If you close it loosely then don’t blame the bag :).Buying more soon as I absolutely love them.Please excuse for any errors as unintentional.

  12. Erasmo H.

    Great product

  13. Mwk

    Perfect for your outdoor adventures

  14. Laurar53

    The bag did just as it said, kept my stuff dry while canoeing!

  15. Hector Hernandez

    Works exactly as advertised


    It’s a perfect size for kayak adventures. I love the strap!

  17. Acrodo Customer

    Perfect size, using for SUP and Kayaking.

  18. Rob

    Took it on a float down the Meremac River in Missouri, we were able to keep our important items in there safely. We even kept a phone playing on a bluetooth speaker and were able to enjoy some tunes during our float (a little muffled but still good!!!)

  19. Megan B.

    This is a great bag at a great price. Works great on the front of our paddleboards – we just do short trips. Gives us a place for keys, phones, shoes and clothes.

  20. Carolyn Baier

    Works wonders. It went completely underwater and everything inside was dry.

  21. OGmandyV

    This bag is terrific! We used it while tubing to keep certain items from getting wet. I wouldn’t recommend dunking it, but we were splashed with rapids and everything managed to stay dry. I like how easy it is to access items and reseal. Other water tight products can be a bit cumbersome, but this one was really easy! I also like that it wasn’t a hard product, so it could get nestled between the inner tube and cooler. The black color does get quite warm though! I just tossed some water on it to cool it off. Used in Texas in July of 2017 if that helps!

  22. Acrodo Customer

    Gave it to my 24 year old grandson and he took it to a pool party immediately. He had his wallet, phone, towel, sun screen, and snacks and still had room for more. Shoulder strap is great. Perfect for kayaking, watersports, beach. I bought one for me and I love mine too.

  23. Ann Hendricks

    These are just great. Recommend!

  24. David R. Farmer

    I can definitely say this bag worked. I flipped my kayak this weekend and the bag was totally submerged for about 20 minutes, but the contents stayed dry.

  25. Dustin C.

    The bag was bigger and spacious than expected and for the price it was awesome! It kept everything super dry at the water park and then even doubled as bag to contain all my wet clothes so they didn’t get my car wet. Talk about dual purpose! Would recommend to Anyone and Everyone except small children because of the warning label.Great product!

  26. patagonianrose

    Kept things dry in my kayak, and I love being able to see the contents inside.

  27. Acrodo Customer


  28. Acrodo Customer

    great bag, easy to use.

  29. Mes

    Well worth my buy. Took it on vacation to Costa Rica. Rained everyday, so it was well needed. Held a lot of product, easy to use and durable.

  30. Melanie W.

    I got this for my boyfriend worth his new kayak. He is super stoked. It works great. All you do is throw your stuff inside and then you roll up the top to keep everything dry and secure.

  31. Kris

    Great bag for being out on the water.

  32. Dakota

    This thing. is. awesome.I bought this right after a camping trip where everything that could go wrong, did. Everything I owned got wet (phone, clothes, everything!) and I knew there had to be something out there to prevent this. This thing is big, it could easily fit two outfits, a towel and all the little things you carry with you. I especially loved the big strap so I could carry it on my shoulder. Seriously recommend to campers or music festival goers, everything stayed dry!

  33. Patti DeNike

    Haven’t tried it in water yet but it is a good size and I don’t see it having any problems.


    Very Nice Product, I’m using it for the gym. thanks


    Used this product for a whitewater rafting trip and kept my items free from water. Good product to have.

  36. Puckerz

    Loved this bag! Kept water and sand out! Easy to use.

  37. DaSanti1

    Nice bag and it does keep my stuff clean of sand and water.

  38. Acrodo Customer

    looks durable but havent used it yet

  39. Rooji

    Great buy

  40. Pete & Linda

    I purchased this bag for my hiking and water excursions and it worked perfectly! I went tubing and stored my towel and clothes in it. Everything stayed dry as advertised. I’m glad I purchased this product. I will be using it a lot. Totally recommend this product!

  41. Christine Sullivan

    This is the perfect size bag for kayaking. The see through bag allows us to find what we are looking for quickly.

  42. John Klein

    Nice bag, works great

  43. Caitybelle

    This bag is freaking awesome. Took it river tubing and it kept 6 cell phones, 3 sets of car keys, and a few snacks perfectly safe and dry! I would recommend this product 10/10 for boating, tubing, beach trips, etc!

  44. Acrodo Customer

    Do not fill completely full. After five days of carrying handles ripped bag. But everything stayed dry until then

  45. Acrodo Customer

    Great bag! Used it on excursions during a cruise. Worked perfectly.

  46. Desert Moose

    This thing is awesome. It is heavy duty. It feels like really good quality and it keeps your stuff dry really well. I wish I had ordered a larger one, but you will not be disappointed by this dry bag. It’s perfect for the beach, the pool or a boat trip.

  47. JacquelynnM

    Plenty of room for the necessities on the water and the quality is great with a low price.

  48. MKT

    Received the bag on time, it feels very nicely designed and made, the handle and strap are good quality and in the right location. Very easy to close and seal, I got this bag to use as check in bag for the Staten Island Half 2017, knowing that it will be raining during the run, unfortunately the picture looks more tranparent but the actual material is more black translucent, NYPD security screener rejected the bag explaining that the bag needed to be transparent and instructed me to take out everything and transfer it into a regular NYRR Clear Clear Bag. I was hoping not to use those bags to Create less plastic waste footprint, but I guessed I failed ! I will still keep the bag, since it’s a very nice bag, nothing is wrong with it, still have to try the floating concept, but I wish they made a model that is fully tranparent. Overall I’m very happy with the bag.

  49. GrammaDi


  50. Amanda S. Huston

    Best $10 bucks spent for swim team yet…

  51. Acrodo Customer


  52. Kayla O.

    I got this bag back in the summer and it has held true to what it said it would. I used this bag all he time to keep my belongings, especially my phone, dry when I go kayaking. Definitely would recommend for any water activity

  53. Katherine F.

    Works and looks as advertised. I was only disappointed by the crinkly feeling of the material. It feels like it may crack or rip faster than other bags I own.

  54. Appleberry

    I received this dry bag yesterday afternoon in time for a football game in the evening. 10L sounded like too much space at first and it turns out to be the perfect size to hold the contents of the diaper bag, a change of clothes, toddler snacks/drinks, and my purse contents. We had been to a few games with the regular diaper bag and needed to find something transparent to speed up entering the stadium because of their clear bag policy. Another plus is the waterproof quality of the dry bag since we have many more home games ahead of us, rain or shine.

  55. V G

    Great for Water and Fun parks!

  56. aj

    It worked perfect got for my trip to hawaii went scuba diving and to the beach I didn’t have anyone to watch my stuff so I bought this to carry my things while I was in water worked good … nothing sharp in bag

  57. Acrodo Customer

    This bag kept my items dry during several excursions during my Antartica trip. HOwever, it wasn’t as durable as I needed it to be. My husband’s bag tore first then mine. They bags both tore at the clip section but we just rolled it well to prevent any seepage.

  58. Quality Check

    This bag was the hero purchase of my recent trip to Thailand. Great bag for being on the move, especially involving traveling on beaches or near water. I got a 10liter and it was the perfect size for heavy travel. The 10L still holds a lot even though it’s hard to tell from just looking at pictures. I used this back everyday. It fit really well in the storage compartment of motor scooters. Great for transporting things in the rain as well. I was so happy to have this during a surprise downpour in Thailand.The only downside was that it did tear a little at the top near the stitching, but since you fold over the top part to close it, it’s still functional. Just not sure about how long it will last with heavy usage.

  59. kman53

    As advertised.

  60. terry lee morrison

    This works great just the right size to take to the pool or beach just what I wanted. Easy to cary from top or side, fits in gym locker.Might be too small for snorkel equipment but that isn’t the purpose I bought it for.

  61. Langford Barksdale

    Great, simple

  62. Timothy Rathel

    Used this on my honeymoon cruise and it worked great!

  63. JC

    This bag holds so much n came in handy ontours in cayman islands. Keeps things dry n sand came right off. Love it. Only thing is that it didnt look like it does in the pic. I ordered black and it looks brown but i still like it so I didnt care too much about that.

  64. Acrodo Customer

    Bought this for my dad because he goes fishing a lot and he absolutely loves it! Says it doesn’t let any water seep through!

  65. Jonathan R.

    This waterproof backpack worked so well for my beach trip. It kept sand and water out really well and held much more than I thought it would.

  66. Squirt Dudgeon

    Great product. Used it for 10 days in Palawan, Philippines and not one leak!

  67. Elijah Asaro

    Bag seems like it’s quality. Haven’t used it yet. The strap came broken as you can see in the pic. I’ve contacted the company and have not heard back yet. 3 stars since I haven’t heard back from them.Update: they actually sent me a whole new bag with unbroken strap and didn’t even ask for the broken one back.I also got to use the bag floating down the Snoqualmie River here in Washington where it was partially or totally submersed all day and it worked perfectly. Very happy.

  68. Tiffany R

    I have had this bag for over a year. It has gone on many kayaking trips, and spent plenty of time at the beach. This bag is worth every penny. It’s comfortable to wear and the material is durable. Its had books crammed in it, keys, and it is still in great shape. I’m going to buy another one for my husband!

  69. Brittany Duffin

    I haven’t had a chance to use the bag yet, but I love the size of the 10L bag… perfect for small wallet, phone, snacks. The transparent color is more like a frosted gray which I like.

  70. kaytran

    It is awsome waterproof bag. With the fix size I need and easy to carry. Thank you.

  71. Steve Nelson

    My daughter and I used this bag on our trip to Machu Picchu Peru! It kept everything dry and was easy to use. It met all of our expectations.

  72. Acrodo Customer

    Easy to use and works as described

  73. Keisha G. Means

    Great for my cruise.

  74. RainaDee

    I loved this bag, it was great for the beaches and shopping. Next time I will purchase a larger more durable bag because this one tore on both sides at the buckle.

  75. Emily

    I was looking for a dry bag to put a couple changes of clothes in. This was exactly what I was looking for. Sturdy construction and seals tight. Can’t wait to hopefully use it on the river this summer

  76. Caesar

    this bag is awsome, its the right size and the materials are great , i love it , i can carry the right stuff and its very comfortable

  77. Natalie C. Summerhays

    This product is very high quality. The material feels very strong and sturdy. I purchased the 10 liter and it is perfect for what I need. I will use it scuba diving so I will put my towel and some clothes in it and my phone

  78. Hana

    It is a perfect size for my sleeping bag (granted it is fairly a compact sleeping bag for backpacking;women;mummy type). Cannot comment for durability yet, but seems well made for the price range.

  79. Christina Gibson

    Took this bag on a cruise vacation with us and seriously was the best decision we made pre trip. On the beach and at the water park and the pool this bag kept all of our item safe and dry and we were able to keep everything with us. If you’re going on a vacation- I’d highly recommend. This bag lays flat in your suitcase too !

  80. Caleb Harman

    High quality product. I bought to use for long bike rides so things don’t get wet in tbe rain. Excited for this bag!

  81. Sarah

    I bought this to use for floating the Frio river and it worked perfectly! I actually had it packed down and with 4 phones in it with many other thing I did not want to get wet. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone. Great product!!!

  82. Tiffany

    Perfect for the beach and pool parties and the boat.

  83. susan reeves

    if you need a nice day bag for kayaking or canoeing, this is it. carried a towel, rain gear, snacks, and a small gear box. and it all stayed dry. very pleased. great buy. and you can see everything in the bag.

  84. ladyluck

    Haven’t actually dunked this is the water to see if it is totally waterproof, but I use this and another from the same brand for paddle boarding. It hooks to my board, and doesn’t allow any of the items inside to be damaged by the splashing. Good deal for the price!

  85. Robin Costello

    Love this bag! Our stuff stayed dry.

  86. tameka gaines

    Works Great For The Beach & Water Parks!

  87. Rebecca

    Bad ass bag! I do a lot of boating, kayaking and jet skiing so this bag is a must. I love this color too Bc it’s still see through and easy to spot what you’re looking for rather than digging around aimlessly like some other bags. I defiantly recommend and plan on getting a bigger size too; this sucker can fit a lot, don’t get me wrong! I stuffed a T-shirt, a decent size towel, phone, keys, portable phone charger, and sunscreen with ease!

  88. Min

    Quality is ok. A satisfied shopping.

  89. Nicole

    Bought the 10 liter bag for kayaking. Was able to hold items for both my husband and I. Everything in the bag was safe and dry at the end of our day on the water. It is easy to get in and out of the bag when you need to which is nice considering a lot of “waterproof or water resistant” bags/boxes have several locking mechanisms. I will say that the bag never fell in the water or was submerged, so I cannot attest to the durability under that circumstance.

  90. Donald K Bassett

    Great for essential boat supplies!

  91. mp

    This beach bag is perfect. I like the fact that you can see through it, so finding things is a breeze. And the roll-down top is ideal for keeping sand & water out, and it actually accomplishes that quite nicely. When it’s go-time, the strap is perfect for throwing over your shoulder.

  92. Tracee Abraham

    I used this when I went on my cruise. And it came in handy. Love it.

  93. Katrina M.

    I got this for a recent trip to a very rainy region and beach area. I really wasnt sure how it would work out, but found it to be one of the best things I coudve thought to bring. It may look like its cheap, but I can tell you it held up great with absolutely no leaks through heavy tropical downpour. It was easy to use once I figured out how to roll it, and held up well. To give you an idea of size, it did great to carry an ipad for my son, 2 extra large microfiber towels, phone, money pouch, and water bottle. Even though it looked like the ipad and bottle top might stretch it out, it left no dents or deformity at all. Plenty of length in the handle to drape it across my body, and elimiated the need for a pack cover as wouldve been needed for my regular camelback. Its my new go to for rain and beach!

  94. Stevie U.

    Due to the current pandemic, my vacation was canceled and I was unable to use this product as expected. However, I love the timeliness of the delivery, as well as, the look and feel of this bag, I look forward to putting it to use on a beach, somewhere soon !S.

  95. Steve Edwards

    It looks like it is a high quality bag that is versatile enough for any number of uses that one might not expect from a bag like this usually associated with camping and boating, etc. For instance, I think this light (in terms of weight, not sturdiness) bag will be very useful if I get caught in a heavy rain and need to keep documents and devices dry. I also like the detachable strap and the closing mechanism. I’m glad I bought this high quality, inexpensive dry bag.

  96. lara

    Great for keeping things dry.

  97. Troy J LaRose

    Good price and product

  98. Connie Yates

    Beautiful with a purpose ☆

  99. pen name26

    Great dry bag for the price!!! Good size and floats great from my paddle board keeping snacks cool and my phone dry!

  100. Acrodo Customer

    This is a great waterproof bag I use on my boat. Highly recommend it.

  101. Acrodo Customer

    As expected great product.

  102. Mj

    Awesome bag took on river worked fine nothing wet but make sure u roll it down at least 5 times and still put your phone in water proof case .

  103. Lindsay

    Great. As described

  104. Acrodo Customer

    Works great

  105. Maryline

    Worked well for floating down a river, kept all my belongings dry as a bone

  106. Tomás Pulido

    Buen producto para la playa

  107. Runnermama751

    It’s great to clip on to my paddle board for whatever I need to bring. Great size for packing wallet, phone and snacks

  108. Marcus

    I liked the price point affordability and durability of this medium sized water proofed travel bag! It’s perfect for camping kayaking and beach going.

  109. Angela

    Do you like your things to stay dry? Me too! This bag is great, nice carry strap, keeps everything dry in the kayak, even if you have children who splash you. Just saying.

  110. Acrodo Customer

    Great for vacation or any water traveling! Protects your belongings and phone! Me and my partner bought this a few years ago and still use it till this day on all our vacations every Summer!

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