Acrodo Space Saver Bags

Save three times the space on your next adventure! No need to debate on which clothes you’ll have to leave at home! Take them all with Acrodo Space Saver Bags.

  • Increase Storage Space by 300%

    Perfect for condensing shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, blankets, pillows, towels, and more! No need to struggle with your suitcase zipper or try to cram too much in your backpack. Our roll-up compression bags make packing easier and more efficient, adding extra space and reducing packing frustration for your next trip.

  • No Vacuum or Pump Required

    No need to go through the hassle of using a pump or vacuum to use your compression bags. Valve-suction technology allows for tightly compressed storage without the need for any other equipment. Simply place your items in the bag, zip, and roll!

  • Air & Water Tight

    Not only will our compression bags save you space, they also protect your personal belongings from mold, mildew, dust, and bacteria. Keep your items fresh and clean while traveling, free from bugs and insects.

  • Most Durable Plastic

    At 70 micron plastic thickness, we offer the best available for space saving bags. Increased durability, longevity, and protection are all features you will enjoy with Acrodo Compression Bags.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Risk Free!

    Buy today risk free. Your satisfaction is our priority. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, we will be happy to assist you and do whatever it takes to make it right.


With the bags compressing my clothes so tightly I know I’ll be able to fit more in my suitcase which for someone like me who takes everything but the kitchen sink, is a huge deal. I highly recommend these storage bags as they do everything they say they do and I am confident will keep my clothes and blankets nice and dry.


These space saver bags work great! They are a wonderful way to store your seasonal clothing. I like to store mine in the attic and it helps to know that these bags protect your clothes from mold, mildew, dust, bacteria and are air and water tight. I love that you don’t have to have a vacuum to use these which makes them perfect for traveling. You can pack a lot more and still limit it down to one piece of luggage. I have actually found myself walking around the house looking for stuff to put in them. These are so nice to have and seem very durable to me. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.


These are pretty awesome. We have to take linens with us on an overseas trip, so I was looking for an adequate solution to save space. I tested one of these last night with two blankets. I was able to easily compress two blankets to the size of a couch pillow, impressing the missus. I was concerned that the plastic would be too thin, but they are nice and thick. The bags are bigger than I expected (bonus), so you should be able to fit just about anything in them with no problem. They remain airtight, so that is good for us. For the price, the 10 pack is an outstanding value.


Space Saver Bag User Video Guide

Want to see how our product works? Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to use your Space Saver Bags!